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Discussion in 'General' started by marleigh, Aug 4, 2010.

  1. marleigh

    marleigh Well-Known Member

    I hope I don't offend anyone being to graphic or asking such questions, but I really don't know where else to go to ask Mom's this question.

    My son was circumcised in the hospital...pretty uneventful as far as circumcisions go.

    Fastforward to 3 weeks ago, my son's foreskin (that little "little inner tube ring" I call it, tha surrounds his penis) got all red and puffy. I took him to the pedi who said it's normal for boy parts to get a little irrated as they stretch and grow. She told me to put neosporin on it and let her know if it doesn't get better in a week. Well it didn' got really red and swollen. It doesn't seem to bother him at all. He doesn't cry or pull up his legs or seem irrated at all when I clean it (or apply cream). Took him in again, and they prescriped an anitibiotic fearing it might be infected. We took that for 10 days with little improvment. It was still on the redder side, puffy (but not as red or as swollen). I took him back this a.m. and another Dr. in the practice made mention that he might have "too much" foreskin left and that could be a problem or problematic for infections in the future. She prescribed a stronger anitbiotic and some topical cream and said that if it doesn't in like 4 or 5 days, we should go see a pediatic urologist to get it evaluated to see if it needs to be "fixed". She actually recommened that even if it gets better on the prescription, we do that anyway...which we will.

    I feel strange about this, but I've been googling trying to find pictures of circumcised baby's penis' so I can see if my son's look any different than what it "should" look like at this age. I found alot of pics of adult males, but none of 1 yr olds....anyway. Anyway, what I read online is that sometimes Dr.'s leave extra skin so boys can "grow into" their circumcision.

    Anyone have experience with "extra skin" or had to get a circumcision "fixed"

    Poor guy...I feel sooo bad for him having to go through all this poking and proding/medicine and potentionally another surgery (under anethesia, so I'm told).

    Thanks for sharing any insight you may have!
  2. becasquared

    becasquared Well-Known Member TS Moderator

    I think that a lot of the OB's that are performing circumcisions are leaving more foreskin. I know Royce has quite a bit left over from his circ. I just try to keep it clean without too much poking and prodding.

    I see your baby is about the age that Royce had his first irritation. We never got the foreskin "fixed" just kept it clean and constantly applied (and still do occasionally) diaper cream to it to keep the chafing (from him moving in wet diapers) to a minimum.
  3. betha

    betha Well-Known Member

    I think my son has the same thing. When our pedi first saw his circumcision, she said the OB had left extra skin. She said this is okay, that you don't want it to short (or tight?). My son is almost 2 and we haven't had any problems with it. I thought about taking him to a urologist because I was afraid it wasn't done correctly. I decided against it since he isn't having problems and our pedi said it's fine. If my DS had any problems then I would definitely take him to a urologist to get more input.

    (Yes, I would feel bad if DS needed further surgery for a circumcision!)
  4. NINI H

    NINI H Well-Known Member

    I would definitely take him in after he heals. My oldest DS had extra skin heal on top of the head and now is "crooked". The Dr wants it to naturally rip off during puberty, and then if that doesn't happen they will surgically correct it. May I suggest NOT following that advice!!! I wish I had gotten a second opinion and gotten it corrected right away. Can you imagine asking your son at 15 or 16 if his circumcision has corrected itself and how does one really make sure it is. Can you say embarrassing for ALL!!! And if it doesn't, do you really think a teenage boy wants anyone doing surgery on him there?!
    Anyways, fast forward to the twins. I now knew to pull down the extra forskin and clean regularly, unlike a baby who is uncircumcised. But one twin still has a spot that gets infected pretty easily. He doesn't need it corrected, but I just have to make sure to clean him well everyday. Which is quite easy as they still need help in the bathroom.
  5. sghaley

    sghaley Well-Known Member

    unfortunately my DS had to have a circumcision revision. But his was pulling and at 2 years old he was repeatedly telling me that his penis hurt. We went to the pediatric urologist and he knew within one glance that it needed to be corrected. I don't think it would hurt to go and see what he thinks, but I would get more than one opinion. It was really painful for my little guy. I would not recommend it unless it's absolutely necessary. My DS's was more than a little red and swollen. It really needed to be done, but I think we were all traumatized by the experience. Good luck!
  6. 4jsinPA

    4jsinPA Well-Known Member TS Moderator

    My son had his circ done at 6 mos old (he was a preemie and they wouldn't do it in the nicu) and a couple weeks later I noticed a "weird" part that wasn't healing the same. I told his dad....his dad pulled the part off. In was horrible of us to do and we had no idea that it was still attached. But obviously it wasn't done properly. We had absolutely no issue after that (and I kinda forgot about that part till I read your post). I talked to my ped about it later and she said that a lot of people were saying that they had noticed more foreskin being left on than previous children...though I don't get why.
  7. LeeandJenn15

    LeeandJenn15 Well-Known Member

    Our pedi has always told us DS1 has a "long circ" - it's kind of nice to hear that it is more common. However, after reading these posts, I think we are going to set him up with a pediatric urologist to get a second opinion.
  8. ashishsaini

    ashishsaini New Member

    When i have the issue with my foreskin i have been recommended to contact the best urologist in delhi ncr. After getting treatment from them i never have any issue with my foreskin, the treatment period was 8-9 days and they had given me the cream to put on it. My experience was good with that urologist and after treated i feel so good !!
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