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Discussion in 'Pregnancy Help' started by cassier17, Mar 6, 2009.

  1. cassier17

    cassier17 Well-Known Member

    I work 32 hours a week, and was wondering what would happen if/when I get put on bedrest, or just no work rest :D
    My company is great, and I know they will support whatever I need, but money wise, I cant expect them to pay me full time if I am not here, but I need full time (32 hours) to keep my medical insurance.

    Does your health insurance cover this time off, like they do maternity leave, would it be disability leave, if its mandatory from the doctor?

    I am sure most health insurance companies are different, but I have really good insurance, through Healthnet/Guardian, I get 6 weeks maternity (for my singleton birth), they paid 80% of my pay check I think.

    Anyways, just wondering if they assist in anyway if you are put on bed/home rest? If not, they should!!

    Thanks in advance Sarah
  2. cassier17

    cassier17 Well-Known Member

    Ok - I probably should of posted this under the bedrest forum huh? haha. I forget that there are other forums!
  3. kitkat72783

    kitkat72783 Well-Known Member

    I know in my company, If I go out early I would Take FMLA (Family Medical Leave) which by law I get 12 weeks in a rolling year of. So I would take that until the babies come and then My Maternity leave which my company offers 8 weeks per baby so i get 16 weeks. For all of this after a week of being out which ever I go out on, My short term disability will kick in. So I will be getting a percentage of my weekly full time check and my health insurance will remain intack. Every company could be different so you should check with your company just say you were wondering because you know with twins bedrest is always a possibility.
  4. Kyrstyn

    Kyrstyn Well-Known Member

    I think it really depends on the company you work for and the state that you live in. It would not hurt to put in a call to your state's disability office to get specific answers.
  5. kgrewal

    kgrewal Well-Known Member

    hope you have better luck than me. I had a contract which said that my employer would pay 100% of my medical insurance. She also said "I will be here for you and don't worry about your job." Long story short, she refused to pay my health insurance, told me that I owed her money and needed to work for free (mind you i was on bed rest mandated by my doctor) and top to it all off refused to renew my contract unless i could be back to work full time after i gave birth to premature twins , had preeclampsia, continual blood pressure problems, a second surgery for blood clots in my uterus. all of this sent via email on the day i gave birth. long story short- consult an employment lawyer as soon as possible if they start giving you the run around. the family medical leave act only applies if you work somewhere with i think over 50 employees. consult lawyer. best thing i did.
  6. summerfun

    summerfun Well-Known Member TS Moderator

    FMLA, just gives you 12 weeks off and means they have to hold your job for you. It does not mean you will be paid during your leave. It depends on the company you work for. I was a teacher for 10 years and I did not get any kind of maternity leave. I had to take FMLA and use my sick days if I wanted to get paid. So you need to check with your employer to see if they offer any kind of paid maternity leave.
  7. stefwebb

    stefwebb Well-Known Member

    It depends on if you have short term disability insurance. If you do have short term disability insurance they usually pay around 60% of your salary after some waiting period (1-2 weeks). It only pays if a dr signs off on it though. FMLA only says if it is a larger company (I don't remember the number of employees) and you have worked there for a year that your employer has to hold your job or a similar job for 12 weeks.

    Mine worked like this and for what it's worth I greatly exceeded my 12 weeks but my employer didn't have an issue with that. I went out at 24 weeks on bedrest and filed for short term disability. I had to use 80 hours of sick time during our 2 week waiting period for it to kick in. From then until delivery they paid 60% of my salary through short term disability and my company charged 40% sick time. The money from this sick time was used to pay my part of the insurance costs. After delivery at 33 weeks they filed a new short term disability claim for maternity leave (6 weeks for natural or 8 for c-section assuming no complications). Everything proceeded the same (60/40 split) until I ran out of sick and vacation time. I then only got my STD pay and had to send my employer money for my part of my insurance costs each pay period. I stayed out an extra 5 weeks after maternity leave was up and that was all leave without pay okayed by my employer.

    It's confusing and all companies and insurance companies are a little different. Best you can do is ask at your work, but I didn't get many answers until actually in the situation. Even then they said I didn't have to use that 40% sick time, but when it came down to it they made me so I had 5 weeks LWOP at they end when I thought I would be able to take all my accrued vacation/sick time then.

    Good luck!
  8. buddhababybelly

    buddhababybelly Well-Known Member

    Ladies, Thank you sooooo much. I really needed to see this question, and the answers and replies to it. I work for the army as a civilian and my work's trying to make me quit because Im pregnant and with twins. And 2 of the main people I work and assist are trying to push me and stress me away. Now, I have consistently said that I will work from home if needed, be back after the babies are born. My performance has nothing to do with any of this, it's simply the fact that Im pregnant. Do you have any idea how ma ny Soldiers I deal with and assist that have 5 or more kids and are only E3's or E4's?
    However, I work as a Family Readiness Support Assistant, at this time we are Term employees with benefits. And Im trying to find a way to keep my job. If the stress and pushing keeps up--I will be filing an EO Complaint because what they're doing is Illegal. I really needed to see some keywords that I failed to recognize- like short term disability. I have yet to approach my 1 year mark, will by 27MAY but the Doc's putting me on bedrest in less than 2 weeks. Once again ladies, thank you
  9. cassier17

    cassier17 Well-Known Member

    Thanks everyone. I know my company is great, and would keep my job here for me, and even try to pay me to work from home or something. I have worked here a long time, and they need me!

    I will contact the insurance agent, and see what they can tell me about short term disability, if it comes to that. I just want to know what to do now, rather then wait til things get more chaotic!

    Thanks, again.
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