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Discussion in 'The First Year' started by kim01, Apr 26, 2014.

  1. kim01

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    Ok ladies as some of you know me and hubby are adopting. Our angel baby is 4 months old. She has a exercauser, the fisher price it looks like a frog seat, a bouncer seat, a taggy swing, one of those toys you lay them under and it has lights and toys hanging down, and the bumbo chairs with the strip that has toys hanging down. I am looking for the best rattles and small hand toys that you have bought. I won't list the ones that I have already bought lol. Its been almost 12 years since my twins were babies so many things have changed since they were babies. She loves the little balls that are being held by other things and spin. My friends kiddos are all like 4. So I need some suggestions what your babies just love. Of course I have bought her tons, but I just love to buy her stuff and want to make sure I am getting her the best that is out there. I do plan to get her the sophie teether next week. I have read a lot of reviews on it. Any one have that? she has one that is similar and really likes it.
    So if you have some ideas or suggestions please pass them along. Thanks in advance
  2. paperclippy

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    Sophie was a big hit for us, and the one we got came with a rattle which is also very popular.  My girls also loved the Freddie the Firefly take along toy.  I'm trying to think what their other favorite toys have been . . . honestly they like random pieces of tupperware just as much as most of their toys!  But early on it was things like the Freddie toy that they liked the best.  Also teething rings, anything crinkly, etc.
  3. kim01

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    Thanks, we are getting sophie. We do have the firefly. I love dragonfly so that was a easy one for me lol. she has tons of toys but I like to buy stuff. I probably have a problem ha. Naw that's not it at all. Don't ask my husband he might answer differently.
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