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  1. pretty girl

    pretty girl Well-Known Member

    What are somethings that you NEEDED with twins? SO and I started ours but we got tired and only have about 30 items on it.
    we have
    boppy pillows
    bed sets
    car seats
    pack and plays
    high chairs
    diaper genie and refills
    baby gates ( we have stairs)
    corner protectors. (more for our olders who always manage to smash their heads in to the entertainment center)
    and rock and plays
    Also how many bottles should we need for 1-2 days? (I can't remember how many I had for my oldest. And I also understand each baby might not like the same bottles)
  2. eagleswings216

    eagleswings216 Well-Known Member

    Some other things I think of right off:
    Swaddlers (we used them a lot)
    Burp cloths (mine had reflux so we went through a TON every day)
    Dishwasher baskets (I STILL use these!)
    Bottle brushes
    Light weight blankets for swaddling or when you're holding them
    We had two swings and two bouncy seats.  The bouncy seats can be used to feed them both at the same time - put each in bouncy seat and feed one with each hand.  Takes some practice to get good at swapping out to burp them, but it can be done.  Or you can feed one and have the other in the bouncy seat and rock it with your foot (or have the one not being fed in the swing)
    As far as bottles, we used about 12 a day at the start so we had 24 - enough to have a full set and a set in the wash.  Same for nipples.
    I would also highly suggest a simple notebook to track eating and diapers, at least for the first month or two.  In the midst of it all, it's very easy to not be able to sort out who has been going #1 or #2, and our pedi asked during the first few checkups how many wet and dirty diapers a day, how much they were eating, etc.  We never had it happen, but I've also heard stories of sleep-deprived twin parents accidentally feeding the same baby and not being sure why the other one is so fussy.  I totally see how that can happen!  But if you're jotting it in the notebook what time they ate and how much, it's less likely to happen.  We just three columns - time, amount, diaper.  Also if you are taking shifts with someone or happen to have a sitter, it helps know what went on when you were not the one doing it.
    Oh, and if you haven't been told this yet, one of the most helpful things I was told early on was when the first baby is hungry, also feed the other one.  It keeps them on the same schedule, which helps you get more sleep.  I know some people don't like that idea, but it worked well for us and I know a lot of other twin parents do the same thing.
    Sorry, I know you just asked about registry so I got a bit off topic!  Hope these ideas help, though.  Getting tips from other twin parents before my twins were born was life saving!!
  3. pretty girl

    pretty girl Well-Known Member

    I totally appreciate the advice. I would have never thought of a note book to track. Or feeding them at the same time
  4. Mom2VLS

    Mom2VLS Well-Known Member

    Infant tub if you don't already have one and want one

    Diaper rash cream

    Baby wash

    Wash cloths - more handy now but were still helpful when they were little

    A variety of child proofing items. My recommendation here is to sit on the floor in each room and see what could cause a hazard at that size with 2 of them working together. 2 heads is way better than 1.

    Feeding supplies for when they start solids
  5. pretty girl

    pretty girl Well-Known Member

    I wouldn't need more than one infant tub right? Bathing one and then the other would be okay?
  6. mama_dragon

    mama_dragon Well-Known Member

    Just one tub for bathing.  I assume the towels are hoodies?  We still use ours and the boys are 6.  Baby lotion.  Swaddlers.  First aid items.  I love the temporal thermometer if you don't already have one.  Two bouncy seats.  Loved them and used them constantly. 
    Some items you might be able to pick up used.  I made my list and narrowed it down to things I didn't want used or didn't think I could find cheap on my own.  High chairs we got two used for $40.  Second hand kids shops.  Also you might check your local twins club.  Ours does sales in the fall and spring.   We did get a bumbo used but honestly could have skipped it.  
    We did Dr. Brown for the bottles per the NICU.  Unless it was a major problem I would not use two types of bottles.  Mine ate every 2 hours the first couple months (24/7) and then every 3 hours both bottle and breast.  So if it was just bottles it would be 16 bottles for just 24 hours for the every 3 hour feeds. 
  7. pretty girl

    pretty girl Well-Known Member

    we're going to a twin resale thing in april. We more or less made this to make sure we are getting a deal. (I've been checking a local consignment store for things and the price difference between new and used is pennies. No joke I went to look at the same high chair I had with my daughter, I bought mine for $45 brand new. The consignment store wanted $46 used.... We added the same one for cheaper to our registry.)
    I think the towels are hooded. I'd have to look
    Would one of those like pre package baby first aid kits work?
    I already have medela bottles from my first should I just buy more of those and just replace the nipples from when she used them? (My daughter would have used any bottle I gave her. We had like 5-6 different kinds cause we got them as gifts)
    I feel so stupid asking all these questions cause I received most of my stuff as gifts from my daughter. I can only think of 2 items that we had to buy (that wasn't clothes) that were big items.
  8. Mom2VLS

    Mom2VLS Well-Known Member

    Yes. That's what we did. Sorry for the confusion. it was late when I posted that. ;)
  9. mama_dragon

    mama_dragon Well-Known Member

    We have a kids used store that is not consignment.  The prices are a lot more reasonable.  The twin sales are usually a great place to pick up items.  We have some great neighborhood garage sales around here but honestly I can't imagine trying to garage sale while pregnant.  UGH.  I would just replace the nipples for the bottles if they are pretty used and call it good. 
  10. kingeomer

    kingeomer Well-Known Member TS Moderator

    I would agree with about 12 bottles for both babies.  I definitely agree with swaddlers!  
    I fed my kids at the same time, I used to lay them on the boppies on either side of me, facing me and feed them.  I also used to use bunched up old blankets to help prop the bottles until the kids learned to hold the bottles on their own (about 4 months).   If you have swings or bouncy seats, I also used to strap my two in there and feed them as well.
  11. FGMH

    FGMH Well-Known Member

    I recommend adding sleep sacks, if you plan on using them. I love sleep sacks for babies and toddlers (no getting tangled in sheets, no slipping under covers, portable if you need to move a sleeping baby and keep it warm etc.) and good quality ones are expensive.
    BTW: I agree with the notebook idea. I kept a weekly chart for each baby on the door of the nursery to mark with diapers, feedings, meds etc.
  12. pretty girl

    pretty girl Well-Known Member

    I think my registry is done... finally
  13. mom2gc

    mom2gc Well-Known Member

    I only read this now, but would add a small tin of formula.  Breast feeding does not always work out as planned and there is nothing worse than having to go shopping in the middle of the night for formula. 
  14. pretty girl

    pretty girl Well-Known Member

    I'm not breast feeding so we will already have formula
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