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Discussion in 'General' started by kinak402, Feb 25, 2016.

  1. kinak402

    kinak402 Member

    I don't really how tough it to take care two. But I am loving motherhood, bliss!!! . Share your experiences as a mother :)
  2. Amegge

    Amegge Member

    My twins are the youngest of my five kids and meeeen,it's crazy! Thankfully,I live in Africa where it's easier to get paid help but still,it's tough dealing with two babies at a time! I had the first twin normally and the second had to be brought out by a c section. My cut wouldn't heal for two+ months and I had to go for dressings daily,was on antibiotics and developed mild diabetes. Of course I couldn't breast feed with all that going on and I feel so bad as they were the only one of my kids that I didn't breast feed. I feel that they needed it the most. Today,they are 18 months and doing fine save for constant bouts of the flu and coughs and chest infections. They have consumed more antibiotics in their short lives than I have consumed in my whole life! I think We are tough women and We need to trust ourselves as We will always do what is necessary for the twins. I don't know about the bliss part yet,lol,guess I'm en route to that...
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