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Discussion in 'The First Year' started by cgirrl728, Jan 27, 2010.

  1. cgirrl728

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    Hi Everyone!

    This is my first post but I read Twinstuff everyday for invaluable advice!!! My twins who are both boys are just about 4.5 months and last Thursday night, started to come down with a cold. On Friday afternoon, they were both SCREAMING their heads off and this continued on and off Saturday as well. They also had a low grade fever. On Sunday, my husband and I decided to bring them into the emergency room since they did not seem to be getting any better. They prescribed my one twin amoxicillin for what they thought might be an ear infection, but the other they said that he just had a cold. Well then on Monday, my twin who did not receive the amoxicillin was still not doing well, crying inconsolably, so I brought him into the doctor and he prescribed amoxcillin for him. Yesterday, I saw a marked improvement in their temperament, as they were able to sit and play a little bit. The nights however, are a different story. Before getting sick, they were going to bed around 7:30pm, waking once around 2-3am and then sleeping till 6:30am-7am. Once they got sick, they are up almost every hour to every 2 hours. This was the case last night as well. It is so exhausting for my husband and I and I wanted to find out if once they get better, if their night time schedule will totally be off or if they should go back to their old routine. Has anyone experienced this before? And if so, how long till they went back to sleeping better at night? Also is there anything I can do to help them sleep better? (I already am using a humidifier, mattress elevated, etc)

    Okay well thanks for any input!!!! It is greatly appreciated!!!!!
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    :hug: Sick twinfants are very hard. Do you have a humidifier running in their room? Can you elevate one side of the crib a little bit so they can breathe better? Vicks on feet in footed jammies is recommended and give some infant tylenol.
    Sleep schedule should go back to normal afterwards, or at least get better. They need to sleeep to get better but I'm guessing that they wake up stuffy or hurting now. (I see now you are doing exactly what I suggested upon my re-reading your post.) Make sure they are getting as much liquids as possible (formula or breastmilk). :hug:
    The time passes so slow when their sick. HOpefully soon you'll have peace again!

    :welcome: to Twinstuff! :hi:
  3. Momof2wonders

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    HI and congratulations on your twins!!!
    Sorry to hear that they are feeling poorly these days[​IMG] . I know it is exhausting but it is totally normal for their nights to go a bit awire during sickness, they will ride it out once they feel better, hopefully that will be soon.
    I think that right now there isn't much more than you can do than what you already are, you are doing great, hang in there[​IMG] .
  4. kbaldwin

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    Ugh -- I'm so sorry you're dealing with this. I have a three-year-old in preschool who brings home every cold virus known to man, and I think since my twins were born almost six months ago we've had four colds work through our entire household (we're dealing with one at this very moment). It's just terrible with the screwed-up sleeping, and crankiness, etc., and since it sounds like you're already doing everything you can, I can only assure you that everything WILL get back to normal! Hang in there!!
  5. 5280babies

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    I am so sorry for you - hang in there. We had flu at 4 mos. I slept them for 4 nights in their swings. It was a life saver - the elevated mattress never work for us as our wigglers would scoot down the bed, even at 4 weeks. You don't have to swing them all night. I would start them and then after an hour or so turn the swing off. GOod luck to you.
  6. ptyflack1

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    I totally agree. We also use saline (little noses) for congestion. Mine sleep in the carseats or swings at that age. The inner ear pressure increases when they are congested, so laying down contributes to additional pain-crankyness.
  7. 5280babies

    5280babies Well-Known Member

    oh, and besides the cool mist humidifier, I second the Little Noses saline...that stuff is the best!
  8. tinalb

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    :welcome: to Twinstuff!

    I'm so sorry your little ones are sick! Any illness can definitely cause problems with sleeping & mess up their schedule. It sounds like you are already doing lots to help them out & I agree with other pp's that saline spray for the nose can help if they are stuffy. Other than that, you just have to get through it. Their sleep should return to normal after they start to feel better. Hang in there, I hope they feel better soon! :hug:
  9. cgirrl728

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    just wanted to thank everyone for their input!! it's greatly appreciated!! my twins slept a little bit better last night, so hopefully they will continue to get better! Thanks again!
  10. aussiemom

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