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  1. Cathmar

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    We are flying out to Ireland to visit DH's family next month. It's a direct flight, but we still have to go through immigration. But I'm not too worried about that. What I am worried about is that I have absolutely no clue where to start getting ready. It's an overnight flight going there (about 6 hours) and during the day coming back (about 7.5 hrs).

    I've read the other topics, but they were directed more toward 2 year olds (but still some good ideas). Any ideas/recommendations for one year olds? Especially since one of them is, uh, "high spirited" (read: likes to yell). I haven't called the airline yet, but I will.
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    I am in the same situation, we will be traveling to The Netherlands, next week, it will be about 6'5 hours there and 7.5 hours back. Same as you it will be night time going there, and daytime back. My biggest worry is the time change which is 6 hours. All I can think of is to check in very early, so you will get the seats with the most leg room, so that you kids can sit or sleep in front of you in the floor. Bring lots of snacks, and hope they will sleep. For the rest, have lots of patients, and don't care about what other people think of you.
    Good luck, and have a good trip!!
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    Are you "lapping it" or buying seats? If you are buying seats, you will have the space for them to lie on the seat (seat belt will keep them from rolling off) and you will be much more comfortable.
    We went to Hawaii from Colorado and it was broken up in two sections. 5 hrs. was the longest stretch. They napped during that time a little bit, but not a lot.

    It gets really hard to remember what time it is and where your schedule is during travel. So, try to have an idea of when things should happen "normally" because it'll help the kids to know what to expect.

    If you buy seats, everyone gets a carry on. You can bring a few more comfort things for them, but you shouldn't need much more. Bring your food and plenty of snacks and formula (if you use it).

    The time change would be my biggest concern really. Check your stroller at the gate so that you can take them through immigration in the stroller. There's WAY too much to do if you have to carry them.

    You CAN DO IT!! Just walk through the process with you husband/travel partner. Talk about how you will get through security and who will carry the babies on the plane and who will fold the stroller at the door etc., just think through all that will happen and then you will be more prepared. Chances are there will be plenty of volunteers to help you on board before everyone passes out for the night.

    I don't recommend benadryl on flights. Never seems to have the same effect on them during flight as at home. :(

    You'll be fine and do great!! Then you'll be giving the advice!!
  4. ****mws****

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    ok.. an over night trip..

    just pack everything as if they were going to bed.

    put them in pjs for the trip.. a diaper bag with diapers, wipes, sippy of milk.. lovies, and a good book for you:)

    pack another bag with tomarrows clothes.. just like you would a regular diaper bag..

    its better to travel at night:)
  5. Cathmar

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    Thanks so much. I feel kind of like I did the night before I delivered them (I had to have a c/s) nervous but I knew everything would be fine in the end... Thanks again. And good luck twomore on your trip too!

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