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  1. margi33

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    So I wanted to go ahead and purchase snowsuits for my b/g twins while there are still some on sale, etc. They will be 18 mos. in November and it gets quite cold and snowy here and stays that way until April. So for those of you who also live in wintery environments I have a few questions:
    - Do you prefer the one-piece zip up snowsuit or the ones with separate bibs and jacket?
    - Is it better to get one with just fleece lining or one with more insulation?
    - Do they generally run big? Should I get a 18 mos, 24 mos or 2T? My babies are skinny but tall
    - Do you have a favorite brand/type?
    - Do toddlers of this age actually LIKE to play outside in the snow much? Or should I just buy something super cheap b/c they are going to scream to come inside within 5 minutes anyway :lol:

  2. silver_stardust

    silver_stardust Well-Known Member

    ohhh the thought of snow. eh. :shok:

    Our boys had just turned one last year in November so we kept it simple as I didn't think they'd want to play outside for very long and boy, was I right! Not sure how this year will be but I'm on the look out for the same type of "suit" as I thought it worked out well. We bought a two-piece suit from Carter's that was very insulated. It had the winter jacket they used all winter and came with bibs that only had elastic at the waist, no shoulder straps. They were open foot so we just bought a pair of boots for them. Too cute!

    My kiddos lined up pretty well with the sizes of the clothing at that time so for Izak we bought 12 month and Aaden 18 month because he was just a smidge bigger. Both suits lasted all season, washed well and kept them dry and warm.

    This year I'll probably do the same type of suit, just w/ shoulder straps as I'm hoping they'll want to run around outside more!
  3. kingeomer

    kingeomer Well-Known Member TS Moderator

    Typically, we don't get huge amounts of snow around here but last winter...we had several big snowstorms. It was the first time my two were exposed to snow. Only because you live in a snowy environment and they'll be past 18 months when it is still your snowy season, I would go for 24 months.
    My DD had a 1 pc snowsuit and that worked out well for her. It kept her pretty warm and dry (I believe it was a size 24 months or 2T, I can't remember) and my DS had a two piece snowsuit (winter jacket and the jumper w/ pants) and that also kept him warm and dry, so we had success with both. His was a size 24 months. We received them as hand me downs. Both snowsuits were open feet, so we did have boots for them (also hand me downs).
    I don't have a particular brand that I like and I think they'll like the snow. Mine enjoyed it!
  4. margi33

    margi33 Well-Known Member

    Thanks guys for the input! I had seen some deals online on some new suits as regularly they are very expensive... but I think I'll wait for now and buy some used ones at a consignment store or on ebay. I do like the idea of having the 2 piece so if it's sunny & warmer w/snow on the ground they can still play in the snow in their pants w/shoulder straps (bibs) without the thick jacket on top. Snow stays on the ground here from Dec till April/May :80: so I do want something that will hold up. I will get something nicer next winter when they start some little ski lessons and are more active. Thanks again!
  5. vharrison1969

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    Last year I bought the boys some fleece-lined snow jackets and matching snow pants from Old Navy which were only $15 apiece. :good: They were really nice and warm, but the pants were HUGE (my guys are pretty short and skinny). I think the sizing thing really depends on the child. The nice thing about Old Navy is that you can return at the store even if you order online.

    I kept the pants even though they were too big, figuring they could wear them this year (they're adjustable). I kind of wish I hadn't bought them at all though; we went out in them exactly twice, both ending in meltdowns after 5 minutes! :lol: Hopefully they'll like the snow better this year. ;)
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