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    Ok so I have been giving my babies solids since they were like 4 months but through a bottle I would mix it with the milk I would put the fruit the veggies and the meat with like one ounce of milk mixed in it yeah it was a lot but my mother was the one teaching me to get them fat lol well here's the schedule wake up by 7am give them a bottle then take a nap by 9:45 I just started the spoon feeding and I only do it twice aday be cuz it's really hard they are 6months now so 9:45 I give them both fruit solid by a spoon at the same time then by 11:45 I get a bottle and mix it with veggies and meat with about 2 ounces of milk in total solid and milk mixed in together it's about 8oz that's lunch then I try to put them down for a nap they wake up like at 1pm then at 2 I give them about 2oz of fruit with a spoon then at like 4pm I give them their dinner which I do the same as lunch which was veggies and meat mixed with 2oz of milk I put that in a bottle feed them then at 7 I give them a bath and their last bottle of milk and by 8 they are knocked out..... Now I need help be cuz my daughter is really hard to spoon feed my son is hard too but he'll open his mouth sometimes when I make faces also I know they need more milk through the day let me tell u the morning Millay 7am they are both being pains they don't want to finish the bottle I need help maybe I need a new schedule how do I do this I don't know what to do
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    A couple of questions for you:

    Do they drink bottles without fruits and veggies in them (just plain) OK?

    Are they underweight or premature?
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    At 6 months I think solids are just for fun, for letting them experience different tastes and maybe textures, but their main source of nutrition should normally still be milk (formula or breast). So, unless you have medical reasons for adding more solids to their diet, I would go easy on the solids and make sure they are getting enough milk. Maybe try more but smaller bottles if you are concerned about the amount of milk, because nursing babies often still nurse more often but some of the nursings are more like little snacks.
    At their age I would let them experiment with the spoon feeding once or twice a day, or maybe try first finger foods if you think they might be more interested in self-feeding than spoon feeding. None of my babies particularly liked being spoon-fed purees; the twins only started eating substantial amounts of solids once they were self-feeding (using a spoon or their fingers) and with my little singleton I went for baby-led weaning and only offered purees very very rarely if the family was having a totally baby-unsuitable meal.
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    Ok no I tried giving them the milk with out anything and they completely refused it so I put the banana solid in the milk always for flavor

    They are not underweight they are weighing about 17pounds and they were born when I was 37 weeks which is pretty good for twins they didn't have to stay in the hospital either
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    Well now I'm nervous about changing it to more milk be cuz it's not like I just started giving them solids they've been eating that amount since they were 4 months they're 6months now
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    Right now (and up to a year) the formula/breastmilk is the MOST important thing in their diet.  Solids are just to start getting used to solids.  It sounds as If they are plenty big.  I don't think I started solids with my youngest until like 10 months old.  Everyone is different.  It was so exciting to feed solids at 6 months to my twins but it was a lot of work and they had what they needed (breastmilk).  I would try to back off a little bit.  Their first year is so important.
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