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Discussion in 'Pregnancy Help' started by jewelliebird, Aug 22, 2012.

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    So at about 18 weeks, my stomach started to hurt something fierce. I asked the doctor about it and he said there isn't anything they can do. Then I found out that there were TWO babies and it all made sense.

    So now my stomach hurts almost all day, regardless of how small of meals I eat. The skin on my belly above where my stomach is even hurts. Sometimes the whole area goes numb. I can only sleep on my left side (which I guess isn't such a bad thing) because it kind of gives my stomach some space to dangle. If I lie on my right side, my stomach leans against my ribs and hurts like crazy.

    I'd go as far as to say that its a burning pain, but its not like heartburn.

    Did anyone find anything that helped them through this, because I'm sure most all of you experienced it! Like I said, small meals don't seem to help at all, and it hurts even when I'm not eating.

    Also - is there another section of this forum that is more active than this section? It seems that there are a lot of members on here, but not very many posts everyday.


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    Hi Jewell and welcome to TS!

    I remember having a lot of pains while I was pregnant and the skin stretching was horrible. I know a few ladies experienced quite a bit of itching also. My main aches and pains were pelvic issues which I bought A PSD support, like.a belly band and that helped a lot. I found that medical staff really didn't pay a lot of attention to my pain as much as I would have liked them to have, so this forum was my life support in so many ways!

    you're definitely posting in the right section, it may not seem like there is a lot of activity but there is, I promise! Please please post any questions you have and I look forward to seeing you around here more :)
  3. jewelliebird

    jewelliebird Member

    Thanks for the reply :)

    Yes, the skin stretching really hurts sometimes! I didn't realize that that would happen!

    I love this forum and will definitely keep active!

    Thanks again

  4. msterling

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    Hi Jewell - I actually had severe stomach pain/cramping around 15 wks. So bad in fact that we ended up going to the Maternal Fetal early for a check-up. We were there for 2 hours and what a waste of a trip. Pretty much all they did was tell me that I am expecting twins and to expect the pain to occur and maybe get worse. He also gave me some talk about me being petite and that I may just have a harder pregnancy than an average woman since I am carrying twins. Not sure I am a beliver in that though... But, honestly it happened to go away after 1-2 weeks. They gave me nothing for it and told me to try warm compresses. I would look into avoiding sleeping on your left side. I think I read somewhere to try and get used to sleeping on your left side b/c it is supposed to be better for the babies breathing. Not sure why, but I'm learning to sleep more on my left side more!! I am just starting to have the itchy skin right now during my 17th week. I just lather lotion on. Maybe ask your doc if a hydrocortizone lotion can help? Always ask your doc about any new topical treatments you try to make sure it won't hurt the babies systemically. Good luck!
  5. I've had lots of stomach pains from about 5 wks but a bit of that was due to inflamed ovaries and fluid from Ivf. Searing pain in ovaries a couple of times a night and a lot of stretching pain already - I'm only 10 wks!
  6. jewelliebird

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    Thanks for the replies! My stomach pains actually went away for a few weeks, but now they are back full force! It actually feels like my ribs up near my boobs are hurts to the touch! I figure its just literally the baby squishing my stomach against my ribs and kicking my ribs as well. And the doctor said basically there is nothing they can do for me. Oh well...I've got like 9 weeks left!
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