Stroller for 3?

Discussion in 'The First Year' started by Mama K, Aug 13, 2018.

  1. Mama K

    Mama K New Member

    I recently found out I’m having twins and when they arrive my older two will be 4 and 2. Should I try to get a stroller that will accommodate the twin car seats and have a seat for my 2 year old? She won’t be ready at that age to walk for long distances. I saw a stroller that has 2 seats plus a sit and stand but the reviews aren’t great. Please help! I’m already going to have a hard enough time getting my 4 year old to walk all the time.
  2. daisies

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    The BOB stroller with swivel front wheel might work. There is room for an older child to ride on the nose.
    I laid the seats back and put them in way before they could sit up.

    Carry one baby. put one baby in laid back seat. 2 year old in other seat. 4 year old on the nose... can also keep an eye that little baby isn't slipping.

    I saw these cool handles you can attach to the stroller for older kids to hold on to. Basically a short rope with a handle to keep them close but still independently walking.
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