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Discussion in 'General' started by mikemike, Nov 24, 2014.

  1. mikemike

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    Thanks to the wonderful people on this site, I purchased a double snap and go as my twin's first stroller. It was SOOO worth it. I am now in the market for a stroller that will take them the rest of the way so I was hoping to hear some of your suggestions (in my original post, I heard a lot about the BOB, but there are several different ones and not sure which one is worth it). Here are some things I am looking for:
    • Although I do not jog, I would like big wheels on the stroller to get over grass, sand (at a beach) and snow.
    • must have reclining seats
    • easy to push (my wife is tiny)
    • well made and will take my kids from 7 months (or whenever they outgrow the snap and go) to age 5 or 6
    • front wheel (s) should swivel
    • adequate storage for diaper bag/toys/etc
    • I have an SUV so space isn't a crucial feature, but as real estate is still limited, the smaller the better when it's folded
    • Safe for the little ones (although I don't know any that are not safe).
    • There must be some things I am either forgetting or don't realize I need so feel free to chime in lol.
  2. mikemike

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    hehe i knew i forgot some things.... prefer side by side stroller that can fit through doors.
  3. Maisie7881

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    What is your budget? I think the Mountain Buggy Duet would fit your purpose (side by side, narrow and big wheels). The Baby Jogger City Mini is similar and if you have a small budget I'd recommend the Crown TT, very unknown brand but the strollers are great quality. has a great selection of Double Twin Prams and I find the reviews there very helpful!
    We have the Mountain Buggy and I would always buy it again, it is very easy to push with one hand even over sand.
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