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  1. ilovemykids

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    finally going on our first family trip this winter! SO EXCITED!! :-D

    a question. flights open up this week and i need to book them ASAP. the twins will be four and the baby turns 2 while on the trip, itself.
    the flight is 3 hours. do i book the baby a seat? or just sit the baby on the lap. part of me would rather pay and have her in a carseat but to save the astronomical fee would be nice, too. i am traveling during school-break so it will be pricey i am sure.

    also, how do you configure the seats with the children/parents if there are three kids and two parents? who sits where?
  2. jolcia17

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    I would just have the baby on the lap. We just went on a 10 hour flight with our 2yr4month old twins and they spent most of the time on our laps rather than their own seat. I think three hours is not bad, and plus the baby is 2, he/she will not want to be tied down to a car seat. It will be on ur lap :)

    And as far as and the girls sat in one row and my husband in another row on the way there...and coming back he sat behind us. Just make sure ur seats are next to each other. And trust me...3 hours is nothing!
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