*Update* Very Mild Cramping at 20 Weeks

Discussion in 'Pregnancy Help' started by teafor2, Mar 25, 2009.

  1. teafor2

    teafor2 Well-Known Member

    I just wanted to update those of you who answered me yesterday, and to maybe calm someone else who goes through the same thing. I was having mild cramping...almost can't call it cramping, but my uterus wasn't tensing or tightening, I didn't have back pain, and there was no bleeding. Also, we knew from my peri visit and u/s the day before that my cervix was long and closed (a good thing!).

    I had my regular OB visit last night and she was not concerned. At first she thought I was talking about distinct cramping, she said if I have more than 5 in a day I should call her to come in for a check. But I explained that these are not separate and defined cramps, it is more of a general constant achy feeling that is menstrual in nature. To me it felt like what I experience 2-3 days before my period comes...not pain per se, but definitely uterine related. She said that at 20 weeks, with a closed cervix and no other symptoms and no contractions, she wasn't worried. She was a little frank with me in saying that there was really nothing to be done anyway, other than maybe cutting out the exercise/sex while I'm feeling it. But she didn't think an airplane ride and some time by a pool would do me any harm...on the contrary, it might even be better than taking the subway and going to work every day! And she said that on the days that I don't feel anything abnormal, I should feel free to exercise/have relations/whatever.

    And by the way, the feeling is totally gone today!

    Yay! Vacation on! Miami here we come! ! :D
  2. summerfun

    summerfun Well-Known Member TS Moderator

    Have a good trip. :)
  3. tamaras

    tamaras Well-Known Member

    Good news!!! Have a wonderful vacation!! :good:
  4. TwinLove

    TwinLove Well-Known Member

    :yahoo: Melissa!!!! I'm so happy your vacation wasn't cancelled!!! Enjoy momma!
  5. babymOmmax2

    babymOmmax2 Well-Known Member

    Glad things worked out.. have fun in Miami.. I'm so jealous!
  6. Jenn79

    Jenn79 Well-Known Member

    Great news!!! Have a safe and relaxing vacation.
  7. kbaldwin

    kbaldwin Well-Known Member

    So glad to hear that your doc said that sensation isn't too big of a deal -- and that you'll still be basking in the warm weather very soon! :)
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