Very frusterated with changing info at 36 weeks!

Discussion in 'Pregnancy Help' started by MomofOneplusTwins, Aug 13, 2009.

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    OK some background:

    I am 36 weeks pregnant with twin boys. We are seeing the same OB that we did with my 2 year old son. This is a large practice with 9 Drs, who you have to rotate between with appt so you see them all before you deliver. As a result you see 9 different people who have 9 different opinions. When I was pregnant with my son, it was very obvious towards the end he was a big baby. I am very petite (5'2, 120 lbs pre pregnancy). They started to voice concern that he was really big the last 4 weeks or so. We did an ultrasound at 39 weeks, and they thought he was about 8.5 at that point. They continued to let me go, and I finally begged to be induced at 40.2 weeks (I had been begging since week 38). Our induction was pushed back 3 days from that point because they could not fit me in, so finally I was induced a week days late. After 15 hours of labor, he was not progressing down the birth canal and was under stress, so we had to have an emergency c-section. He was 9.6 and 22.5 inches long. Way overdone! His size prevented me from having a vag birth. I was in the hospital for 6 days after the section with a fever and infection in the incision, something that could possibly be related to how big my uterus stretched.

    Well flash-forward to present day. I am 36 weeks pregnant with twin boys. From the day we found out we were having twins, I was told 34 weeks would be a great goal, but more than likely they would not let me go past 36 weeks due to my past C-section (unless of course there were other obvious issues and we felt the babies would be better off staying in for a little while longer). Well we have had a 100% non eventful pregnancy. The babies constantly score 8/8 on the fetal tests, 100% on NST and have been doing great!! At 32 weeks they scheduled my section for 38.4 weeks, not 36 weeks. The dr I saw at that appt wanted to scheduled it for 38 weeks, but they were booked, and the next opening was the following Monday, Aug 31st. I was a bit unhappy because I always planned on having them mid Aug, and this just added 2 weeks to my count down. Also, I could not help thinking about the risks that were already expressed to me in the beginning, and the reason they origionally suggested a C-section at 36 weeks. I talked to the dr about this and his response was that there was NO WAY I would make it to the scheduled C-section anyways, it was more so just to get us all into the system at the hospital. He said there is no way my body would carry them that long.

    Today we had an appt with our specialist (not OB) they weighed in at 6.5 and 7 lbs each, the 85th and 93rd percentiles. They are huge! After the tech did our ultrasound, we waiting for the dr to come in. When she came in the first thing she said was how impressed she was that I was still going, how great they looked, and how miserable she knows I am. She also said she had concern with me going to the 31st of Aug (I didn't even say a word about this!). She said she was recommending that they do the section during the 37th week and didn't think it was in my best interest to carry them to the scheduled C-section, with one of the risks being an issue with my uterus to stretched too much and future pregnancies being compromised, and a fear of bleeding with this being my second section.

    So I called my ob, who received the fax and recommendation, and they pretty much said they don’t think they can get it moved because the time restrains and them being "booked". I am so upset that because they don’t feel they have time to take my babies, our health is being compromised. Just another little note to add-I didn't even have an OB appt this week! Last week they said they didn't need to see me for 2 weeks. Well I went in yesterday for cramping and I asked about this, and they said it must have been an oversite. WTH!?!

    Anways, I am so disappointed and down right now. Not sure what to do at this point. I am tired of being a "number" and getting a million different answers for the same question. I am finding a new dr after this pregnancy!

    What would you do? I really want to have these babies the week of Aug 24th, which will be 37.3 -38 weeks!
  2. chicagomama

    chicagomama Well-Known Member

    all I can say mama is I so totally and completely hear you! I don't remember if you read/responded to my post below but it looks like we are going through very similar things with regard of getting vastly different messages from doctors. The fact that your ideal c-sec time would be held off due to scheduling issues in light of your history is just ridiculous! It if were me, I would probably be tempted to try to induce labor myself and bring on an emergecy c-sec! (obviously not a prudent course, but I am feeling like acting rashly these days!) I hope you find someway to work out a time that works and a doctor who will understand where you are coming from and advocate for you! I hate being a statistic too!
  3. chellebelle

    chellebelle Well-Known Member

    Ugh so sorry you're dealing with this!! :hug: That doesn't sound professional to me to just say oh well we're too busy. Geez!!! Is there any chance of one of the other 9 agreeing to it? I know in our regular maternity clinic here you have to just take who you get too and I hated it!! There is no continuity of care and way too many cooks in the kitchen! I'm glad I have a different clinic this time since its twins. What did the specialist say about their attitude? Would/could they fight for you? Maybe try that angle too. Good luck momma, hang in there!
  4. tamaras

    tamaras Well-Known Member

    I am so sorry you are having to deal with this & all the confusion :gah:!!!
    I would definitely continue to tell them your concerns & basically exactly what you wrote above!
    That you are NOT going to compromise your body/health (or the babies!) to 'fit' into their booking schedule...that is just CRAZY!! :umm:
    Sending you lots of luck!
  5. mholmes07

    mholmes07 Well-Known Member

    I agree. That is bull! They have too many patients because they are a large group and they are treating you like a number. Im sure they could squeeze you in since you have a certain situation that could effect your heath. I would seriously keep annoying them and call them or do whatever it takes. Hang in there, it will be over very soon.
  6. Dielle

    Dielle Well-Known Member

    Even an uneventful twin pregnancy is still not the same as a pregnancy with just 1 baby. I would be totally frustrated, too. And I agree that you should voice your concerns and throw a bit of a fit about it, if you need to. The specialist ought to trump the other Drs who aren't taking your concerns seriously.
  7. arkie

    arkie Well-Known Member

    Perhaps you could try the squeeky wheel gets the oil approach and just kind of remind them or ask them again and again in a friendly way and something might turn up :friends:
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