Waking eachother up at night

Discussion in 'The First Year' started by waitingfortwins, May 4, 2013.

  1. waitingfortwins

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    My 3.5 month old twins sleep in the same bedroom as we do and they sleep in the same crib. DS has been sleeping through the night for about 1.5 month and DD has been getting up once in the middle of the night. These last two nights DS has been getting up- the first time was when I just put DD down in the middle of the night after she finished her bottle- he woke up so I fed him and he went back down. Tonight he started chatting and then I heard a little whimper so I got him quickly b/c I am afraid of waking up DD. Well I held him and he seemed fine but I fed him anyways and put him down awake a bit and he chatted and went to sleep.

    Do other twins wake the other twin up at night to the point of having the parent go get them? I'm soo worried of this that at any hint of a whimper I grab them and I'm worried that this will create a bad sleep habit. Was him sleeping through the night a fluke? I know he's capable of not needing a bottle at night but shushing and rocking him would take probably close to 45 min and I think that's too much attention at night vs. a bottle taking 15 minutes.

    The only solution is to crib them separate but don't they still need to sleep with us to help reduce SIDS? We also don't have a lot of space so even in another room I'm sure they can hear each other a bit.

    I heard of a 4 month sleep regression but people say they wake up constantly and the only difference is DS isn't sleeping through the night. (7 pm to 6 am or till 7 pm is what I mean by sleeping through the night).
  2. rrodman

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    They are perfectly safe to sleep in another room. Id put them in separate cribs and not grab them at the first whimper. Twins get really good at sleeping through each other. One of mine could sleep through the other screaming. Just let them learn that skill.
  3. Mom2VLS

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    I agree. This is about the time we moved ours to separate cribs in a different room because they were rolling and breaking the swaddle. It took a little while (not too long though) but now one can be screaming bloody murder and the other will keep snoring away. Livie is better at sleeping through noise than Sophie so I sometimes respond quicker to her but she sleeps better overall so it's rare that I need to do that.
  4. waitingfortwins

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    Mon2VL- they haven't broke out of their swaddles or have begun rolling over but DH believes they are going through a wonder week or growth spurt and that is why DS is waking up at night and is clingy during the day. He definitely wants to comfort nurse more now.
  5. Mom2VLS

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    That could definitely be the case. Mine were both going through either a growth spurt or teething time this week and they were both waking up more than usual, even my good sleeper. But they will get used to each other crying and fussing. I went in one night when Sophie was absolutely screaming and Livie hadn't even noticed - just kept sleeping away despite being 3 feet from her sister. :)
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