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Discussion in 'Pregnancy Help' started by bray64015, Mar 29, 2008.

  1. bray64015

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    We made it through my sons open heart surgery!!! YEAH, he went in on Tuesday and we will be leaving today around lunch time. It was a lot rougher than previous surgeries I think mainly because he is getting older but pain management was the and still is the biggest issue, he makes himself puke when he knows he has to take something so then he won't and so on but yesterday was a good day with lot's of playing so we get to go home. I didn't have to many contractions and feel good but very tired, on Monday the Dr. said I was still a 2 but she could feel a baby's head which we have never been able to before so that really made me nervous. I am somewhat afraid to go home I think once I get there and relax I will go into labor....I would love to hold them in a few more week so we shall see how it plays out!
  2. summerfun

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    Glad your DS's surgery went well. :hug99: Try and get some rest now that it is behind you.
  3. twins2008

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    So glad your sons surgery went well. I hope that you can hold onto those babies a little longer, you need some rest. Relax and take it easy, hopefully all will mellow out.
  4. mommymauro

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    I am so glad it went well… I will keep my fingers and legs crossed for both of us… just a couple more weeks… we can and will do it!!!!
  5. lisaessman@verizon.net

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    Thank God his surgery went well! I don't know how you held up through all of this. You must be one amazing woman. Try to take it easy if at all possible. I'll be praying for your family, Lisa

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