What schedule, if any, do you follow?

Discussion in 'The First Year' started by MrsWright, Jun 19, 2013.

  1. MrsWright

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    When the boys were babies we followed the eat, play, sleep schedule so when one woke up we changed (& woke the other baby) fed them, tried to play with them (just talking when they were itty bitty) and then back sleeping. As they got older I swore by the 2-3-4 schedule. Basically when they woke for the day we did nap 2 hrs after they woke up, 2nd nap was 3 hrs following the first nap wake up, and 4 hrs later was bedtime:). We followed that from 6-7mos until they dropped to one nap at 16 months!:).

    For me a schedule saved my sanity and when Hannah came along 18 months later it was even better to have them on a schedule because she slowly fell into their routines and for a couple months I had a nap time that involved all 3 sleeping for 1.5hrs:-D......what I wouldn't give for nap time for anybody now;). LOL!
    Share yours!!!:)
  2. rayceryin12

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    We still do the eat sleep play. They have a good schedule right now and we will continue to follow their cues if they needs to adjust.
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