Yeast Vs. Staph Infection

Discussion in 'The Toddler Years(1-3)' started by kaysyd, Apr 4, 2007.

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    My girls have had red bottoms since Saturday- Kaysie's has almost cleared up- after some doses of monistat cream and then nystatin. Syd's got so bad last night that she was up part of the night because it was getting rubbed raw even through all the junk we smeared on her bottom. Our pedi called in the nystatin- but I almost feel that the monistat is working better. Our pedi also said to top it with vaseline but I feel that it just rubs right off. I have been trying different pastes on top of the nystatin or monistat. Syd's rash is not going away- today is day 4. The pedi said she usually won't see them until the rash has been there for a week.

    What do I do now? HOw do I tell the difference betwen STaph and yeast? It was fire engine red with red dots and now it's not so fire red but still there. I have been changing diapers hourly to keep that environment as dry as I can.

    Suggestions? Advice? BEen there done that? Thanks!
  2. melissao

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    We've had both (lucky us ;) ), so here's what I know! Yeast tends to be concentrated more around their anus and in folds around the vagina, etc. It has red dots and can also be like a really red rash. The cream should clear it up w/in a week. Staph (or another bacterial infection) could be more on the buttocks themselves and will typically spread down the legs. It looks more like red pimples with little heads and doesn't necessarily present with the red rash as well. Also, it doesn't respond to the antifungal cream. It is most common if there is broken skin (from wiping, dry skin, etc.) present on their bottom. If the nystatin or lotrimin (use the men's topical antifungal, not the women's yeast infection cream) doesn't work, I would take them in to be seen. They should be able to diagnose it on sight or can swab it to diagnose. Also, if you suspect a bacterial infection, try a cream like neosporin. Andrew had to take an oral and a topical antibiotic, but Catherine's wasn't as bad and cleared up with neosporin vs. an antibiotic. HTH :)
  3. dfaut

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    I used the monistat type stuff and rubbed it in and then COATED THICK with REGULAR DESITIN!!

    Good luck!! It's miserable! When you can, let them be w/o a diaper for a few min. it helps to air dry!
  4. kaysyd

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    THanks Melissa and Diane!!!! I have been doing a search on here looking for past posts- before asking again but then I was wondering what the differences would be between the two. Melissa- I did read a lot of your past posts because of your little ones! This sucks! That's for sure!!! Poor things with rough looking bottoms!!!! If it doesn't look better tomorrow- I'm calling the pedi. I've had enough. Kaysie's started up again tonight- in a different area. Strange.
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