How Long Were You in Labor Before Giving Birth?

We recently asked our community:

How long were you in labor before finally giving birth?

Here’s what the TwinStuff Community had to say:

Two hours. It was exactly 39 weeks, got to the hospital and I was already 6 cm. By the time they got the anesthesiologist to the room in, I was 10 cm ready to push so both babies born vaginally no epidural 18 mins apart.

- BM

Water broke at 2:30 am, for to the hospital around 4:30am ( over an hour drive) and by the time they got me hooked up I was a 5, second nurse came in to help I was 7 (maybe 15 minutes) . Doctor came about 10 minutes after and baby a had her feet out, rushed to OR and they were born at 6. I was 36w4d. No contractions

- BG

I had an emergency C-section after being in labor all night. They couldn’t find both heartbeats and got me into the operating room and got my babies out within 30 minutes. Thankfully my twins survived 🙌 . They are now 2 months old

- JL

Both babies were breech 😣 had to get emergency c-section at 34 weeks due to preclampsia.

- SE

I went into labor at exactly 36 weeks. I labored at home for 2 hours and then went in. I went from a 3 to a 5 in 30 minutes. Baby A was breech so I had to have a c-section, but my labor was progressing very fast.

- KD

I did not go into labor due to me not being able to take my leg swelling anymore and being anemic 😭, and yet my OB still hadn’t scheduled my c-section, eventually I went to triage Saturday night and got an emergency c-section on Tuesday.

- SG

I had to be induced due to IUGR. Contractions didn’t really start till they broke my water. From that time till delivery was about an hour.

- HW

Water broke at 32 weeks, baby A born less than 2 hrs later, baby B one hour after that! No time for anything! No epidural, no meds, all natural!!!

- KT

I was 6 weeks early with my identical twins. I had to get a spinal tap. No labor but it was painful 😣absolutely painful!

- SR

I went into labor with my twins at exactly 37 weeks went home after appointment just to end up back at the hospital 3 hours later.

- CP

I didn’t reach labor. High blood pressure at 36 weeks, they were both good weights for singletons so they did an “urgent but not emergency” c-section.

- CS

I wasn’t able to go into labor since my OB is one that doesn’t let his twin mommies deliver naturally. I was so thankful for this since baby A was breech and baby B was transverse. I would have had to have a c-section regardless.

- AK

Preterm Started at 32 weeks was admitted and they stopped them for 2 days and then no contractions all day that second day, then all of a sudden my water broke. Thankfully I hadn’t left the hospital yet.

- KB

Preterm labor started at 32 weeks after 3 days they got it to stop, then was on bedrest. Started labor again 3 days later was in labor again for almost a day but then started bleeding so my twins came at 33 weeks. 

- AT

37 weeks and 2 days was in labor for about 12-13 hours, mine were 56 minutes apart.

- MD

With my twins, 11 hours. Born vaginally 7 minutes apart.

- JM


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  • shanice says:

    my fraternal twin girls decided to come 7weeks early at 33weeks. water broke at 2am and had an emergency c-section due to them being breech. both born 2mins apart.

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