How many weeks did your OB say would be the longest they would let you go?

A twin mom recently asked our community :

How many weeks did your OB say was the longest they’d let you go? 37 or 38?

Here’s what the TwinStuff Community had to say:

 My doctor told me I’d be lucky to make it to 35 weeks. My goal was 38 weeks. I made it to exactly 33 weeks with preterm labor starting at 32 weeks. My twins came via emergency c-section due to placental abruption on both babies. Spent 3 weeks exactly in NICU. They’re happy and healthy 2.5 year olds now.

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- AT

Doctor never set a date…We let the twins decide when they were ready. They decided that 31 1/2 weeks was done enough. We always said that they were a little more than #HalfBaked 😂

- BL

 Was told we could wait till I went into labor they’d have even let me go over as long as we were all fine. Since baby A was presenting Frank breached, a C-section was going to be required so anytime after 37 weeks we could schedule, I live 35 minutes from the hospital with no traffic (didn’t want to go into labor during rush hour and it take 2 hours knowing I couldn’t push) scheduled C section at 37.5, babies were 6#4oz & 6#11oz.

- LT

37w..But  I ended up delivering at 36w3d 💗 My girls weighed 5.4 and 6lbs

- AV

My babies were both breech at the 36 week ultrasound so I had a scheduled c section at 38 weeks.

- MC

My OB let me go until 39 weeks and 5 days then I had a planned C-section. He did say at every appointment that I wouldn’t make it until the next one and was sure I would not make it until the 38th week…

- JA

They like you to go as long as possible, but 38 weeks can be considered full term for twin pregnancies. I was already going to be a c-section so they told me 38wks. My twins were born at 36wks.

- HC

38 weeks. I ended up having a scheduled c-section because baby B had extra fluid around him and my doctor didn’t want me going into labor spontaneously because of the way they were laying.

- AB

38 is the max with no complications but 37 is general for most!

- AM

38 weeks and 6 days is the longest my OB would let me go. She said if you go past that then you run risks of complications.

- KB

34 weeks . With my twins sharing a placenta, me having cpp, and a placenta abruption, I had an emergency c-section at 28 weeks.

- CV

Was told it goes by hospital policy. So my boys share a placenta so 37 weeks but if they had their own it would be 38

- JK

I was told they wouldn’t stop labor after 34 weeks. I was scheduled for c/s at 38.1 and went into labor at 37.5

- MF

Mine said I could go full term if the twins were okay then got told 36wks.

- LR

I was scheduled for a c section at 38 weeks because baby A was breech but water broke at 36 weeks. My twins didn’t need any NICU time and went home with me in about 3 days!

- WC

I was going to have a scheduled c-section at 38 weeks but went into labor at 35 weeks.

- PD

My c-section was scheduled for 38 weeks. They said that 38 weeks is full term for twins. Mine came at exactly 36 weeks.

- KD

38 weeks but then had discordant twins so dr took at 37.2

- HN

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  • Talitha says:

    I was advised 38 weeks as our son was weighing 2lbs heavier than our girl but because her head was already engaged they induced me at 38w2d. Ended up having a natural birth 1hr 30min daughter weighing 5.8lb, 10mins later our son arrived weighing 7.8lb. The best birth/delivery I’ve ever experienced with no drugs or stitches! I was one very lucky and proud mumma xx

  • N.K. says:

    We were so sure we would get to 39 weeks plus, but went into labor at 38 wks and 3 days

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