Most Expensive (But Worth Every Penny) Twin Items


We recently asked our community :

What was the most expensive (but worth every penny) twin item you have ever bought?

Here’s what the TwinStuff Community had to say:

Our Honda Odyssey was our most expensive purchase but seriously the most amazing!! Also, we hired someone to help me starting when the boys were 6 weeks and family left. It’s been such a blessing!

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- LM

Side to side swings!! Both had gerd(acid reflux). In turn 1 was colic for 3 months, the other projectile vomited for the 1st 8+months. Regular swings (from to back) are harder on little bellies & encourage them to have more belly issues. The side to side swings soothe gerd bellies, help relieve symptoms & helped them sleep! In fact the only way they’d sleep was in them. Would not likely have survived without them. Double stroller is also a must.

- BH

Paying someone to help me the first few months, 3 days a week (feedings, laundry, cleaning, being able to actually take a shower and nap!). That was worth more than any material item.

- KC

A good carrier to wear one twin so you can stick the other twin in the grocery cart and go grocery shopping. Also about a million of the Velcro swaddles and 2 million burp cloths. Ask for diapers diapers diapers. The twin z pillow was also a game changer. Got that at 6 weeks and can’t believe how long we survived without one.

- AT

Dodge mini van with 2 built in toddler front facing car seats….snap and go stroller…. monthly drop shipment of diapers and wipes from Amazon…LL Bean backpack diaper bag.

- SS

Haven’t had our twins yet but working on getting two smart owl socks and a minivan or suv with third row seating because we already have a 5 year old

- MB

Our City Select Stroller with all the attachments! I actually got the stroller on a resale site for about 10% of the actual price. Then I thought adapters for our car seats, a runner board for our 18 month old… so many options with that stroller!

- JA

I would have to say that everything we’ve bought has been awesome for us! Contours elite double stroller and the twin z pillow. We also bought a baby nest off of Etsy and it was the best at transition from skin to skin to bed cosleeping to mini crib beside our bed. We also have swings and a my breast friend double nursing pillow. And the baby brezza was a godsend too. I listened to all the helpful hints and tricks from other twin parents and they all help!

- SS

Honestly, the one thing I use daily is the bouncer/vibrating seats. Used them since they outgrew the rock n plays. It’s their seats for the day which are pretty important… They love their bouncers. A double stroller for twins is a must went out and about, but for someone who is home with their babies all day with a hard winter ahead, definitely something for them to be comfortable in at home 😊

- JB

Abc Quad buggy I had 2 set of twins under 26 months and another son who was just 5 saved my sanity being able to go out on my own

- CO

Mine was inexpensive. But I had a shoulder strap bottle holder. I sat on the floor up against the couch. I could put one twin in my arms and the holder would hold the bottle. The other twin sitting in my lap with my legs in a v….feeding him his bottle. I know I didn’t described my position right, but it worked.

- NO

Twin stroller, pack n play, jumpy, and this little light thing that has a slide show and music with it. I don’t know what that last one is called, but it is at Walmart.

- HR

I bought an Adventure Buggy Company twin stroller with jump seat for my toddler that is up by the handle bars. Had to be shipped from New Zealand but it was worth every penny for me to be able to take my 3 little ones out easily (well maybe not easily but EASIER!).

- MR

Double stroller with an extra area for my older to stand. I started with a side by side and quickly realized it was wide and wouldn’t fit some places. I bought a second one that had the extra space for my older to be when I was pushing them. It saved so much hassle plus allowed me to keep my 3 year old contained.

- JD

My most expensive item would have to be the long SUV. We went to the mall and had to put the double stroller on the roof cause I had a regular SUV and 4 kids. The next day went buy a long model. 9 years later I’m still driving long model SUV’s….I keep the same model and just get a new model.

- NO

Expensive double strollers. We lived in an urban area at the time and I walked EVERYWHERE. I had a Maclaren double that I usually took in the car and a Mountain Buggy Urban Double for walks and outings.

- AG

Besides our Chrysler Minivan. . . the most expensive item because we bought 4 of them. . . crib tents. My boys were crawling out at 7 months old. I was a wreck. So we got crib tents.

- CD

Night doula in the beginning. A nanny now, the table for two chair and a night doula that comes the nights my husband is on shift.

- TM

Quality baby capsules and twin capsule stroller. Made getting out of the house in those first 6 months easy.

- GF

I would have to say a twin nursing pillow! So worth every penny. Otherwise I would never stop nursing somebody. lol

- NK

Bob double jogging stroller. Running with the girls helped me feel normal again and was a great stress relief.

- LF

Baby brezza bottle maker 💖💖💖 my all time fav and most recommended baby product

- SM

Twin nursing pillow that let me feed them both at once!

- LB

Weego twin carrier and the TwinZ double nursing pillow (we use it like a cosleeper or a Dockatot).

- MH

BOB double jogging stroller. And our Honda Odyssey.

- AM

Baby trend pack and play 🙂 comes with two bassinet attachments and it’s amazing. Saves a ton of space and it makes taking care of two newborns less stressful

- AL

Table for Two twin feeding system. My girls live in this thing!

- SG

Our mini van and and a Zoe triplet stroller since their brother was a 1 1/2 when their where born.

- AH

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