Twin Birth: Vaginal Birth or C-Section. What Was Your Experience?


We recently asked our community:

Is twin birth by cesarean safer than a vaginal birth? Twin moms, what was your experience?

Here’s what the TwinStuff Community had to say:

I had my identical twins naturally and 26 months later had my non id twins by c-section. I way preferred the vaginal birth than c-section , much slower and harder recovery from c-section.

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- CO

Not always. I had my twins when I was just 22 so I was young and scared but I did choose to have a c-section. ONLY because the babies were ying-yang breech and I was afraid to have 1 vaginally and then have an emergency caesarean for the other. Do your research and talk to your doctor about possibilities and babies positioning. 


You cannot know until you are at that moment. Have a plan for both. Each person situation is different. I had three vaginal births and planned on having twins that way. Pre eclampsia made them come early. My decision to do c-section was my head was pounding and they said epidural when pushing. And what about my headache? Anyone who has pushed a baby knows your BP in your head is terrible. Nope c-section for me! So prepare for both is best plan. 


Safe? They cut you open. Move organs. People think C sections are an easy way out. I am 11 months out and still having complications from my c-section.

- SM

No. Surgery is always higher risk! My OB team was willing to deliver breech if it came to that. Both babies were head down for the last half of my pregnancy. My cervix wouldn’t dilate (induction), so I had C/S delivery. But (from an RN), surgery always carries a risk of death, so not “safer” than vaginal delivery. Should be a situational call vs planned on…. certainly not “just because of twins”! 

- EM

Had my twins vaginally. Baby a was head down and baby b was transverse. After baby a was delivered, baby b was head down. Delivered 5 minutes apart. 

- FG

My plan was to have them by c-section at 37 weeks they decided to come at 36 to the day I was still able to have a c-section and it was the best decision I made, by far it was better than my 5 previous vaginal births and I recovered way faster.  

- KR

I had my twins at 38+1. By inducement. All went fine and delivered twin 1 vaginally but then twin 2 enjoyed all the extra space in my womb and decided not come out. A life saving caeserian was done to save her. That resulted in cord prolapse and then loss of oxygen which then led her to receive a brain cooling process. She was put into a induced coma for 3 days. This cools the brain down incase of any brain damage because of the loss of oxygen. Thank fully she is alive and well today and is 2 and a half years old! But not every story ended like ours. For me I choose to have them vaginally especially since I had just a child the year before vaginally. But it was an unlucky day for us and that’s just it. If I was to do it again i would choose a C-section. If only I could turn back time I would of got pictures of them meeting each other safely. Not 5 days later after the most worrying time of our lives. All in which should of been the most special time of our lives. Good luck to all you mama’s and I hope all your twin deliveries go blessed.

- TC

It’s not like you are always given a choice. I was planning a vaginal birth of my boys but got to the hospital and one had turned so they didn’t give me an option and I had a c-section. I just wanted the best outcome for the babies. I had no trouble with the c-section (just takes a little longer for mom to recover).  

- TS

Depends were you are in the world. In South Africa most Doctors advise C Section… they say it is safer…. not sure if its for them or the babies….. I had my twins at 28weeks and gave birth to both naturally because there was no time to do the C section.  

- EA

I had my twins at 18 6 months ago vaginally! 9 hour labour and I loved every minute of it no complications apart from the babies themselves after birth due to being induced at 36 weeks as I sent myself into accidental labour!  

- TP

I delivered my twins vaginally and the healing was impressively fast. The deliveries were fast too. You can choose to have epidural and deliveries in the emergency room so if there’s anything bad happen, they can switch to do c section. I’m happy with my choice. 

- TH

Whatever you can do to get your babies out safely. I planned on vaginal birth but we went into premature labor that couldn’t be stopped and baby A was laying on his back completely across the exit, while baby B was standing on his brother’s face.

- CL

Totally dependent on your pregnancy…I had no expectations, went into the pregnancy open minded and ready for either. Pre-eclampsia, medical necessity and breach positioning for both babies forced me into C-section…and the. I was in a ‘deep sleep’ for 48 hours to get me back to baseline. Be ready for anything because those babies are in control!

- JH

It depends on your circumstances. I have had two sets of twins, the first set I had severe preeclampsia and one twin had IUGR, it was necessary to have a C-section at 34 weeks. Then I had a singleton vaginally, and recovered so much quicker and easier from that. So when I was pregnant with my second set of twins, I desperately wanted to deliver vaginally, I made it to 38 weeks, but the twins were transverse and breech, so it was safest to have a C-section again.  

- AW

We chose a normal birth but the, in the end, the doctor insisted on a c-section because he was pretty sure one baby’s cord would come out first based on their position. I’m glad we listened to the doctor. 

- DC

All things equal, no. Normal births are safer and what our bodies are designed to do. However, pregnancy with twins has more likelihood for complications that could change the safety of vaginal birth. Also (and I think this is a BIG one) Drs are taught that c-section is the norm for twins. They are not skilled in breech baby B births, or what to do when B is bigger than A, etc etc etc. One of the docs in my OB’s practice had never seen a breech birth in his actual practice and had only attended a handful of vaginal twin births. That’s a big problem!!  

- CC

 I was planning on a double vaginal delivery but prepared for a c section or a crash section if necessary. In the end, I was able to deliver both bits complication free 14 minutes apart. They were even able to delay cord clamping per my request.  

- GC

I was told cesarean was best because twin A could flip twin B during delivery and then you would be rushed to c-section anyway and have to do both. 

- SO

I had my twins vaginally. They were both head down and everything looked good to go ahead and try, especially since I had already had a child vaginally. My OB heald twin B in place after twin A was delivered so he wouldn’t turn. They were born 10 mins apart.

- KJ

I had one of each! It’s rare to have twins this way and every doctor I have talked with since is surprised. 👫They are perfect and healthy 7 year olds now. I have had four children total and only 1 cesarian. In comparison the recovery from vaginal is sooooo much better!  

- KM

My plan was to be sedated but haha the epidural didn’t work so I had my boys naturally.. no drugs it wasn’t that bad. Yes, it hurts but I don’t remember it. It was worth it. I had a c section when I had my Hydrocephalus baby and it hurt for weeks after. 

- DS

It depends. My daughter was going to have a c-section by when the day cane they were both in position and the doctor insisted she push them out which she did. She has a stretched ligament now which hurts but she has no scar. 

- JM

 I enjoyed my caesarean. It was relaxing going in and it was like a gentle massage as they were being taken out. You will be sore when the drugs wear off but not that bad. All in all the birth is done in like 45 min and you are fairly relaxed the whole time. So a thumbs up from me. 

- JR

I’m hoping for a vaginal birth. My dr said as long as Baby A is head down, and B isn’t larger than A, then she can deliver that baby breech if he happens to be at the time. 

- AS

Nearly 38. c-section. I was so loaded with water retention, I wasn’t sure I could pull it myself. Two of my friends tried naturally, ended up with C-section anyway. 

- VK

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