What Was the Most Absurd Question Asked to You About Your Twins?


We recently asked our community:

What was the most absurd question asked to you about your twins?

Here’s what the TwinStuff Community had to say:

 They’re identical, right? (One boy, one girl….)

- SM

Did you conceive them naturally? Like for 1 that’s none of your business and 2 I was 18 when I got pregnant so why would you think I had gotten pregnant any other way than that lmao.

- AH

Are they fraternal or identical?

- KB

Did you have to wait to see which one answered to what name to decide who would be named Autumn and who would be named Avery??????

- CY

I always wanted twins…how did you make sure you had twins!?! (And yet I’m wondering what I could have done to prevent it.

- JM

Are they twins? Yes.

Oh wait they don’t look the same, they can’t be twins, they’re cousins right? No they’re twins.

Are you sure? Blank stare. Lol.

- DS

Aren’t you glad they aren’t “real” twins? (I guess he meant identical, but I said “I am not sure how much more real they could be!

- HA

If they had the same father. After asking me if they were twins. They were probably about 8 weeks old, sitting in their car seats. I just stared at the guy confused for a second and he turned beat red and walked away.

- AG

After already having 3 children, someone asked why I would go and do that? Meaning having twins…..they were naturally conceived!

- MR

My husband’s uncle asked why would I want twins. I thought he was joking.

- JT

Baby B was a pound and a half heavier than baby A. People used to comment that Baby B had to be born first because he was bigger.

- SE

OMG where did you get them?!”

Aisle 6, next to the bulk toilet paper and two packs of peanut butter.

- CL

Mine are identical – so am asked if I ever wonder if I mixed them up at some stage in infancy and switched identities (names) by accident. Response: “Probably”.

- EK

Are you sure there was no mix up in the maternity ward? (totally seriously. it was followed by a lecture on how I could have not possibly produce a blond blue eyed child – one of mine is blond – while having dark brown eyes myself. It was one time when at some point I just cut this conversation short by issuing a very rude remark about the lady’s intellectual abilities).

- VK

I had a man ask me “Are you sure they are twins?” I was so confused how he could ask such a question. I am the mom, I should know since I gave birth to them.

- VP

Both dressed in pink long sleeve onesies with denim John Deere overall skirts, both with ponytails on top of their heads- “So a boy and a girl, right?”
“No. They are both girls.”
“I could use a little boy like this to help me on the farm.” 🙄🙄“yes, that would be handy

- EM

Not as much about the twins themselves, but I had to bite my tongue every time someone would ask, so are you done having kids now?.!!!

- BM

We had a 1-year-old when the twins were born…we would have them in a three seater stroller. People would ask…
“Are they triplets?”
Now that they are 10 and 11 years old I can understand the question- because they all look the same size but when there were 2 newborns and a one-year old I had to really try to control my facial expressions.

- SA

My Boy/girl twins look NOTHING alike.
Not that that has anything to do with being identical, but even medical techs ask me if they are identical just because I say they are twins.
I always have to choke back a sarcastic response and just say, “no”.

- QV

Are they identical? Followed immediately by, they look the same, yet you wouldn’t say they’re twins had you not told me so. So why you ask in the first place!

- JS

My favorite, having B/G twins
Are they identical?
Still happens once in awhile
They’re 16!!
Some people!

- SB

We had triplets but three of my favorites…

How did that happen?
Are these three twins?
Can I touch them?

- TE

Are they identical . One had white blonde hair and blue eyes, with solid build, the other was brown haired , brown eyes and tiny.

- ND

I am a twin and I have twins. My twin is a boy and I’m a girl and we always used to get asked are we identical….um…duh… also, I have twin boys and have been asked are they maternal twins LOL.

- JA

We added a cousin to a shopping cart born a few days after my twins. People would say he didn’t look alike then they would say they saw the resemblance.

- ST

You sure you can handle 18 months of pregnancy? I looked at her awed that anyone thought two babies meant double the pregnancy time

- JW

What position I used to have twins 🤨😮 I was like really all up in my space like that. I just said Im the virgin Mary and walked away. 

- RN

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