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“I absolutely love this community of twin parents! So many questions that I have had throughout this pregnancy have been answered right here! Plus I love the added humor (which you definitely need).”


"TwinStuff was such a valuable resource for me back when I had my boys. I don't know what I would have done without the advice and recommendations of the ladies here. I would recommend this to anyone expecting twins!"

Stacy M.

"TwinStuff is an invaluable resource/network of families of multiples. I got connected with TS when I was PG with my twin girls who are now 9 yrs old! Being a newbie to pregnancy is challenging enough...being an expectant mom of twins can be really crazy ride. But having this network of moms (& dad's, too!) is such a comfort. You realize that others have the same questions you have and yet others are often able to answer those questions, or at least share their own experiences. Just knowing that you are not alone makes the journey that much more special. I haven't been online with TS in several years, but I'm glad to be back. IMO, Twinstuff is THE BEST online resource if you are expecting multiples."


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