Twin Pregnancy Week By Week

When you're going through a twin pregnancy week by week, there's a surprising amount to remember. That's why we've got such a detailed list of articles going over it all, which you can find below.

Twin pregnancies can be difficult, and they're completely different to standard, singleton pregnancies, so even if you've had children before, but we know you've got what it takes to get through this, and with our guide, you've got all the information you need, right at your fingertips.

Trimester 1

Month 2 (Week 5 to week 8)

You've probably just found out that you're pregnant, so congratulations! A lot of women report that finding out it was twins was a major shock, and whilst being pregnant with twins does come with its own unique challenges, you're also amazingly lucky!

Twin pregnancies tend to have rougher pregnancy symptoms than singletons, especially morning sickness. You might already have started experiencing them, so hold on tight.

Right now, you babies are tiny. At the start of this month, your twins will be so small your couldn't even see them with your naked eye, but by the end, they'll both be around an inch long, and weigh as much as an ounce! But that doesn't mean that they're undeveloped. All their internal organs are already developing, as well as recognisable outside features, too.

As a last reminder, remember to start taking prenatal vitamins, if you aren't already.

Month 3 (Week 9 to week 12)

By the end of this month, your twins will weigh four times as much as they did at the start! As well as that, by the end of these few weeks, they'll be fully formed tiny people, with all of their organs and everything else where it should be.

But it's not all sunshine and roses. Your pregnancy hormones are at their highest levels in these weeks, so your pregnancy symptoms are going to be at their worst.

So if you've been suffering from morning sickness, fatigue, mood swings, and other fun stuff, expect these few weeks to be tough. But you've only got to hang on for a couple more weeks. Next month gets so much better!

Trimester 2

Month 4 (Week 13 to week 16)

Twin pregnancies might have started showing by now. Much sooner than singleton pregnancies, because you're carrying two in there!

Over these weeks, they're going to get far bigger, finishing up around the size of a large orange or an avocado. On top of that, expect them to be moving around a lot more. You won't be able to feel it yet, but don't worry. That'll come soon.

The second trimester is a lot more comfortable for most women. Pregnancy symptoms slow down, and you should feel a whole lot better and have a lot more energy.

Month 5 (Week 17 to week 20)

It's in this month that you can normally find out your twins genders, if you want. It's a difficult decision for a lot of people, but it definitely makes picking names a whole lot easier!

They're moving around a lot more, too, doing baby gymnastics, flips and spins, as well as reacting to the outside world. Now is about the time that they start to be able to hear what's going on out there, so if you find yourself talking to them, don't worry, that's normal.

These weeks are pretty chilled out, so it's a great time to relax, see your friends and family, and take it easy.

Month 6 (Week 21 to week 24)

You're over halfway through your twin pregnancy. Most twins come around the 37th week, so we're getting there, girls!

You're going to be getting much bigger right now, and you might find yourself with burgeoning stretch marks, as well as a tight, itchy belly. Grab yourself some moisturising skin cream, or a good quality pregnancy skin cream, and slap it on.

As well as the weight gain, you might also notice the start of something less favorable. Bloating and swelling. You're more likely to notice it in your legs and feet, but this gives you an excuse to put your feet up, right? And as for your babies? They're over a pound in weight each now, which is amazing!

Now is also a great time to make sure that everything is ready for the big day. The nursery should be well on its way and everything should be baby proofed, because you're not going to be feeling up to doing any of this in a few weeks!

Trimester 3

Month 7 (Week 25 to week 28)

You've hit a huge milestone. Your babies have reached viability. This is especially important to us, as twins are much more likely to come early, so you can breathe a sigh of relief. We'd still advise checking up on the signs of preterm labor, though, just to be sure.

Your babies are getting big, too. They're around 14 or 15 inches long, and they're not going to get much taller. Instead, they're just going to pile on the weight, getting bigger and bigger. Right now, they're only around 2lbs, but in just two months, that can as much as quadruple, getting them to a normal, healthy birth weight.

Unfortunately, your babies getting bigger is not all fun and games. Because of the extra weight, you're probably feeling pretty tired and achey right now, and you might even feel a little short of breath, so take it easy.

Month 8 (Week 29 to week 33)

Your babies are putting on a little chub right now, building up that body fat, getting those adorable chubby cheeks! They've got a lot heavier, too, weighing anywhere up to four whole pounds each!

You've probably put on a bit more weight too. Normal for twins is somewhere between 30 and 40 pounds. Because of this, and your raging hormones, you're probably not feeling too hot right now.

You might be finding yourself inexplicably short of breath, your whole body is probably aching, and you might be tired all the time, which is probably compounded by the problems you're having sleeping. If you haven't already, it's probably worth looking at specific pregnancy and sleeping pillows

If you haven't already, make sure that everything's ready for your hospital visit, and maybe do a trial run to see exactly how long it takes you to get there. Better to be prepared, right!

Month 9 (Week 34 to birth)

The biggest thing that's happening right now is your twins probably moving into a head down position, ready for delivery day. Your OB should talk you through this, and if it's taking a little bit more time than usual, give you some exercises that you can do to sort it out.

You're probably used to your weekly appointments by now, and it probably feels like you've gone over everything a thousand times, but in our opinion it's always worth double checking everything. If you've got a close friend whose recently gone through her own pregnancy, maybe sit down with her and ask her if you're missing anything.

36 to 37 weeks is full term for twins, so familiarise yourself with your labor symptoms. If you experience painful, regular contractions, or your waters break, then contact your doctor immediately, and get ready for a hospital visit!

Remember. You're lucky. You get to experience something completely unique and magical that most women can't even imagine. You get to give birth to two amazing, beautiful babies, and once you're sitting in that bed, cradling both of them to you, trust us. It'll all be worth it.

Below you can find our more detailed guides on your twin pregnancy, divided into three handy segments each covering one of the trimesters. Just click an image to be taken to the guides, and learn everything you need to know about your twin pregnancy week by week. 

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