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4 Months Pregnant with Twins – Fetal Development

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Knowing you’ll be having twins can be a shock for most parents. It’s twice the blessings but definitely twice the hardship than that of singleton pregnancies. But it’s the kind of challenge we’re all willing to partake and give our best just to guarantee our babies’ safety.

That being said, here’s how things will look and feel like at 4 months pregnant with twins.

4 months pregnant with twins

Many parents are excited as 16 weeks of twin pregnancy approaches. Usually, this is the time when they are able to determine the gender of the twins.

Identical twins always have the same sex and it will either be a pair of boys or girls. But if you have fraternal twins, you might be lucky and conceive a girl and a boy. However, it can also be a case of both girls and both boys.

Apart from their gender, the babies already have their own unique fingerprints. It’s also fun to get 3D ultrasound scans since you can already see their expressions. The twins will be more or less measure about 12 cm (4.7in) from crown to rump. They will also be weighing around 100g (0.2lb) each.

During a scan, you might be able to notice their chests moving up and down. But this isn’t breathing. Instead, it’s them taking in amniotic fluid where they get their much-needed nutrition for growth.

Suffice to say, it’s the time when you can really feel that you are having twins.

Moms at 4 months

The babies inside your womb are growing. It’s also natural that your baby bump is growing, too. As with other twin pregnancies, your stomach will show significant changes. You’ll also be gaining weight as the babies within you are growing developing their organs and skin tissues. Overall, their mass will be increasing and will your weight.

Usually, moms with twin pregnancies will have bigger baby bumps. This is understandable given that you have two tiny humans developing inside your womb. A mom pregnant with twins at 4-5 months will have a bump equivalent to a singleton pregnancy at 8-9 months according to Huffington Post.

It’s also essential to gain a little weight. For normal pregnancies, you’re advised to gain 20 to 30 pounds. But for twin pregnancies, you’ll have to gain 30 to 40. But beware; trying to eat for three persons literally will give you problems after you give birth. That weight will stay, and it’ll be hard to shred it.

However, the difficulties will also begin anew.

While the first trimester would be more or less getting morning sickness, vomiting, and nausea, the start of 16 weeks will also give you more physical pain. With the bulge of your abdomen, you’ll be feeling lower back pain. The cramps will be more intense. Some women also experience extreme headaches and constipation.

what to expect at 4 months pregnant with twins

Are stomach aches bad?

You’ll also likely feel stomach aches, too. While many see this as a symptom of something bad, it’s actually quite normal, especially on the lower part of your abdomen. This is because the ligaments are stretching and are strained.

Ligaments are the bands of tough elastic tissues around your joints. They connect bone to bone and provide support. It also helps limit your joints’ movement.

You have two round ligaments that support your womb during pregnancy. These stretch from the top of your womb down to the front of your belly and through the inside of your pelvis. As your womb grows, it becomes long and thin. But it can stretch too much, and sudden movements can make it tense. This is when you’ll feel a sort of stabbing pain – something like a jabbing sensation.

However, there are cases when aching belly comes with other symptoms. If you experience the following, it is time to contact your midwife or doctor:

  • Fever and chills
  • Vomiting
  • Feeling of faintness
  • Spotting and bleeding
  • Pain or burning sensation when you pee
  • Fluid leaking from your vagina

Taking care of you and your babies

Another thing that’s different for twin pregnancies is that you’ll undergo more tests than usual. You’ll be getting multiple scans to get more information about your pregnancy and the babies.

For some women, this is both a good and a bad thing. It’s a good thing since anything that can go wrong will be detected as soon as possible and will be taken care of. It’s also good to know how your twins are doing.

But it’s also a bad thing since you’ll be monitored for things that may go wrong and your doctors and midwives will be vocal about it. In the end, it can make you feel more stressed out.

And stress is a big no-no.

So a piece of advice is to relax. Think that the monitoring is all about ensuring you and your babies will be safe and that information is useful so you can prepare yourself for both the better and the worst.

Tips to avoid complications

As much as possible, don’t let stress get to you. Take good care of yourself as you now have to think of yourself and two babies within you.

To help you, here are some tips to stay healthy during your pregnancy:

  • Stop overthinking. Yes, it is natural to feel anxiety during your pregnancies. But overthinking will only lead to stress. Stress will lead to getting sick and getting sick could bring complications.
  • Don’t exhaust yourself. At 4 months, singleton moms can still do a lot. You, on the other hand, will feel tired faster given your body.
  • Do some exercises and eat healthily. It is best that you consult your physician for the best diet. They can also help you create a fitness plan that includes simple exercises.

Being 4 months pregnant with twins is a little harder and even sensitive than normal pregnancies. Everything is different from start to finish. But it’s the kind of experience that not a lot of women go through, so you’re definitely blessed.


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