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7 Months Pregnant With Twins: What You Need To Know

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The countdown is on! At 7 months pregnant with twins, you’re well on your way to finally getting to kiss and snuggle your babies. By this point, you’re probably ready to move on to the next stage (taking care of your newborns), get your pre-pregnancy body back, and be able to see your toes again.

You must be feeling really physically uncomfortable, not to mention stressing out about the impending birth of your children. But don’t forget to take advantage of these final weeks to mentally prepare to bring your babies home.

Try to relax and remember to spend some one on one time with your partner. Once the twins are here, you’ll be too busy dealing with newborns and it’ll be a while before the next date night. If you have older children, spend some quality time with them as well to bond and to prepare them for the arrival of their siblings.

In the womb, your babies are getting ready for their big debut. Make sure you’re ready as well.

Here’s what you can expect from your seventh month of pregnancy.

What are Your Twins up to at 7 Months?

By the seventh month, each of your twins is about 16.5 inches long and about 3.7 pounds heavy. They’re about the size of a butternut squash — and still growing! From here on, they may not grow much in length, but they will be gaining more weight until their cheeks are plump and they have rolls on their arms and legs.

It’s not unusual for one of the twins to be bigger than the other. This is especially true if the twins share a placenta. If the ultrasound scans have shown that one of your twins is bigger than the other, your doctor should have been closely monitoring your pregnancy to make sure that both of the twins are developing steadily.

By 7 months, your twins really look like newborns. Their heads are in the right proportion to their bodies. Some babies will have a full head of hair by this point. The actual texture and color of your children’s hair may not be the same as what they are born with.

Some babies will even lose their hair during the first few months of life, only to have it regrow within their first year.

Your twins’ skin is smoother and less red than it was just a few short weeks ago. Body fat is building beneath the skin and causing it to plump up, smoothen out, and become paler. At 7 months, your babies’ skulls are soft, which will enable them to pass through the birth canal during birth.

Morning Sickness with Twins

All of the twins’ five senses are now fully developed. They can see and hear from inside the tummy. They will turn their faces toward a light source. They know when daylight is seeping through the stretched skin of your belly.

Your twins go to sleep and wake up at regular intervals. They even experience REM sleep now. This means they may even be already dreaming!

At this point in the third trimester, your babies’ hearing is so good that they have already learned the sound of your voice. This helps them feel a sense of familiarity towards you soon after birth. Sometime this month, the two will prepare for their arrival by turning upside down.

Your doctor will be closely monitoring your twins to see if they already have their heads pointed downwards. Hopefully, neither of the two will turn back around again.

As they grow bigger and bigger, your babies start to feel crowded and have less room to move around. You’ll notice that their movements are different — less kicking and somersaulting, more wiggling and squirming.

7 Months Pregnant With Twins: Pregnancy Symptoms 

Carrying two humans inside your belly is not easy. At 7 months, your babies are big enough that your stomach and other organs feel squished all the time. Your joints feel like they’re spreading and your legs and feet are swelling. You may also be experiencing these other not so fun pregnancy symptoms:

Heartburn — This is very common during pregnancy, as the size of your babies and your uterus squeezes your internal organs. According to Healthline, you can try to prevent heartburn by avoiding spicy foods, drinking less water during meals (drink before and after instead), and eating slowly. You can also ask your doctor about pregnancy-safe heartburn relievers.

“Baby brain” — Don’t worry, it’s perfectly reasonable to become a bit absent minded during this stage in your pregnancy. You’re having your babies in a few weeks, which means you have a lot on your mind and you’re incredibly stressed and anxious. It’s okay. This too shall pass.

Braxton Hicks contractions — These are “practice” contractions and not the real thing just yet. They’re just a way for your body to prepare you for childbirth. As you get closer to your due date, these contractions will get stronger and come more frequently. You can ease the discomfort by moving around, changing your position, and staying hydrated.

what you need to know about 7 Months Pregnant With Twins

Ultrasound of Twins at 7 Months

Your little ones are going through major brain and nervous system improvements this month. Their five senses are operational, and they can react to light when it shines through your pregnant belly. At your next scan, you’ll be able to see your babies keeping their eyes open.

Some parents choose to have a 3D/4D ultrasound done this month so they can see their babies’ faces better. This is an elective procedure and is usually performed at an independent ultrasound imaging center.

7 Months Pregnant With Twins: This Month’s Checklist

The seventh month of a twin pregnancy is a great time to:

  • Stock up the freezer with meals you can heat up during the first few weeks after birth when you’ll be busy with your newborns
  • Install the car seats for your little ones
  • Assemble the stroller
  • Buy or borrow clothes you can use while breastfeeding
  • Buy a baby keepsake book
  • Wash and fold your babies’ clothes
  • Write thank you notes for your baby shower guests

At 7 months pregnant with twins, you’re entering the home stretch. Hang in there, momma! We hope you’ve found this month’s guide helpful.

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