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Pregnant with Twins Symptoms to Look Out For

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If you’re an expecting mother, it could be that you’re already looking forward to the birth of your newest family member in the world. But with every pregnancy comes the chance of being pleasantly surprised: twins!

Of course, you’d want to know when you’re expecting twins. Pregnant with twins symptoms can often vary between woman to woman – that’s how it is in all pregnancies. But if you’re really curious, there are some signs that you can look out for.

How early can you tell if you’re pregnant with twins?

Quite early, actually! While the twin ultrasound is the final word in confirming whether or not you have a multiple pregnancy instead of a single baby, you can start telling around the end of the first trimester whether or not you have twins.

Be warned: the early signs that usually indicate a twin pregnancy can be quite rough. After all, your body is now home to two babies instead of one. So, if you feel like you’re experiencing a little more morning sickness than usual, it could be time to entertain the possibility that you’re carrying twins inside you.

twin pregnancy cravings

Note that a lot of these factors can be a little different from woman to woman. Not all pregnancies are the same, and the vast majority of them are affected by the mother’s condition. Things like height, weight, ethnicity, and environment can all play a role in how a mother’s body will display pregnancy symptoms. Having twins will make it a little tricky to detect, but not impossible.

Symptoms of expecting twins

Doppler heartbeat count

A Doppler heartbeat count is usually performed in the late first trimester by a doctor to ensure that the baby has developed all the necessary organs at that stage.

It’s possible that your doctor or midwife can detect two heartbeats instead of one, confirming whether or not you’re carrying twins. However, this can also be confused for the one baby moving during the scan, so while it’s a possibility, it’s not guaranteed.

Fundal height

The fundal height is a measurement that doctors often take well into the pregnancy. It’s the height between the top of the mother’s pubic bone to the top of the uterus and is often an indicator of the gestational age/stage of the fetus. While not the surest of the symptoms of having twins, it’s possible to make that observation due to the additional room being taken up by two babies instead of one.

Excessive fatigue

A lot of women pregnant with twins share symptoms of this. The most common cause attributed to this is that your body is providing nutrients to two babies instead of one. If you’re feeling a little more fatigued than usual, it might be time to entertain the possibility that you’re carrying twins.

Elevated hCG levels

This hormone is only produced during pregnancy and is the key indicator that turns some pregnancy tests positive. Formed by cells in the placenta, it can be detected as early as 11 days after conception via blood test, and 14 days after that via urine test. If your levels steadily become more elevated the further into your pregnancy, it could also be a sign that you’re carrying twins.

hCG is one of the things tested by most pregnancy kits today.

Weight gain

The mother will naturally gain weight during pregnancy as the baby will need more nutrition as the weeks go by. If you’re pregnant with twins, your body will gain more weight to compensate for that fact. Mothers pregnant with multiples gain a couple more pounds on average than mothers that are only carrying one child.

What to do when you get these symptoms

If you find out that you’re having one or more of the symptoms or observations above, then don’t panic! While getting twins is always a surprise (and let’s not even get into the different kinds of twins that you can have), it’s a situation that should be handled calmly. Here are some quick tips you should follow when this happens:

  • Give your doctor a call. In fact, this should be your first plan of action any time anything amiss happens in your twin pregnancy. They’re the most qualified to handle it, after all.
  • Let your husband and family know. Aside from being delighted at the possibility, they’re warned so that they know what to watch out for as your pregnancy goes on.
  • Take it easy. If you think you’re pregnant with twins, you’d better be more careful about your lifestyle. Remember, there are three of you now!

Getting these essentials out of the way is the best way to begin preparing for your future children. Of course, don’t be afraid to ask for help if you’re feeling a little overwhelmed – you’ll surely find great communities out there that are willing to support you.

Key individuals such as your doctor, your family, your friends and all your loved ones will be crucial to helping you along this journey. And while you may certainly feel like you’re carrying twice what you should be bringing in your tummy, be content with the knowledge that it will be all worth it.

With a little bit of time, patience, and lots of love, you’ll come out of this with two bouncing babies and a big smile.

Above all else, remember that having twins – or twins in general – is a blessing to you and your family. Knowing the symptoms of twins are only the beginning. They announce a much, much more fulfilling life ahead for you and your children as you can look forward to raising them and showing them the world!

Do you know someone who had strong pregnant with twins symptoms? Let us know in the comments below.

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