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Twin Gender Reveal Ideas for the New Twin Mom

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Knowing the gender of the baby is one of the most exciting parts of pregnancy. If you are carrying twins, the excitement is doubled. Is it going to be two boys? Or is it going to be two adorable girls? How wonderful would it be if it is a boy and a girl?

You are just dying to know and cannot wait until your anatomy scan. If you had an early screening, you are most likely to know the gender of your twin pregnancy when you get the result of the blood test.

Surely, after knowing the gender of your babies, you would like your family and friends to know as well. You may opt for a simple gender reveal or a big party. It is ultimately up to you.

If a simple ultrasound printout is not enough and you need some twin gender reveal ideas that are creative, fun, and memorable, here are some of our suggestions.

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Simple Twin Gender Reveal Ideas

If you want to let your immediate family and closest friends in on the secret, but still like to keep it lowkey without all the fuss of having to prepare a huge party, you just need a little bit of creativity, some props, and maybe a camera. 

Holiday-Themed Gender Reveal Announcement

You can make the holiday or any special event even more special and memorable by announcing the gender of your twins.

1. Easter Gender Reveal Idea

For instance, you can use props that are related to the event or occasion like easter eggs that are both blue or pink if you are having boy boy or girl girl twins or a blue and pink egg if its boy girl twins followed by a creative pun or statement like, “ Somebunny is pregnant” or “We are EGGSpecting twins” with due dates and take a picture to send to your family and friends.

2. Halloween Gender Reveal Idea

For Halloween, you can use Jack-o-lanterns with carvings. Display them in your home as a centerpiece and let your family and friends see them if you are planning a small get-together. You can also simply take a photo with the lanterns and send them to family and friends.

3. Christmas Gender Reveal Idea

For Christmas, You can bake Christmas cakes or Christmas cookies that indicate your twins’ genders. You can wrap them and send to each person you want to let in on the secret.

You can also simply make creative cards with drawings of Mr. and Mrs. Santa Claus and two boy or girl elves or both. You can use a Christmas ugly sweater themed photoshoot with your partner with two extra costumes for the twins.

Holiday announcements and gender reveals is a great idea and will make the holiday or event extra special and memorable. However, the creativity part and how you will present the announcement is up to you.

4. Creative photo shoot with your whole family

You, your partner, your other kids, and your pet can participate in a fun family photo shoot to reveal the gender of your twins. Think of a theme and work around it.

You can use different props like balloons, ribbons, your ultrasound printouts, twin onesies with funny and coordinating statements, and many more.

Some theme ideas you may like:

  • Use balloons that have statements or a pink and blue one and let your kids or pets hold them. Take a photo, choose the best one or two, and make it as your official gender reveal announcement.
  • You can all line up from oldest to youngest then at the end, use props like two pairs of shoes or two onesies to announce you are having twins and to let people know the gender.

When it comes to creative photo shoots, the possibilities are endless. You can mail the photos or post them on your social media for all your family and friends to see.

Big Twin Gender Reveal Ideas

If you are up for a big gender reveal where all the most important people in your life are present, then a gender reveal party is a great idea. This is becoming more and more popular nowadays. Depending on the theme of your party, you can host it in your own backyard or an event’s place.

Most big gender reveals parties are planned without the parents knowing the gender. This is because the party is also a surprise for both parents and their families. You can host the party but ask your family and friends for assistance.

Party planning can also be a little stressful, and stress is the last thing you need especially when you are pregnant with twins.

5. Two balloons that you and your partner can pop. These balloons will have either a colored confetti or powder inside.

6. Balloons in a box. You can also opt for plain pink or blue balloons that would come out of the box when you open it to reveal the genders of your twins.

7. A cake you and your partner will slice to reveal the gender. You and your partner can select the cakes when it is time to reveal the gender of your twins. The color inside should indicate if you are having boys, girls, or both.

8. A party popper for you and your partner. You may opt to pop one simultaneously or both at once.

9. Two smoke guns with either pink or blue smoke that you and your partner can fire at the time of the reveal. Gather everyone around in an open area like your backyard and fire the smoke guns at the time of the reveal.

10. Foam guns. If you do not mind the mess, foam guns are a step more fun than smoke guns. This could be fun for you and your partner, as well as entertaining for your guests to watch. Of course, you must not forget that you are pregnant and you must exercise care at all times.

11. Two wrapped gifts with your choice of girl or boy stuff. Your friend or the on in-charge for setting up the reveal can put either pink or blue onesies, shoes, or anything really.

A gender reveal is a great idea to celebrate your pregnancy and having twins with your family and friends. These are just some suggestions you can use for your gender reveal. You can use one or a combination of these ideas if you like.

Do not forget to have fun while doing it. It is a great memory to look back on and to show your twins when they are grown up.

Of course, it is not mandatory that you have to have a gender reveal. You do not have to get stressed out over the little things like deciding whether or not to have a simple or big gender reveal, what concept to create, and all the party planning.

You should focus more on your health and the health of your twins over the stress of letting people in on the secret. The decision is entirely up to you and your partner.



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