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5 of the Best Twin Girl Baby Shower Ideas

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Planning your baby shower can be hard, and it can be even harder when you’ve got twin girls. After all, there’s so many different options for themes, décor, games and favors, it can be hard to make a choice that you’re happy with.

We’ve already written an article on our favorite baby shower themes, but here’s some twin girl baby shower ideas if you’ve got two twin girls and want something a little more personal.

Twin Girl Baby Shower Ideas

Pretty in pink

An absolute classic, and for a good reason. After all, everyone’s going to love all the photos of your twin treasures decked out in tiny pink dresses looking so elegant!

The advantage of this theme? Absolute versatility. You can literally do anything you want, combine it with any other theme, use anything you have at home that’s already pink.

But that doesn’t mean that you cant add a little bit of flair. Here’s something I saw that I thought was so adorable. A huge jar absolutely full to the brim with pink and white marshmallows. Then later on, everyone gets a little skewer and out comes the chocolate fountain!

It’s things like this that show that with just a little bit of thought, even the most basic themes can become a day of beautiful memories that you’ll remember for years to come.

twins girl babyshower

Two little mermaids

Whether it’s the timeless appeal of Disney’s The Little Mermaid, or the phase that every girl goes through when she’s young, we’ve all wanted to be mermaids at one time or another.

This theme is great, because you don’t have to go mad with it. There’s so much you can do that’s just nautically themed, from white and blue stripes that look so classy, to beautifully decorated blue, white and purple cakes.

It’s easy to grab a few seashells from thrift stores or home décor shops, and a bunch of balloons as bubbles greeting people on the way in is sure to get people talking. Finally, if you can find two little costumes, everyone will melt when they see your girls with their little fishy tails!

Superhero girls

Superheroes are in! Just look at the movies. Every month, someone new comes out. This makes it so simple to get décor and favors, because there’s literally a wealth of literally everything you might need out there.

Plus, there’s so many great role models for girls out there right now. Look at Wonder Woman. Who wouldn’t want to be a kick ass action girl like that, so think about what kind of example you’re setting for your twins!

It’s so simple to make it look amazing, too. Go with a comic book style for maximum impact, with bright, bold colors and big loud banners.

Fruity and flowery

Floral themes go with everything, and you can make them fit any style, from soft and welcoming to classy and stylish.

It goes double duty if either of your twins have a flowery name, and it helps tie this into your family and make it that much more personal.

It’s so easy to make flowers look good. A traditional indoor setting with flower banners and fresh scents looks great, but so does a ‘secret garden’ outdoor baby shower, so if you’re setting your baby shower in your garden, this could be perfect!

For a simple twist, make it more ‘natural’ than ‘flowers.’ Have fresh fruit out, potted flowers and whole plants, rather than cut flowers, even fruiting trees can look great.

Classy madam

Finally, we’re throwing a touch of class into the mix.

Whether it’s prim and proper afternoon tea with scones and jam, or high society with silks and champagne, the sky’s the limit when it comes to this theme.

From muted colors and minimalist décor, to chic, delicate birdcage favors with doilies and wicker chairs, you can literally do anything you can imagine!

Finally, with a little bit of thought, it’s easy to give your little girlies a touch of class, whether that’s perfectly done hair with coordinated decs, or those pairs of baby booties that you saw and have been looking for a reason to buy!

So that was our list of five twin girl baby shower ideas. But now I have to ask, what did you do for your twin’s baby shower? What was the theme, and was there anything in particular that people liked?

The more ideas people have, the easier it is to find something that they love for their own shower, so please, share any great ideas you have in our comments!

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