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Fun Ways to Make Your Twin Pregnancy Announcement

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Finding out you’re pregnant is a huge deal, and finding out you’re having twins even more so. Then once you’ve finally got used to the news, you’ve got the excitement and trepidation of letting your friends and family know. There’s so many ways to make your we’re having twins announcement to your friends and family, but just in case you’re still undecided, here’s some of our favorite ways to make your twin pregnancy announcement.

12 Twin Pregnancy Announcement Ideas

Two pairs of shoes

Everyone loves baby shoes. They’re so tiny and adorable. So why not announce your twins by buying two pairs of baby shoes and setting them up somewhere that everyone can see them. Whether you hang them in your house when you have everyone over, or you stage a cute photo and share it all over social media, people will instantly know you’re having twins when they see two little pairs of identical shoes.

Twin pregnancy

You do the math

This is a really cool way of announcing twins that I love. It’s another photo announcement, and pretty simple. Get your whole family together, and either use writing that already exists (whether you’ve written it or not) or add it afterwards, with the simple equation adding up all the members of your family. So if it’s just the two of you, and you’re having your first pair of twins, it’d be 1 + 1 = 4 Feel free to play around with this, especially if you’ve already got children.

Custom t-shirts

A t-shirt twin pregnancy announcement is really smart, especially if you’ve already got a child. Everyone will love seeing your eldest on instagram with a ‘I’m gonna be a big brother, to twins!’ shirt on. If you want it to be an even bigger surprise, gather up friends and family and let your little one wander round in their shirt, then just wait for the fireworks that come when someone finally notices!

Fun Twin Pregnancy Announcement Ideas

Family photo shoots

Family photo shoots are awesome and traditional ways to announce new members, and they’re so easy to be creative and personal. Because you can do literally anything, it’s easy to take something else off of this list too, and get it immortalised forever by a professional. Plus, once you’ve got your photos, it’s so simple to post it to social media and let everyone know, straight away.

Pre-made twin pregnancy announcement cards

Another great tradition, and one that’s so simple but so appreciated. After all, sending someone a card through old style snail mail gives them something they can keep forever. You can anything with them too. Family photos. Copies of your twin ultrasound scan. Invites. Anything you want!

A twinny present for the family

This is kind of the same as the cards, just a little bit more involved. Make packages with your twin pregnancy announcement inside, and pack it full of things that are twin related. At the bottom, have the real twin announcement, so by the time your friends and family get to the bottom, they might suspect you’re having twins, but then they know for sure. You can add anything you want, as well. Ultrasound photos, invites, gifts. Whatever your mind can think up, you can add.

best gifts for newborn twins

A holiday twin pregnancy announcement

If you’re lucky enough to find out you’re having twins close to a major holiday, then it’s the perfect time to announce it to your family. Everyone’s going to remember the Thanksgiving that they fund out you were having twins, and it’s going to be a funny story that you can tell your twins when they’re old enough to appreciate it.

Surprise Twin Pregnancy Announcement: Unique Baby Announcement

Reaction shots

Reaction pictures and videos are huge, and what’s a better way to share the fact that you’re having twins than showing your family your reaction to finding out! Send them a reaction picture of you and your family holding the ultrasound scan, and see what everyone says!

An animal announcement

If you’ve got pets, then what better way to announce your twins than by showing how they feel about the new additions. Everyone loves babies, and everyone loves animals, so a double trouble creature feature is sure to touch everyone’s hearts and get everyone’s attention.

Custom fortune cookies

Bring your family over, treat them to a meal, then when it’s done set down the fortune cookies, have everyone crack them open at the same time, and watch their reactions! Pro tip: Have your phone ready to capture their reactions, so you can keep them forever. And share the laughs with them!

Chalkboard announcements

You don’t have to be a teacher to use a chalkboard, and drawing up your own unique announcement is one way that you can let everybody know. Not only do chalkboards look cool, vintage and unique, but the amount of things you can do with them are infinite; it’s literally only limited by your imagination.

Family picture frames

This is a really cute way to make your twin pregnancy announcement if you’re the type of couple who like to capture everything and put it up on your wall. It’s simple. Buy a pair of picture frames and mount them next to wherever you’ve got other family pictures. For bonus points, put a cutesy message inside, maybe saying something like ‘save this space for me’ in the first one, ‘and me too’ in the second.

How did you announce your twins? Did you use any of the methods above, or maybe you thought up something completely unique that everyone went crazy over. Whatever you did, make sure to add any twin pregnancy announcement ideas in our comments!

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