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Twin Pregnancy Support Groups: When and Why You Should Join

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One of the best pieces of advice I could give you as you take this wonderful journey called twin pregnancy is to find a support group or a club near you. Joining one, even an online community of expecting mothers can be really helpful.

Sure, you can always call your doctor or midwife every time you need to ask something that bothers you because they are used to it.

There would be times that you need an instant answer to ease your worries and it is too late to call the doctor’s office or no one is there to entertain your call.

The best option is to turn to other pregnant women who have experienced the same struggles, stresses, worries, and anxieties for some reassurance to ease your mind.

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When do you need to join a support group?

There is no specific time as to when you should join a support group. The decision is entirely up to you.

Some women start to look and join a club or online community when they begin trying for a baby. While others join as soon as they find out they are pregnant. Sometimes, it also helps to join a specific group that is in the same situation as you are.

For instance, if you are pregnant with twins or multiples, it is better to join a twin pregnancy support group than a regular group for expecting mothers. That way, you can get the best answers and solutions to questions and problems that you are worried about from other mothers of twin support groups.

What will twin pregnancy support groups do for me?

Aside from what has mentioned above, there are other obvious reasons why you should join twin pregnancy support groups. Here are some of them.

  • You just got pregnant and what’s more? You just found out you are carrying twins! How wonderful! When to share the news and who to share it with is up to you. But for some women, it is too early to share the news with friends and relatives at this stage of pregnancy. The next best option is to share it with other women who are going through the same journey.
  • It is like getting the best of both worlds. They will understand why you want to keep your pregnancy hush hush at the moment, but you can share it with the group and they will celebrate the great news with you.
  • Immediate reassurance and answers to questions that are currently bothering you. For example, it would be reassuring to know that what you are experiencing at the moment is normal or if it is something to worry about just by hearing other experiences of expecting mothers of twins or multiples.
  • You can also get contact details and information about medical professionals and specialist near your area. If you are a first-time mom of twins, you will find this very useful.
  • Access to great resources such as books, magazines, club library, and videos about twins and multiples. You will learn a great deal about your situation, useful tips, and other helpful information about how to have a safe pregnancy. They also hold events where they invite guest speakers, professionals, and other experts to educate or give talks about anything pregnancy-related and child rearing.

  • Opportunity to land good deals on new or slightly used baby products such as twin carriers, strollers, diaper bags and more. The cost of having a baby is not cheap. This can save you some cash to spend on other important things. Some clubs even hold yard sales where mothers can buy or sell baby products. Babies grow up fast. It is only practical to buy or sell gently used clothing and baby equipment to earn or save extra cash.
  • You can gain good friends and join fun social gatherings for moms of twins and multiples. This is a great social outlet for you, especially in times when caring for your twins, get too stressful. You can get not only parenting support, but also an outlet to vent your frustrations and anxieties.
  • Aside from gaining lifelong friendship, you are also giving your twins an opportunity to have a playgroup. This will get them several learning opportunities and have fun activities based on their age group.

Where can I find twin support websites, groups, and organizations?

One of the easiest ways to find a twin support group, club, and online community is to look it up on the internet. You can join a vast online community that connects expecting mothers and mothers of twins from all around the globe or you can choose a twin support group near the area where you live.

Here are some twin pregnancy support groups and online community you can join.

Multiples of America or National Organization of Mothers of Twins Club – It is quite popular in America and its network can connect you to more than 300 clubs across United States. Some of the local clubs include Mothers of Twin Club, Parents of Multiples Club, and Mothers of Multiples Club specific to your state or area.

Their website is very informative. You can look for a local club near your area by zip code search and find out which one is the most convenient for you.

Online communities such as Baby Center, The Bump, and What to Expect When You’re Expecting. These groups do not only offer great information about pregnancy, they also have a wide online community for expecting mothers, mothers of twins and multiples, and even those who are still trying to get pregnant.

You can find and join one or five groups that you like.

What’s better is that these are also easily accessible through your smartphone. You can download the apps to track your pregnancy, join your birth club, and participate in forums online anytime and anywhere.

Facebook groups such as the Twin Stuff Group where you can easily access news and information about twins and multiples, get great reviews of useful pregnancy and baby products and interact with other mothers of twins online.

There is no question about the benefits of joining twin pregnancy support groups and online communities. You only have so much to gain and nothing to lose. Pregnancy clubs or twin support groups exist all over the world.

Thanks to technology, you can easily join, access information, and interact with other expecting mothers around the world at the touch of your fingertips.


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