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Ways to Help for a Quicker Recovery After Having Twins

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After having twins, whether it is through vaginal or c-section delivery, you will need to give yourself some time to heal.

Your body just went through a major transformation, and you need to abide by the doctor’s orders.

Giving yourself time to heal and following the doctor’s orders will get you back on track for a speedy recovery.


You will be bleeding a lot after you deliver. This is not the time to try to be fashionable, as you have one of two ways to tackle this. You can either wear the oversized pad with the gauze underwear that is supplied from the hospital. Or, you can use depends to help with the bleeding.

To dispose of these items, you may want to have a separate trash bag. Keep everything sanitary, to prevent possible infections. Bleeding will last around two weeks and comes back in a couple of months when you have your period.


Kegels are your best friend! Do them anytime that you are feeding your babies to strengthen the pelvic floor. Most experience incontinence within the first week, and eventually, it fades away. Some have a lifetime of issues, from the weight of two babies pressing down on the pelvic area.

Constipation and Hemorrhoids

These two symptoms usually occur before and after delivery. Stool softeners and witch hazel, or tucks, gives you some comfort. The hospital should provide you with a donut for you to sit on, easing the stress and discomfort from all the pushing.

C-Section Delivery

If you deliver via c-section (c/s), you will have less bleeding than a vaginal delivery but will need more weeks to recover. Walking is a challenge for about four days after delivery. Taking a shower, or retrieving water, takes a lot more days than usual. Move slowly and make sure to ask for help. Avoid using the stairs, driving, and lifting more than one baby at a time.

Get your bowels moving once again by walking. Feeling extremely gassy is very normal, and uncomfortable. To help ease the pain, ask your doctor about taking an anti-foaming capsule such as Simethicone. It is a non-harmful gel tablet that collects the gas and aids in the relief efforts.

When you first see your incision, it looks worse than it really is. Give it some time, and never pick at it. The pain subsides as the weeks’ progress. If you were given stitches or staples, they are removed during one of your follow-up appointments at your doctor’s office. Removing the stitches or staples is not as painful as everything that you have already gone through.

If glue was used to seal up your incision, then it eventually dissipates off on its own. Allow for soap and warm water to run over the incision, and ointment can be applied about one week after delivery.

Vaginal Delivery

If you tore or had an episiotomy, special care is required to help with the healing process of the perineum. A sitz bath is suggested, which is a plastic tub that is situated on the toilet. Fill the tub with warm water. Or, purchase a sitz tea that is available online. Just like regular tea, you want to steep one of the tea bags into the plastic basin. Sit and soak for no more than ten minutes. If you have stitches, ask the hospital how long you can take a sitz bath.

After you use the bathroom, make sure to have a squirt bottle nearby filled with water. Not only does this prevent you from having to wiping every time but helps in removing any dried blood. The bottles are supplied by the hospital. Feel free to ask for one to have in each of the bathrooms at home.

A popular way to help cool the area down there, regardless of whether you tore or not, is by having a padsicle. You can purchase them online. Or, you can make one at home. Put together overnight pads (preferably ones without wings), witch hazel, aloe vera, and optional lavender oil to feel fresher. Place the ingredients onto the thick pad. Fold the pad and put it into a freezer bag. Do not let them freeze, as you do not want to have frostbite on the top of everything else that is going on. When you are ready to wear it, use it like a regular pad. Sit on a towel, since it will thaw creating a puddle. Perineum pain eventually goes away, but it can take weeks.

The reassuring part is knowing that this all passes with time. You need to take care of yourself and take advantage of those around you to assist you. Do not be afraid to ask, so that you can recover fully and enjoy your time with your new bundles of joy.

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