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The History of Conjoined Twins (1900-1949)
Compiled by Craig Sanders, Twinstuff.Com

Another well-known pair of conjoined sisters, Daisy and Violet Hilton, were born in England in 1908. The two sisters were joined at the hips and appeared in two movies together, Freaks (as youngsters) and Chained for Life, while also performing on the stage. A Broadway musical on the Hilton's lives, Side Show, premiered in 1997 to generally good reviews but closed after just three months of performances. Daisy was very briefly married to a gentleman named Don but their marriage was annulled after just 10 days (the plot of Chained for Life also has one of the sisters getting married). The sisters both passed away in 1969.

A pair of vaudeville stars from the Phillipines, Simplicio and Lucio Godina lived from 1908-36. They were married to twin (not conjoined) sisters, with whom they performed on stage. The Godina Twins were accomplished dancers and roller skaters and quite dissimilar in appearance. Lucio died from pneumonia at age 28 after which successful separation surgery was performed to save Simplicio. Unfortunately, he too died a few days later due to an infection in his nervous system.

Godina Twins with their wives, Lucia on left
Lucia (l) and Simplicio Godina with their wives

Conjoined twins Mary and Margaret Gibb were born May 20, 1912 in Holyoke, Massachusetts, joined at the buttocks. The twins avoided attempts to be separated, even after Margaret developed cancer and they died minutes apart on August 29, 1967. The Gibb Twins were quite different in appearance, Mary was two inches shorter than her sister and much heavier. For a nice web page with some pictures on the Gibb Twins, please visit this site.

Another set of conjoined twins were also born in 1912 as sisters Guadalupe and Josephine Hinojosa were born in Havana, Cuba on November 15, 1912. Based on photos we've seen of the twins, we believe they were thoraopagus twins.

On March 30, 1922, 34-year-old conjoined twin Josepha Blazak died of jaundice in Chicago with her sister Rosa succombing two days later. The Blazek's were born in Skerychov, Bohemia on January 20, 1878. Joined at the pelvis area, the two attracted headlines in 1900 when Rosa gave birth to a baby boy in Prague. The boy's father was willing to marry Rosa but the courts forbade the marriage.

Conjoined sisters Yvonne and Yvette MacArthur were born in 1949 in Los Angeles and died together in 1993. The sisters had separate hearts and brains but were fused together at the head and could not be separated.

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