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Memorable Boy Baby Shower Themes

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Every family and group of friends is different, so everyone will have their own preferred style when it comes to baby showers. 

However, some popular ideas for boy twins’ baby showers include a color-themed party with decorations, games, activities, food items in shades of that said chosen color, or a themed baby shower using sports, cartoons, or places for inspiration. 

Are you Ready to Throw a Baby Shower Party?

So you’ll get ready to throw a baby shower party? Well, you won’t have to spend much to have a lot of fun. You can also get some hats, caps, t-shirts, matching outfits, or other dynamics you could share with the people that attend the meeting.

If you don’t want the party at your place, another option could be to have the party at a theme park or another fun location or to have a brunch or afternoon tea party. Choosing boy baby shower themes is a great way to start having fun in the process of parenthood and explore your creativity as a parent and have some fun with your family and friends.

You can use the theme you choose both at home or at a nice restaurant or cafe. 

twins baby shower

No matter what the theme, some popular activities, and games that can be enjoyed at a baby shower include guessing the baby’s weight and sex, playing games like pin the diaper on the baby or baby bottle feeding, and eating a variety of foods and treats.

If you’re someone looking for ideas for gifts for a twin boy baby shower, how about some elephant toys for the boys, 

Let’s explore some themes for your twin boys’ baby shower. 

Jungle Themed Twin Boy Baby Shower

A jungle-themed shower is perfect for twin baby boys! The green and brown colors are perfect for a jungle theme, and the animal print accents add a fun touch. There are lots of cute details, like the monkey baby shower invitations and the animal print diaper cake. The favors are also adorable, with little monkey keychains and jungle animal erasers.

Some things you could include in the location of the party: 

  • A banner that says “Welcome to the Safari“.
  • A few animal print balloons or drawings. You can also get giraffes, elephants, and tiger toys.
  • A few green and brown balloons to set the jungle mood.
  • Little trees or plants. You could envision this celebration on a terrace or an open space like a park or playground.
  • Some safari hats for all guests. If you want to go big, you can get some small binoculars for all guests as if they were in the African savannas.
  • A few signs that say things like “Welcome to the Jungle”, and you could even go wild and play “Welcome to the Jungle” by Guns and Roses. 

Also, how about a few maps of the Sahara, Africa, or the Amazon. This is a great suggestion when it comes to decoration and planning. Some of your guests might even agree to have a little jungle-themed outfit. Remember, they’ll be pictures of this day, so how about some laughs and memories.

twin boy names
If you’re looking for ideas for presents, all parents need certain things for their baby twins. A camera system would be an excellent gift for when the babies are born or a twin crib for when they’re sleeping. 

A safari baby shower would be a fun and unique shower for the mom-to-be and dad-to-be. This shower could be themed around animals, nature, and the outdoors. Guests could also bring gifts for the baby that are themed around nature or the outdoors.

When you finish with the celebration and depending on the things you use for it, you could even use them in future jungle-themed activities and celebrations, and this stuff might be useful for something like twin babies’ birthday number two.

If you’re not planning on reusing the jungle-themed stuff, you could sell the materials in some cases.  

Construction-themed Baby Shower

Remember Bob the builder? Why don’t you use your imagination to throw your baby shower with construction materials and perks, small stuff for decoration that can be easily found in a home depo?

You could use:

  • Paint, either by painting something as an architect or a builder would do, or just having some cans of paint around. This will create a unique atmosphere that will place everyone in the construction theme.
  • As you know, Bricks are a basic building material that would be in almost every construction you find. If placing cans of paint around would set the tone for construction, having bricks in the place of your baby shower will transform everyone into a builder for a couple of hours. 

Boy baby shower themes

  • A ruler, cones, traffic signs, safety glasses, and caution tape.
  • Construction and hard hats.
  • Trucks and cars.
  • Little tools or Lego sets.

How about a Winnie the Pooh Baby Shower? 

Do you remember Winnie the Pooh? The clumsy yellow bear with his cute friends. Having your baby shower set with elements of this cartoon will make some really cute memories with the family and friends that accompany you to your baby shower.

Someday, the grown babies might even look at pictures of the event and share that memory with you even when they weren’t born when it happened. You could even explain what was Winnie The Pooh all about (we can’t) or what were Piglet and Igor doing all the time. 

Here are some Winnie the Pooh twin boy baby shower ideas: 

A simple way to decorate for a Winnie the Pooh-themed baby shower is to hang yellow and black streamers and put up images of Winnie the Pooh and his friends. Another option is to set up a few different areas in the room that correspond to a different shower aspect. One could be for games, one for refreshments, and one for presents.

For the games, one idea is to set up a few stations where guests can play different games related to Winnie the Pooh. Another idea is to put together a scavenger hunt where guests have to find certain objects or pictures related to Winnie the Pooh.

When it comes to refreshments, guests can enjoy a variety of Winnie the Pooh-themed snacks and drinks. Some ideas include honey pots, honey cake, and Winnie the Pooh fruit cups. For the gift area, guests can either put their presents under a Winnie the Pooh-themed banner or in a designated spot in the room. You can also have flowers and picnic baskets.

outdoor baby shower
If you think you could do this event outdoors, the event can basically be a picnic. 

Would You Like to Imagine your Twin Boys as Sailors? 

Here’s another idea for your baby shower: a sea scenario. 

You could get some maritime maps, maybe a little rubber, some model boats, and sailor outfits, and you now have a sea-themed baby shower. Someday, you could do a re-edition of the event when your baby twins are born. 

Just imagine using the same props again and calling the same friends and family to repeat the sailor’s reunion a couple of years later. This is an easy and cheap way to celebrate and recycle.  

We know that this is an idea for boy twins, but if there are baby girls coming to the baby shower, or if one of the attendees wants to have an outstanding outfit for the baby shower, mermaids would be the perfect fit. So watch out, your sailors-themed baby shower might turn into a sailors’ and mermaids’ party

Unique Baby Shower Themes for Boy: Choose your Favorite

Stop everything, we have a baby shower party soon! It doesn’t matter when, or with whom will you do it, but a baby shower is not only a great moment to fulfill important needs but also an opportunity for an exciting event for memories in the future. 

baby shower favors

The theme you choose for the party influences the way you set the space for the party, the colors for the themes, the props you use, and the activities you’ll do with family and friends during the baby shower. 

One thing you should consider is that photos will be most definitely taken during the baby shower, so every visual aspect of the celebration is important, from outfits to colors, to decoration. 

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