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29 Weeks Pregnant with Twins: Ultrasound, Symptoms, and More

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29 weeks pregnant with twins means you’re into the last three months of your pregnancy!

As we get closer to your due date, everything’s going to start coming faster and faster, so take some time for yourself now and try and get everything sorted now, whilst it’s still easy.

Twin Pregnancy Symptoms at 29 Weeks

A single fetus at 29 weeks

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Your Twin Babies at 29 Weeks Pregnant

Your babies aren’t going to get much bigger from now, but they sure as hell are gonna get heavier. Expect their weight as much as triple over the coming months, which, when you think about it, is incredible. Except on your poor hips and back.

They’re around the same length as last week, normally somewhere near 15 inches long. But right now, they’re weighing in at close to 2.5 pounds. That’s the same as a butternut squash!

Whilst your baby is putting on weight, there’s a lot that they’re losing, too. First is the vernix, the white layer that kept their skin protected when it was still thin and vulnerable.

They’re also slowly losing hair. On their bodies. The lanugo that covered most of their body early on is fading away, and will probably be entirely gone by the time they’re born.

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Twin Pregnancy Symptoms at 29 Weeks

You should be gaining weight fast now, around a pound a week, as your little twinnies pack on the pounds. In the meantime, expect all of this as well:

  • Sensitive or itching belly: As your belly gets bigger, the skin gets thinner, because it’s far more stretched out. That means it’s more sensitive, and could be a lot more susceptible to itches and rashes. Keep yourself moisturised and hydrated, and let your doctor know if you struggle with anything in particular.
  • Aches in your whole lower half: You might get pain in your back, hips, legs or feet, because of all the extra weight you’re carrying, and the strain on your body. Hormonal changes are also softening your joints and ligaments to make it much easier for your eventual delivery, which can increase the pressure on these parts of your body.
  • Sleep deprivation: You might be struggling to sleep right now. A lot of women have problems sleeping in the third trimester, and that can lead to wooziness and lack of focus. Get as much rest as you can, and make sure that you’re treating yourself as healthily as possible, including diet. Make sure you get a pregnancy pillow to help you sleep.
  • Constipation and haemorrhoids: Your twins aren’t just putting pressure on your joints. Your intestines and other digestive system have increased weight and strain on them. This can lead to stomach issues as well as trouble going to the loo.
  • Constant needing to pee: Your uterus is expanding, and crowding out on vital space everywhere. Including where your bladder normally sits. So when your bladder expands, you’re going to feel it. You might even have issues when it comes to holding your bladder, especially as you get closer to your due date

29 Weeks Ultrasound Twins

You’re going to be feeling a whole lot more movement right now, because your twins are lacking a little bit in space.

You’re probably not going to have a scan this week, unless you’re having an early 30 week scan, but if you did, you’d see the membrane that separates your twins growing strong in there.

You’d also notice that your twins are getting a little chubbier, as they put on more and more fat.

Things to Do This Week for a Healthy Pregnancy

  • Consider your maternity leave. Work out how much you’ve got, and whether you’d prefer to use the majority of it before or after your birth. It’s always worth talking to your boss and working through your best options.
  • Pack a hospital bag, in case of early delivery. You’re carrying twins, so the chance of early delivery is higher than for a singleton child, so it’s great to be prepared. Keep it by the door, packed with everything you might need, just in case!

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Are You 29 Weeks Pregnant with Twins?

As the upcoming parent of twins, there’s surely a lot on your mind right now. That’s only to be expected.

No matter what, whether it’s a question about something that’s happened with you, or just some reassurance that what you’re going through is okay, feel free to post it here. Our comments section is open, ready and waiting for whatever you need.

How do you feel at 29 weeks pregnant with twins?


  1. 3 days away from being 29 weeks with boy mo/di twins and I definitely great emotionally. I’m beyond ready and excited to see, hold, and love-on my little guys. Physically, the aches and pains are much more noticeable than with any of my other pregnancies I’ve experienced in the past but I expected such and certain spots on my belly ITCH! Like, really itch. I try my hardest to not scratch but it feels so good when I do, lol. I still can’t believe that I’m actually carrying twins, identical boys at that! Truly a blessing and I’m so honor to have been chosen to be their mommy!

    • Hi
      Mrs. A I too is at 29 weeks. With the itchy belly in certain areas. It is difficult to not scratch but I try to rub and scratch. It feels really good. I too am pregnant with twin identical boys and I’m super excited and waiting for their arrival.

  2. At 29 weeks with mo/di twins Im feeling all aches and pains as well as not sleeping at night. My belly is itching and I keep it lubed up as much as I can. N to be honest I’m miserable…I can’t even walk. But I’m all about trying to rest to ensure the twins stay in until they healthy enough to join us…

  3. First timer getting ready to have di/di mystery babies! Working until the end of my 29th week, May heat is getting to me. Other than swelling, back ache, sensitive/itchy belly, crazy night sweats and fierce mama-bear tendencies, I think I’m doing ok… not that I would know anything different. I suppose ignorance is bliss?

  4. I feel heavy. I pulled out the fitsplint again just to lift the belly. Babies have definitely shifted to put more pressure on the pelvis, but A’s butt keeps trying to make room up in the ribs too? B dances daily, so I’m guessing A just wants more space.

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