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What are the Ideal Weights For My Twin Babies During the Pregnancy?

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As you progress through your twin pregnancy, you’ll likely receive many updates from your doctor through ultrasounds and other methods on the weights of ‘Baby A’ and ‘Baby B’.

As you gestate, the weight of your baby twins will differ slightly from each other. The weights of the twins will also depend on the status of the mom as well as her lifestyle. However, when you reach 30 weeks, it is important to note that your babies should be around 3 lbs.

When Are Twins Usually Born

If your twins’ weight is lower than that, your doctor will assess the situation and determine the cause and solution. You may be prescribed to eat more or take additional supplements. Your babies will also be checked for any nutritional deficiencies.

Regarding your babies being overweight, your concern should be directed at the baby’s nutritional intake. Some genetic issues may cause babies to become overweight in utero, but it is rare, especially in cases of twins.

How Can You Ensure That Your Babies Are At the Right Weight Bracket?

There is no assurance that you can control your twins’ weight, but your obstetrician will do their best to advise you on the best possible scenarios you can execute.

They may encourage you to eat more, eat less of certain food products, or put you on a strict diet that will benefit you and your babies.

It is important to check with your doctor every time you have concerns, especially about your twin’s weight. This includes factors such as:

All of these will affect your weight, so it is best to ask for advice before changing anything in your routine. Don’t worry because when you choose the right doctor, they will be with you all the way, guiding you and helping you whenever you have questions about the weight and size of your twins.

What are the Ideal Weights For My Twin Babies During the Pregnancy

While the twin baby weight chart below indicates average gestational weights for a singleton pregnancy, your twins are likely to be close in weight to the chart below if they measure at the intermediate levels – our unofficial surveys of TwinStuff community members have similar weights of the singletons’ figures shown below.

What are the Ideal Weights For My Twin Babies During the Pregnancy?

Gestational Age

Weight (gm)

Weight (lb/oz)


8 weeks

1.0 gm

0.035 oz

9 weeks

3.0 gm

0.11 oz

10 weeks

5.0 gm

0.18 oz

11 weeks

12.5 gm

0.44 oz

12 weeks

20 gm

0.7 oz

13 weeks

40 gm

1.4 oz

14 weeks

60 gm

2.1 oz

15 weeks

90 gm

3.2 oz

16 weeks

120 gm

4.2 oz

17 weeks

170 gm

6.0 oz

18 weeks

220 gm

7.75 oz

19 weeks

275 gm

9.7 oz

20 weeks

330 gm

11.6 oz

21 weeks

395.5 gm

13.9 oz

22 weeks

460 gm

1 lb

23 weeks

555 gm

1 lb 3 oz

24 weeks

655 gm

1 lb 7 oz

25 weeks

750 gm

1 lb 10 oz

26 weeks

850 gm

1 lb 14 oz

27 weeks

975 gm

2 lb 2 oz

28 weeks

1100 gm

2 lb 7 oz

29 weeks

1260 gm

2 lb 12 oz

30 weeks

1420 gm

3 lb 2 oz

31 weeks

1585 gm

3 lb 7 oz

32 weeks

1750 gm

3 lb 14 oz

33 weeks

1915 gm

4 lb 3 oz

34 weeks

2080 gm

4 lb 9 oz

35 weeks

2250 gm

4 lb 15 oz

36 weeks

2420 gm

5 lb 5 oz

37 weeks

2660 gm

5 lb 14 oz

38 weeks

2900 gm

6 lb 6 oz

39 weeks

3075 gm

6 lb 12 oz

40 weeks

3250 gm

7 lb 2 oz


The baby weight chart above was taken from ‘Ultrasound in Pregnancy: A Book for Parents and Parents-To-Be’ by Dr. Applebaum. The table is just meant to be an average weight and should not be construed as medical advice of any type.

The final authority on the proper weights of your babies should always be your OB-GYN doctor.



  1. My wife is seven month pregnant with twins pregnancy please tell me what should she eat to remain healthy and my twins also and weight of twins as per healthy baby.We are living in north India Dehradun state uttrakhand please tell us deit as per our detail.My wife is working she is in bank working as assistant manager.Please guide us because this is our first pregnancy.

    • She needs plenty of protein rich foods. Beans, meats, eggs, nuts and dairy…

      Then she needs plenty of whole grains, oats, rich breads.

      Atleast 3 servings of fruit and veggie a day..

      And most importantly WATER. Lots of water.

      Continue this diet while breastfeeding. And again plenty of water, protein and carbs to keep that milk rich and full.

  2. For a while my twins had a 20% growth discordance. The dr just wanted to monitor it but I decided to try some things myself. I increased my protein intake to 120-150/day. This was pretty hard for me since I’m not a huge fan of meat and was a vegetarian for 10 years. It worked though. At my next ultrasound baby B had doubled in size and caught up with her brother. Let’s hope this tactic holds and they are still both growing well. Next ultrasound in one day and I’ll be 33 weeks.

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