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12 Weeks Pregnant with Twins: Ultrasound, Symptoms, and More

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You’re 12 weeks pregnant with twins. You’ve hit the last week of the first trimester. That means from here, things get easier. (For a while, at least!)

You can expect all those horrendous symptoms to start slowing down and dropping off as you get through the next couple of weeks, and you might even see an increase in your energy levels.

But your babies are also growing incredibly fast. So read on to find out what’s going to happen this week, and what to expect.

Twin Pregnancy Symptoms at 12 Weeks

A single fetus at 12 weeks

Your Twin Babies at 12 Weeks Pregnant

Your babies are about the size of a plum right now. They’re around two inches long, and weigh around half an ounce. Incredibly, your baby has doubled in size in just three weeks, which is amazing!

At 12 weeks, your babies should have finished developing all of their internal organs, making them perfectly complete little people. Which means that now, all they need to do is keep on growing as fast as they can.

Week 12 is normally around where your babies digestive system starts working. It won’t have anything to process, but the muscles that make up their tummy and intestines start to flex and contract. A perfectly normal autonomous reaction that we all do without thinking, that sends our digesting food through our bodies.

Because they’ve got bones now, your baby is also starting to produce their own white blood cells, ready to keep their immune system strong.

The biggest thing that’s going to happen this week though? Independent nervous systems start to kick in, and your babies will develop their own sets of reflexes. They actually start to move in response to outside influences, like you poking yourself in the tummy. You’re still not going to be able to feel it yet, though.

Twin Pregnancy Symptoms at 12 Weeks

If you’ve been suffering from heavy symptoms, there’s good news. All the morning sickness and fatigue that’s been plaguing should start calming down right now.

Of course, they’re going to be replaced with other issues, but that’s something we can deal with when we get to it

  • Vaginal discharge: Expect more discharge as you go through the coming weeks. It’s a safety barrier against vaginal infection, and completely natural, as long as it’s relatively clear. If you have oddly colored, thick, yellow, green, red or brown discharge, make sure you speak to your doctor as soon as you can, because these could be a sign of infection or other problems.
  • Spotting: You might have been spotting for the last few weeks, and it’s probably nothing to worry about, as long as it’s light. Expect spotting after sex, so if that’s the reason, then relax, but if you’re regularly spotting, or it’s particularly heavy, then make sure you contact your doctor.
  • Headaches: These are going to get worse in the next few weeks, and can be caused by multiple issues, including blood sugar, lack of sleep, dehydration, or the ever popular hormones. If you’re suffering, then start a headache journal, and try to work out the causes.
  • Dizziness: Blood pressure and hormones can cause dizziness and lightheadedness at around the 12 week and beyond. If it keeps happening, make sure you’re keeping your blood sugar up, drinking enough water, and sit or lie down if you have to.

Twin Ultrasound at 12 Weeks

A baby at 12 weeks is basically fully developed, and now just has to grow. That means if you have an ultrasound, they’re going to look recognisably like a person.

You’d also be surprised with how much your babies are going to be moving around at 12 weeks. Not only are they going to be flexing limbs and opening and closing their hands, your babies are also going to be making big movements like stretching out their full length.

It’s possible that you could tell whether you’re having a boy or girl this early on, but it’s unlikely. You’re probably going to have to wait another few weeks, for example, at your mid pregnancy scan at week 20.

Things to Do This Week for a Healthy Pregnancy

  • Heartburn, dizziness and headaches. Expect all of them, and do what you can to deal with them, including drinking more water and getting as much rest as possible.
  • Don’t worry about vaginal discharge unless it’s particularly thick or oddly colored. Grab some panty liners and perhaps invest in some pregnancy panties that you don’t mind ruining.
  • Try and stay fit and healthy. You should have a bit more energy in the coming weeks, so starting a light exercise routine, like gentle yoga or swimming, is a great idea.
  • If you (and your partner) been suffering from your lack of sex drive, then things are looking up. A lot of women who see their sex drive drop in the first trimester say it comes back in the second. With a vengeance. So start planning. And crack out something sexy. You deserve it.

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Are You 12 Weeks Pregnant with Twins?

You’ve made it through about one third of your pregnancy journey with twins. It might seem like just yesterday that you found out you were pregnant. But there’s only more exciting things to come!

If you’ve got any words of advice or encouragement for our expectant moms, or if you have any questions, let us know in our comments. We love hearing from all our readers, no matter what you’ve got to say. How do you feel at 12 weeks pregnant with twins?


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