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The Best Pregnancy Test of 2022

If you’re here, it’s because you suspect you’re pregnant, right? And with so many options on the market, with so many complicated terms, it can be difficult to choose a pregnancy test. And, since it’s such an important matter, we are pretty sure you don’t want to leave this decision to chance.

For this reason, we have chosen pregnancy tests designed to respond to different needs: in case you want to know as soon as possible if you are pregnant; if you are looking to get pregnant with your partner; or if you don’t have a lot of money for a test.

Given all the above, we present what we consider the best pregnancy tests based on the comments of users in different forums and the best-ranked products on websites specializing in health and pregnancy.

Best Pregnancy Test: How do Choose the Right One?

When you are pregnant, your body changes and produces more hCG (human chorionic gonadotropin), also known as the pregnancy hormone. A hormone that will help with the growth of the fetus and its development.

Therefore, if that hormone is detected, we will have a pregnancy. And that’s where pregnancy tests come into action; these are made to detect the hormone and tell you if you are pregnant or not.

Home tests detect through urine, so women usually use them in the bathroom. It’s always recommended to do the test in the morning as soon as you get out of bed because it’s the time of major accumulation of urine and there will surely be a higher concentration of hCG.

But keep in mind that there are also blood pregnancy tests. They also detect the pregnancy hormone inside the blood -and not only if it’s there but also its concentration levels. These will be requested by your doctor or your midwife, although it’s not the first method that crosses their minds to confirm a pregnancy.

What are the HCG Levels for Twins?

There are no standard levels that allow us to affirm that with one level or another, twins will be born. But if the highest hCG levels are 30% to 50% higher than those of a single birth, there is a chance that you’ll have twins -and you’ll be able to buy them these onesies!

Odds of Having Twins

However, remember that there have been single births with very high levels of pregnancy hormones. If you want to be sure that you are having twins, the only possible way is with an ultrasound. From the sixth week on, you can clear your doubts with this technique.

The Best Pregnancy Tests

Now that we’ve seen why these tests work and how they do it, let’s take a look at the best ones you can get on the market.

First Response: Early Result Pregnancy Test

This test is ideal if you want to know as soon as possible if you are pregnant. You can use it up to 6 days before your expected period. And you only must wait three minutes to know the result of the test!

It will show you the result in lines -like many other tests- but if you have doubts, you can scan them with your cell phone and the EasyRead application (also from First Response) will confirm the result.

The good news is that it is 76% effective on the 5th day before your missed period. It may seem like a low percentage, but it’s the highest you’ll find when doing the test so many days in advance. The best news is that it is 100% effective when you take the test the same day your period should arrive.

You’ll get 3 tests for your purchase, so you have no doubts about the results. But there’s bad news: It’s an expensive test. And you can’t forget that digital equipment does fail.

ClinicalGuard: HCG pregnancy test strips

If you are looking to get pregnant you’ll surely need to do several tests and this one brings plenty of them, 25 to be exact. It’s the most affordable of all the others that we’ll show you and its effectiveness is proven.

It consists of submersible strips. So, you must have a cup to urinate in to dip the strip in there. This is a very common technique when it comes to tests, especially when it comes to strip tests.

You also should keep in mind that it will tell you if you are pregnant by showing two different colored lines, and it’s not a test done for early detection (5 days before missed period).

Clearblue Rapid Detection: Best Pregnancy Test for Accurate Results

It’s perfect for those who cannot wait long. This test will give you the result in JUST ONE MINUTE!

It’s a test with an ergonomically curved handle that will make it easier for you to hold when urinating on it. In addition, thanks to its “Floodguard” technology, it ensures high precision in the delivered result.

You can use it from the fifth day before your missed period. It comes with 3 tests and if you are willing to pay a little more, it will be a great option for you.

Clearblue: Best Digital Pregnancy Test With a Smart Countdown

That’s right, with this test you’ll have a countdown for the result. Since it’s easy to get impatient while waiting, this will give certainty that the result will come in seconds.

It’s a digital, early detection test (you can take it 5 days before the missed period) that will show you on a small screen the countdown -this can last from one to three minutes- and the result will appear written with words: “Pregnant” or “Not pregnant.” Avoiding you any doubts by having to interpret lines or colors.

If you buy it, you’ll get 3 tests to confirm your results. The Clearblue Digital Pregnancy Test is one of our most recommended if you are looking for the best quality digital tests.

PREGMATE 40: Best Pregnancy Test Strips

If you find having digital tests supported by mobile apps a bit too much, we recommend these test strips: they’re easy to use and are the kind doctors use. They can also be used 5 days before the missed period.

To use one, pee into a cup, submerge the strip in the liquid, and let it sit on a flat surface. Wait 5 minutes and you’ll have the result. 

You’ll get these tests at a bulk price -they come by 40. But keep in mind that they can be harder to read, and they don’t have a plastic applicator.

Frequently Asked Questions and Tips

Now, we’ll answer some questions that you might be asking yourself.

How Many Days After a Missed Period can you Test?

You can do it the same day your period should arrive. If not, you can do it any day later: the more days pass, the more successful the result will be since there will be more concentration of the pregnancy hormone in your body.

What to do After you Test Positive for Pregnancy?

First: Congratulations! Second, double-check. Many pregnancy tests come by 3, so you can confirm the result. Remember that there have been cases where the test came out negative, but there was a pregnancy. If you want to be sure, make an appointment with your doctor.

best pregnancy test

Then you can tell your loved ones, many women prefer to tell them at the end of the third month when the high risk of losing the baby is ending and after having the appointment with their doctor.

You can choose between an ob-gyn or a midwife to carry your pregnancy and once you decide what type of professional will guide you, you can find the right one for you -some websites can help you with that like or… Start thinking about what the baby will need and about changing your diet to a healthier one. Sounds like a lot? Don’t worry. You have nine months ahead… You’ll be fine.

Does the Pregnancy Test Work Faster with Twins?

Not really. On rare occasions, the opposite can happen. It’s called the “hook effect.” It’s most likely to occur in cases of twins or multiples, due to an excessive level of the pregnancy hormone where the test is unable to read any result. In that case, false positives can occur.

How to Select the Best Pregnancy Test?

You have seen the best and different types of pregnancy tests available on the market. Any of them is a perfect way to know if you are pregnant or not, and your choice may depend on your needs and what is easier to use for you. DON’T FORGET TO READ THE EXPIRATION DATE in the box before purchasing the tests.

And you must know that if you can’t afford to pay for one, there are places where you can get them for free -like your local health department or planned parenthood clinics.



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