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9 Weeks Pregnant with Twins: Ultrasound, Symptoms, and More

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You’re nine weeks pregnant with twins. Nine weeks in, and probably starting to put on a little bit of weight.

That’s completely normal, and something that happens when you’re 9 weeks pregnant with twins. Expect to be putting on around 5 or 6 pounds by the time you’ve finished the first trimester.

Still, there’s a lot more to pay attention to than just your weight. Your babies are developing enough that they’re moving from the embryo to the fetus stage. Read on to find out what that means.

Twin Pregnancy Symptoms at 9 Weeks

A single fetus at 9 weeks

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Your Twin Babies at 9 Weeks Pregnant

Your babies are right at the end of the embryo stage. Right now, they’re recognisably little people, about the size of an olive or grape, and they’re getting to be far more fully developed.

Ears and toes are growing and getting defined, eyes are fully formed, with shut eyelids over the top of them, with a little mouth and nose as well.

All of the internal organs are in place and developing well, and their little heart is fully formed, with all four chambers. Tiny little teeth are also starting to form in their mouth, ready to come out later, with all the fun of teething!

Right now, they’re almost an inch long, and almost twice as heavy, at 0.07 ounces. Expect that to climb rapidly, now that they’re mostly developed and the placenta is pretty much complete.

Twin Pregnancy Symptoms at 9 Weeks

At 9 weeks in, the pregnancy hormones are at their highest levels. That means that this week is going to be punctuated with the highest levels of your pregnancy symptoms.

That means that this week might be the worst one yet. But on the upside, from next week, everything should start to slowly get better as your hormone levels normalise and everything gets a lot more stable.

  • Mood swings and emotional instability: You’ve gone through a lot these last few weeks, and everything being the worst its going to be this week isn’t going to help. So take it easy if you can. It’s fine to have a nap every now and then, and if you’re suffering from exhaustion or the morning sickness is acting up, it’s completely fine to ask for help. On that note.
  • Morning sickness: Three quarters of women suffer from morning sickness, and having twins makes the whole rigmarole that much worse. On the upside, like we just said, this is the peak level of hCG hormone, so hopefully your morning sickness is going to start getting better as of next week. Hold on, loves.
  • Fatigue: Your body is working double time to get everything ready and provide for your twins, so it’s only natural to have ebbing energy levels. All of the other things you’re dealing with are going to add to this, so do what you can to look after yourself, including getting early nights and eating as well as you can.
  • Congestion: In week 8 you were drooling everywhere. This week you’re producing more nasal mucus, so you’re permanently walking around feeling stuffed up like you’ve got the flu. Expect this to go pretty fast, though.
  • Needing to pee more often: All the activity going on down there is going to cause you to need to pee far more often. The increased blood flow and uterine changes, as well as the fact that you should be drinking a lot more, are going to keep you going to the loo all day long.

9 Weeks Ultrasound Twins

If you’re getting an ultrasound at the ninth week, you’re going to be able to hear your twin’s heartbeats. Incredibly, they’re going to be beating twice as fast as yours, or around 130 beats per minute.

Things to Do This Week for a Healthy Pregnancy

  • This early on, having sex is still absolutely fine, but be on the lookout for any strange discharge in the hours afterwards. If it’s dark or brown, stop having sex and talk to your doctor.
  • Check your diet. If you’re going to suffer from morning sickness, it’s going to be now, so take it easy on the spices, fats and sugars. Try and snack as much as possible, and make sure you eat and drink little and often. You can’t afford to not eat at this vital time.
  • Grab yourself a maternity bra. You might have gone up by anywhere up to a cup size, and trust us, you’ll appreciate it later.
  • Whilst you might have gained weight so far, this week you might actually lose a pound or two. That’s completely normal, but if you lose more, then make sure you talk to your doctor.

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Are You 9 Weeks Pregnant with Twins?

The next few weeks will bring major changes, so it’s good to take the time to reflect on how far you’ve already come, and the miracle that’s going on with your life and inside of you right now.

We’re glad you’re here with us. If you want a chat, or just to connect with other women in your position, feel free to drop us a comment. How do you feel at 9 weeks pregnant with twins?


  1. I’m 23 years old and this is my first time being pregnant period but I’m having faternal twins thankfully I haven’t had a ounce of morning sickness but my appetite, fatigue, and emotions are through the roof lol

    • Hi my name is Shikela Dickson.first l wanted to say congratulations to you&l am happy to go on this journey with you.l an 9weeks pregnant with triplets l am super excited.l know you are to.

  2. Hi! Im nine weeks pregnant. Had my ultrasound but my Ob gyn told me that she cant see baby b. Though baby a is fine. She said the ultrasound for baby b is hazy and it seems it cant be reach by the machine. Im worried sick. What does this mean?

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