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The Benefits of Having Twins

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With twins around the house, everyone will surely get a double dose of pretty much everything. Although it is normal to feel a mix of emotions, the benefits of having twins in the family will surely be unparalleled as long as everyone focuses on the positives.

The Benefits of Having Twins for Parents

The expectations of being  parents to twins can be overwhelming but the perks that come along with makes it a lot easier and more fun to go through. First of all, know that ever since your twins were born, you have become instant celebrities. You may even be seen as superheroes!

Having twins is definitely not as common as having singletons so a lot of people you know and meet will surely want to to talk with you about how you’re doing. They can even ask endless questions about how you’re raising your twins.

With this, expect to be given the royal treatment every now and then. You’ll have people opening doors for you, letting you cut in front of them in line, and of course, you’ll always catch someone smiling at you. Because having two babies is tough, it would be nice to appreciate such treatment.

Another benefit is, as a mom and dad, you will soon realize that you can handle anything life may throw at you. You become a master at multitasking.

You’ll be able to manage your time better and be more strategic with every decision you make. What you used to perceive as something intimidating or considered too much to handle becomes rather run-in-the-mill.

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As parents, you will surely be fascinated at watching your twins grow together. Seeing them begin to crawl, walk, speak and grow accustomed to the world around them is priceless. Witnessing their milestones and seeing them develop and grow into little children is surely going to be fulfilling.

As each day goes by, you will manage to successfully raise two individuals at the same time and that is not to be taken lightly. Plus, with the physicalities of raising twins, you’ll definitely get meet your workout goals without even trying.

Of course, lest we forget, having twins means double the hugs and kisses – basically, double the bliss! In addition, with the rich experience you have in raising your twins, you become instant experts on babies. Your insights will surely inspire and help other parents who may need encouragement.

The Benefits for the Twins as Siblings

For one, twins will definitely have no need whatsoever to join a playgroup because they become instant playmates. They’ll always have a friend to play with, tell stories with, laugh together, and go to interesting places together. They will learn to share naturally and get used to it early on.

Second, if siblings have a really strong bond, twins have something even more special. The bond between twins is not like any other.

They grow up very close which can be compared to being more than siblings. They become the best of friends and each one’s alter-ego all the way from childhood to adulthood. They will surely be inseparable.

Twins will never have to worry about growing up being lonely. They will always have each other’s back. This is extremely comforting for parents. Also, since they practically are together every waking hour of the day while growing up, twins become social individuals.

Being social makes them able to form good relationships as they grow up. Social skills are lacking at these days, but since twins are used to having the company of each other, this will not be a problem.

The Benefits for the Family

With twins, you already have the average size of an American family. You become an automatic family! Having two kids at once will surely be entertaining and will have a positive effect on the whole family dynamic. Everyone in the family and your dearest friends will not stop coming over to visit you.

People will come around and try to see you with your twins and be able to learn from your family’s point of view. If your family loves having your twins around, all the more will your extended family and friends. You’ll have the support you need, a lot of helping hands and your babies will get a lot of attention.

what are the benefits of having twins

What are “extra” benefits available if I’m expecting twins?

When we talk about “extra” benefits in having twins or multiple children, we are being particular with certain provisions governments or states have for such family situations as well as discounts and freebies that are made accessible for families with twins or multiples.

The Department of Human Services in Australia, for example, provides benefits for parents to twins or multiples. First, they will be able to receive what is called the Newborn Upfront Payment and the Newborn Supplement for each child. Further, they are also eligible to avail of Parental Leave Pay.

In other countries, like the UK, having twins will entitle parents to child benefits, maternity leave, statutory maternity pay, and tax credits. A maternity leave usually runs for 52 weeks in this part of the world and depending on certain circumstances, it is possible to take a Shared Parental Leave.

These benefits vary depending on where you are residing. It is recommended to inquire about the benefits available to you and your family.

Aside from government provisions, there are a number of companies who provide special discounts and freebies to families with twins or multiples. There are coupons for diapers and wipes and discounts on baby products for parents of twins upon request.

These discounts apply to products like strollers, play yards, car seats, swings, gates, walkers, backpacks, carriers, and others. In addition, there are discounts available on formula and baby food as well as discounts on portrait photography.

Having two healthy babies that make your home come to life and make life more meaningful are already a few of the many benefits of having twins. Raising them and watching them grow will surely be an adventure.

It also allows you to learn so much about yourself as a mom or dad that you wouldn’t learn from any other circumstance in life.

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