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Best Baby Toothbrush: Dental Hygiene from the Get Go

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Caring for your baby’s teeth is hugely important. Not only is there a massive link between oral health and general health, this is the time when your children’s immune systems are the weakest, so anything you can do to increase their health and minimise their chances of falling ill is amazing!

On top of that, getting your baby into a good oral care routine early makes it far more likely that they’re going to continue that habit, so getting the best baby toothbrush is just a smart choice all round.

Best Baby Toothbrush Comparison

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Baby Banana Infant Training Toothbrush and Teether




Baby Toothbrush With Case Set




Jordan Step 1 Baby Toothbrush




Dr. Brown’s Infant-to-Toddler Toothbrush Set




How is a baby toothbrush different from a normal toothbrush?

Apart from the obvious visual differences, there’s a few reasons why you should always use a baby toothbrush instead of an adults toothbrush when you’re brushing your babies teeth.

  • They are smaller and more delicate than regular toothbrushes, so less likely to catch or snag anywhere uncomfortable. Plus, it’s just simpler to fit them in your babies mouth, which is nice.
  • The bristles are softer and more delicate than on the sort of toothbrushes you or I might use. This has two effects:
  • First, it’s gentle on your child’s mouth and tongue, so it doesn’t hurt them every time you brush their teeth. This is obviously super important, because it it’s uncomfortable every time you brush your child’s teeth, they’ll soon come to associate teeth cleaning with pain and annoyance, and this can cause problems in the future.
  • Second, your child’s first set of teeth, or milk teeth, are softer and more susceptible to damage than adult teeth, and rough, bristly brushes can cause damage to the surface of the teeth.

Smiling baby showing off his teeth

When should I start brushing my baby’s teeth?

It’s important to start brushing your babies teeth as soon as they start coming through the gums. So when your baby starts teething, you should start carefully cleaning those teeth!

What should I look for?

There’s a few specific things that you should look for in a good baby toothbrush. Just follow our few simple rules:

  • Look for something large and easy to hold. Not only does this make it easier for you, it makes it much easier when your little one decides it’s time to start brushing their own teeth.
  • Soft, comfortable bristles that don’t hurt teeth or gums is best.
  • Design matters. Cutesy and attractive brushes that are almost like toys will make it more likely that your tot will want to try and use the brush by themselves.
  • Find something that’s easy to clean. Most can be thrown into boiling water or the dishwasher without damage.
  • Check to see if it has anything to help teething tots. This isn’t essential, but it’s a great help.

Should I brush them twice a day, like mine?

Yes. Use a small amount of toothpaste and brush twice a day, first thing in the morning and right before bed, which is the routine you should also be following.

Brush the inside and outside of your baby’s teeth, and if they’re fine with it, also their tongue. Once you’re finished, it’s fine for your baby to keep the toothpaste in their mouth or swallow it, because you’re only using a small amount of baby toothpaste. They can learn to spit it out in a year or two!

When should I replace my baby toothbrushes?

Use the same rule of thumb that you would for your own. When the bristles start to look worn and splayed out, it’s time for a change.

Bear in mind that they have softer bristles, so it’s normal for them not to last as long as an adult toothbrush. So if you’re worried that you’re doing something wrong that’s causing it to break too fast, don’t be!

What age does a baby normally start teething?

All babies are different. Some don’t start showing their first tooth until they’re around a year old, and some are even born with a tooth or two!

However, the normal time for teething is around the fifth or sixth month mark.

Should I use a special baby toothpaste as well?

It’s recommended that you do by dentists. Adult toothpaste is slightly too high in flouride content for a young baby, and the harsher flavors can be too intense for little children.

When brushing your baby’s teeth, you should aim to use a small amount of toothpaste that covers around half to three quarters of the brush.

A few oral health tips

  • Some babies absolutely love juice and sweets. If your babies have a particularly sweet tooth, follow up any treats with a drink of water, because it helps to wash away any debris or sugar that might be stuck to their teeth. It’s actually best to give your baby these treats at around dinner time, so they’re eaten with a main meal, which allows other food items to help naturally clean their teeth.
  • Once your baby gets used to the tooth cleaning routine and you feel they’re old enough, bring them into the bathroom with you and give them their toothbrush, already loaded with toothpaste, as you brush your teeth. Not only will this get them into the rhythm of brushing regularly and encourage them to pick up the habit to be more like mommy, it’s also a really cute little bonding time that you two can share!

Baby Toothbrush Reviews

Baby Banana Infant Training Toothbrush and Teether

baby toothbrush reviews


  • Really cute design your baby will love
  • Simple and easy to hold, for them and you
  • Soft, thick bristles that clean and massage
  • Award winning and parent recommended



  • Design needs a little more cleaning

Our number one choice, because it does everything you need it to and more. If you’re looking for the best infant toothbrush for your little tots teeth, all the way from their first tooth to having a full set, then you’ve found the right one.

Why is it so good? Well, it’s mostly the fact that this one toothbrush has everything that you need, with enough features packed in that it will cover you all the way until your child won’t use a banana toothbrush any more because it’s ‘too childish.’

Firstly, the handle is great. It’s shaped like banana peel, which is a hilarious design choice, and it comes in bright, striking colors, but the shape also makes it really easy to hold, especially for little hands, and the colorful design makes younger babies naturally want to hold and play with it, increasing the chances that they’re going to take to brushing their teeth by themselves.

It’s made of soft silicone, so it’s not going to be painful in the mouth, and it’s free of anything that might cause your baby harm. It’s also dishwasher and freezer friendly, so it’s really easy to clean and keep safe.

Finally, the thick bristles help to clean teeth and massage gums, making this a great choice for toddlers who are teething, even if they don’t start chewing on the handle! (Which is fine by the way.)

No matter what you need, this is a super baby toothbrush. It’s all there. It even comes in a shark design, if for some reason you don’t like bananas!

Baby Toothbrush With Case Set

baby finger toothbrush


  • Come with a cute travel case
  • 6 brushes, will last ages
  • Small and easy to use
  • Built in gum massager



  • Can’t be used to teach your baby to brush their teeth

The easiest to use on our list, these baby finger toothbrushes are so simple, it hurts. All you have to do is slot one over the end of your index finger and gently brush it over your child’s teeth. That’s literally it.

Made of easily cleanable silicone, these soft toothbrushes won’t hurt baby, and are even great for teething, considering that they’ve got a set of built in teething bumps on the back side of them.

You get 6, which is great, because these are pretty easy to misplace, considering how petite they are. Each one comes with a carrying case as well, making these perfect for use on the go, great if your baby loves juice and sweeties.

The only real problem is that you’re not going to get your baby into the habit of using a toothbrush with these. But as a stopgap between teething and brushing teeth for real, there’s no better, or simpler option.

Jordan Step 1 Baby Toothbrush

Jordan Step 1 Baby Toothbrush


  • Built in, impossible to swallow, chewy guard handle
  • Super soft, tiny head
  • Really easy to hold, even for tiny hands



  • Brush head is kinda small, so takes some work

Apparently, these toothbrushes have won design awards, and you can see why. They’re so cute and attractive to look at, and it’s so easy to hold, whether you’ve got tiny hands to appreciate the wide base, or adult sized fingers that can easily slip through the centre hole like a pair of scissors.

The base itself can also be used as a teething ring, which is why it’s got all those little bumps all over it, and the short neck of the brush is just long enough to get to the back of baby’s mouth without letting them jab themselves in the tonsils!

The only real issue I have is the size of the brush head. I understand why they made it small, because it’s delicate and easy to use, as well as really soft and high quality, but it does mean that it takes a little bit more work to clean teeth with it.

On the upside, because it’s so soft and easy to hold, it’s the perfect toothbrush to convince your littlest to get into the habits of good oral hygeine.

Dr. Brown’s Infant-to-Toddler Toothbrush Set

Dr. Brown's Infant-to-Toddler Toothbrush Set


  • So easy to hold and use
  • Safe, flexible body
  • Soft, great feeling toothpaste
  • Comes with its own quality toothpaste



  • Not designed for teething
  • Wash it first to check for loose bristles

A complete set that comes with its own toothpaste, Dr Brown’s toothbrush set is a quality product that’s great if you’re looking for an all in one choice.

The brush itself is excellent, with a soft, flexible body and high quality, comfy bristles that are really nice on baby’s teeth. Be careful when you first get it out of the package, though, because sometimes one or two of the bristles can be a little loose, so run it under water to check. Honestly, though, I’d recommend you do this anyway, (I do this with my adult brushes) so I can’t fault them for that.

It’s simple to hold, with a really cute elephant design that’s got big flappy ears to prevent it slipping anywhere, and it comes in a variety of colors.

The best thing about this brush though, is that it comes with its own toothpaste, which is high quality and tastes amazing.

The only real thing I can fault this for is the fact that it’s not got anything to help with teething tots. But that’s only minor, and definitely not a reason to pass on this.

Baby Finger Toothbrush by BabyBaus

Baby Finger Toothbrush by BabyBaus


  • Free of anything harmful. 100% safe for baby.
  • Really soft bristles and flexible body
  • So simple to clean



  • Kind of small. If you’ve got big hands, you might have to use your pinky!

Babybaus is made entirely of premium quality materials and it’s been guaranteed 100% safe by the FDA.

Past that, it’s obvious why these are great. They’re made of really high quality, soft and flexible silicone, with super soft bristles in the brush that clean whilst being comfortable for baby.

Because they’re finger brushes, they’re so easy to use, too. Just throw one on your finger. That’s all it takes. This is the only issue I can find with these, though. I’ve got kind of small hands, but if they were any bigger I think I might struggle with fitting these on.

Apart from that though, they’re pretty much spot on, They’re easy to use, have a built in gum massager and tongue cleaner, come with a carrying case, and have a 100% guarantee just in case you don’t like them for any reason. There’s no reason not to buy these, at least until your baby is old enough to have their own toothbrush!

We hope you’ve found the best baby toothbrush for your baby’s needs. If you’ve had good experiences with any of these toothbrushes, or you’ve got any other recommendations, we’d love to hear about them, so let us know in the comments!

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