Twins Stroller With Car Seats: What to Keep in Mind

With twins everything comes DOUBLE, you should know that if you’re becoming a parent soon. So, doubling everything includes the details that you must consider when looking for a twins stroller with car seats. Fortunately, you are not the first mom or dad facing this challenge.

Parenthood is beautiful, as we always say. Some tools make it easier, though, as it comes with a lot of challenges. In terms of movement, comfort, and even logistics of your day-to-day activities, strollers with car seats are one of these great tools. 

With our help, which includes years of experience in treating beautiful twin babies and their energized parents, you’ll get several ideas for you to bear in mind when looking for yours.

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What Should I Consider Before Buying a Twins Stroller With Car Seats?

Car seats of twins strollers are made to make your life easier. Its objective is that you can take your twins wherever you want, without restrictions and in the safest way possible. They give you the versatility to use them inside a car as a car seat, on the street as a stroller, or separately when it is not possible to enter the stroller somewhere.

They are ideal for moving your babies from the car to the stroller without waking them up or removing all the security seat belts.

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Having this in mind, there are some things you should think about before acquiring a stroller with car seats for your twin babies. Comfort, size, weight, and other variables come into play to make the best decision. Let’s explore them: 

Size of The Stroller Seats

You should especially consider this one if you have a car that is your main means of transportation. Make sure your twin car seats can fit through the car’s door with the car seat adapters on. Otherwise, it won’t work for you.

That is why it is good to keep in mind the dimensions of the car door when buying a twins stroller with car seats. As an extra little piece of advice, pay extra attention to the side-by-side strollers; with the car seat attachments on, lots of those car seats can’t go through a common vehicle’s door.

Weight is an Important Factor When You Have Twins

Remember that you won’t be carrying just one baby but two. So, you must think about the weight of the stroller seats’ materials.

Our advice is to think of something light and resistant than either of you can carry without ending up exhausted. There will be many times when you’ll have to carry one car seat in every arm, and the weight will make the whole difference.

Look for Similar Space for Each of Your Twins

You will find twin strollers on the market that have one seat larger than the other. This works perfectly for siblings that were not born the same day.

But, with twins, things are a bit different. Check that the spaces are the same for both as well as the same weight resistance. Since the twins usually share the same measurements -they will thank you for that…

And pushing the stroller will be more balanced and easier for you.

best convertible car seat for twins

Cargo Space

The space you have for carrying diapers, clothes, blankets, feeding bottles, and the extra goodies on your stroller basket is very important! You don’t want to go with your babies for a walk and realize that you missed something because it didn’t fit and you couldn’t take it with you. You will immediately feel that you made a mistake in your purchase. Remember that you are carrying stuff for two; so, you need to also double the space.

That’s why it’s not so crazy (or maybe it is?) to see couples take their diapers and all they need to the stores to confirm that everything fits inside the strollers’ basket. Believe me, I have seen that!

If you are looking for great cargo space, check out this stroller for twins. We can assure it: with a product like that, you don’t need extra storage space. You’ll find that strollers are great to take everything your twins need everywhere you go. 


Of course! What we want most is for our babies to be comfortable. So, ask yourself: Is there enough space for them? Can the seat’s internal material cause a rash? Is it hot enough? Is it too hot? Can the material of the seat protect them from the UV rays, the sun, and the rain? Answer these questions and you’ll get a better idea of what to look for.

Tip: don’t look for too hot materials for the stroller car seat interior, since in such small spaces temperatures can rise quite a bit. You can also look for something extra that warms them but does not heat up too much, which helps you maintain the correct temperature of your babies, like these blankets

Easy to Carry Around: Twin Travel Stroller

You should look for a stroller for twin babies in which it is easy to separate -the seats from the wheels- and to open and close. You are going to be with your hands full, dealing with two babies, and the last thing you want is to have problems storing the wheels of the stroller in your car.

The idea when looking for a twins stroller with car seats is that you can do everything with a few simple moves and that is easy to travel with.

This Graco twin stroller with car seats is perfect for traveling, is very compact, and accepts two Graco infant car seats.

Twin baby registry checklist

Think of Where you Want to go With your Twins

We recommend looking for a twins stroller with car seats that will work on any terrain. It doesn’t matter if you want to take a short walk with your babies on a quiet city street, or if you prefer to drive the stroller on grass or more difficult terrain. The idea is that they always have a smooth and pleasant ride, whether you go for a walk or even a jog with them.

That’s why so many strollers come with shocks, so your little ones don’t feel the bumps and they can simply enjoy a beautiful walk with their parents and their favorite baby feeding bottle (Hey, your babies will love this one, trust us!)

It’s a Lot to Keep in Mind

From the size to the weight, the space of the hod, the carrying basket, the comfort, and the usability, there are a lot of things to evaluate when searching for a twins stroller with car seats. But don’t worry; you will find it. The ideal stroller with car seats for your twins does exist! And you can always count on us at Twinstuff to help you find it.

So, enjoy the trip with your little ones!

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How Many Car Seats do I Need for Twins?

There are a lot of variables to keep in mind before buying a twins stroller with car seats. The size of it, the space available for the babies, the materials, the basket for carrying all the goodies needed, the usability, and the type of parents you are, can affect the decision.

So, first, we showed you why this kind of stroller is a great choice for parents to carry their twin babies wherever they want to. And then, after reviewing the different factors to make a choice, you’ll have the right information to search for the best stroller for you and your babies.

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