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Can there be anything cuter than twin babies? We know that what we are going to say here can will a kind of heated discussion, but we are willing to deal with them. And yes: there is something cuter… twin baby girls, and what better than dressing them in identical twin girl outfits??

And for that reason, in today’s article, we’ll talk about them. If they look gorgeous typically, there are a million things to dress them up and make that cute factor multiply exponentially. So, if you are going to be the lucky mother of identical twin girls, I recommend that you get comfortable in your bed and read these clothing tips and everything you should consider so that they always look beautiful.

Preparing for Your Twins’ Checklist

Let’s start from the assumption that soon you’ll become the mother of twins -that doesn’t mean that, if you already are one, this article won’t be helpful to you-. You are at a time when perhaps the news that the pregnancy is coming by two is a bit overwhelming. But we want to give you peace of mind: with a little preparation, everything will go smoothly.

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There are many things to plan and do with the news of the twins. But with less time than expected. Since, if you don’t know it, twins usually come before the average delivery time. So you can have around 38 weeks to get everything ready.

What’s having everything ready? You’ll have to check different things on a list for the birth of your twins:

  1. Choose the babies’ names
  2. Enroll in childbirth, infant care, and CPR classes
  3. Buy comfortable maternity clothes
  4. Learn about maternity policies
  5. Choose your pediatrician
  6. Take a tour of the hospital
  7. Make the pre-registration for your stay in the hospital
  8. Tell your other siblings about the arrival of the twins
  9. Sign-up for a baby registry
  10. Go thinking about who will take care of the girls when you return to work
  11. Install the car seats
  12. Assemble and test cribs, strollers, etc.
  13. Pack your hospital bag
  14. Go shopping for clothes for your twins.

And this last point is the one that we are going to deepen. That’s why we’re here, right?

What you Should Consider When Buying Cute Twin Outfits for Babies

The first recommendation we want is that once you purchase your twin baby clothes or receive them at the upcoming baby showers, wash them before putting them on the babies.

Likely, girls’ skin is still sensitive to any fabric – clothes from a store or sewn by someone you know. Therefore, it’s recommended that you use a skin-sensitive laundry detergent before storing girls’ clothes in a closet.

Once they are a year old, you can go back to using a generic detergent, like the one you have always used.

twins hereditary

Clothes’ Size for your Newborns

When the girls arrive at your home, they’ll be very tiny. And knowing what size clothes they’ll need is not going to be so obvious. What is our recommendation? Buy them Newborn-size clothes.

Those from 0-3 and 3-6 months will look too big, and your little ones may be swimming in fabric. On the other hand, the Preemie size can be very tight for both, especially when ready to discharge.

Since the little ones will grow so fast, we advise you not to buy too many clothes in the Newborn size. You could end up not using them and spending dollars that you could spend later on new and bigger clothes.

Is it Wrong to Dress Them Identically?

This topic has had much debate; lately, it’s more common to hear that it is better to dress identical twins differently. Although it can be hard sometimes: having twins, you think and buy clothes in pairs… Without giving it much thought. In addition, the little ones look very cute wearing the same clothes.

However, experts highlight the issue of fostering individuality in twins. They advise calling them by their names instead of generalizing and calling them “the twins.” The same thing happens with clothes; you should encourage them to feel like individuals, with their tastes and personalities.

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Why is that important? Because, with such a deep bond and being so close, twins need to have their own space and development. By dressing them up the same or calling them with a generic nickname, you create the idea that the two make a unit and that they’ll only need each other. Generating, in the future, dependency problems between them.

Knowing this, maybe you can dress them identically while still babies. But when they grow up, around three, it may be best to start dressing the girls differently.

Identical Twin Girl Outfits: Twin Clothing Sets

You saw that dressing the girls the same is not recommended. However, if you decide to do it for their first newborn photos -Yes! That’s the photo we all want to have- keep in mind that, once the years go by, it’s possible that when you dress them identically, it will be hard to tell them apart.

Tip: put a hairband on one or give each one a different stuffed animal and take the photos while holding them. So, even over the years, you can know who is who.


Identical girl twins, especially newborns, will always look gorgeous in pastel. So, you can search for some dresses that combine those tones. It can be the same clothes but of a different color.

Don’t be afraid of prints. These can be much fun and enhance the beauty of your little girls. Although, be careful! Animal prints, especially zebra prints, are tough to combine.

If your twins are older, you can leave the pastel tones behind. You can have the same garment in different colors or prints like these beautiful dresses with cardigan and shoes. Aren’t they too cute?

these are ten of the most famous twins in history

Of course, as they get older, ask them what colors they like and what kind of clothes they prefer. This way, you’ll get to know their tastes, and they’ll be happy to wear what they like the most.

Make them Match

Clothes with messages that complement each other are also fashionable and divine. For example, one onesie says: “I was the first.” And the other says: “Show off!”. These messages, combined, are too cute and look great in photos. Aren’t these onesies from Twinstuff too cute?

Twins, in general, are a magnet for looks, and this type of clothing will help you potentiate that effect.

Cute Twin Clothes

Did you get excited watching our onesies? So, let’s see a few more clothes.

This one, for example, surpasses the “Cute level” and goes “Super cute!” These Hudson Baby Girl’s Cotton Dresses come in different sizes, depending on what your twins need. They’re varied, colorful, and perfect for different ages.

twins sleeping together

They come in cotton, are soft on the skin, and come at a great price. Of course, if you buy them, avoid this mistake: don’t dry cotton clothes in the machine; heat will most surely shrink them. Just let them dry in the sun’s shadow to make them last longer.

Or how about these beauties for the Holidays? These cute sweater dresses will make your girl twins beautifully match while still protected from the cold. What stands out to most who have bought them is the quality and thickness of the fabric, perfect for your girls to look beautiful at Christmas.

This is the Time to be Creative

Now that you have a general idea of ​​what you should consider when buying your identical twin girl outfits-the effect of the fabric on their skin, the sizes, the colors, whether to dress them the same or not- it’s time for a spark of creativity. If there is something that we love with baby girls, it’s to dress them up and play with the different combinations as if we were playing with dolls. Now you can do it. Not only with one but with two!

Of course, keep in mind the occasion. For day-to-day activities, we recommend looking for clothes that are easy to put on and take off -believe me; you will thank us when you must change diapers at the least desired moment. And don’t forget: always carry a pair of identical clothes to replace them when needed.




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