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Best Bassinets for Twins in 2021

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If you’re expecting twins, it’s important to buy a bassinet for them. It quickly makes your work easier and you can travel with your twins as well since a bassinet is smaller, more compact, and travel-friendly with its own wheels. But how do you find the best bassinets for twins? What are things you should consider?

Today, we’ll be talking about finding the best bassinets for your babies to guarantee their safety and comfort.

Best Bassinets for Twins Comparison

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Arm’s Reach Concepts Ideal Ezee 3-in-1 Bedside Bassinet




Graco Pack ‘n Play Playard with Twins Bassinet




Baby Trend Twin Nursery Center




Important Features of Twin Cribs

For first-time expecting mothers, buying every accessory your baby needs is important, especially when you’re pregnant with twins. Once they are out in this world, you won’t really have the time to go out and buy them. Plus, having them already laid out in front of you after your birth will make it easier for you to manage two little human babies.

twin baby beds

Bassinets are a lot like a crib, except they are more compact for portability and for traveling. The sides are also lower for easier access, and a few other features like a cover for when you’re babies are sleeping. Plus, there is often movement such as extra wheels so you can use it for travelling with your twins.

Bassinets are mostly used by babies during their first few months only, unlike a crib where they can use it even as toddlers. You might want to consider this when choosing whether you’re buying a crib or a bassinet.

This is our review of the best bassinets for those who are expecting twins. That means this review is for mothers who are expecting multiple pregnancies instead of singleton pregnancies. There are bassinets with only one baby basket (or the area where the babies are laid).

That being said, here are things you should consider when buying bassinets for twins.

Twin Bassinet Functionality

A lot of bassinets often have storage areas and pockets underneath the baby area or on the sides. These hold your babies’ diapers, milk dispensers, clothes, and other accessories. This is useful, especially when going out for a vacation.

There are also some bassinets that have attached milk bottle holders so misplacing the bottle won’t be a problem. Some others, meanwhile, can be turned into a changing table for when your baby needs a diaper change or a change of clothes. Others are foldable or can be attached to twin strollers.

Functions and features such as detachable baby baskets are also available on the market now. Finding something that can be multifunctional will be a great way of saving money as well as making sure everything you need for your baby is in one place, even when you travel.


Movement or portability is a matter of preference. Think about your needs and how the situation will be around the house or even outdoors.

For those who often move from room to room or requires a lot of travelling, a foldable, smaller, lightweight, and with wheels may be the best option. Something that can also be turned into a hand-carry baby basket is a good choice, too — especially when you have someone to help you with the other twin.

Nonetheless, be sure that each of these features can be locked into place. For example, the wheels should have a mechanism that allows you to wheel it easily, but the same mechanism should be able to lock it into place, disabling motion.

Safety Standards for Newborn Twins

Finding out whether it’s safe or not is essential when it comes to finding an item for your baby. Since your twins might be on a bassinet for a long period of time, be sure it is able to support them and keep them safe every time they are there.

That means it should have a safe and durable structure or a mattress that is soft but won’t bury your baby. For the best results, you should find bassinets that have the seal of American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) and the Juvenile Products Manufacturer’s Association (JPMA). Bassinets and cribs that have passed their strict requirement mean they are safe to use.


Some bassinets have certain mechanisms such as a quick-release latch could make it into a cradle that rocks gently. There are also some types that sway while the wheels are locked, however, these are more battery operated than a certain type of mechanism involved.

These types of bassinets can be intimidating, especially with one for twins. But these types do help get your children to sleep soundly as if you were the one rocking them. This helps you get the rest you need.

Age and Weight Limits

Knowing the weight limit is important, especially with bassinets for twins. The maximum weight it can handle should at least be the total estimated weight of your babies when they reach the age limit for the bassinet. This makes you feel more at peace that it can support them and keep them safe.

Apart from that, knowing how long you can use the product is good to know. This at least helps you with your budget. Spending thousands on something you can only use for three months isn’t really a good investment.

However, some bassinets do not really add any age limit. For this, you should use the weight limit as a sign of when you should give it up. If they are still within the weight limit for at least 6 months, you should consider your babies’ movements and see whether they are still safe with lower walls.


The structure and the breathability of the walls are two important factors you should consider.

Some of the best walls are made with wood slats that are commonly used for cribs. This ensures stability, durability, and it usually has gaps in between so babies are able to breathe at any position.

However, most compact bassinets for twins nowadays have stainless steel corners and a mesh-like wall that keeps your baby safe but also makes it possible for air to flow easily around and inside the bassinet. Even when your babies face the wall, they’d be able to breathe comfortably.

Top Bassinets for your Twins

Arm’s Reach Concepts Ideal Ezee 3-in-1 Bedside Bassinet

“Simple assembly, safe, and portable”

  • Only for infants up to 5 months
  • Maximum weight of 18 pounds
  • 4-inch sleeping area height
  • Includes pockets for storage
  • Includes attachment strap and resistant plate
  • Can be used bedside sleeper or free-standing bassinet

This Arm’s Reach Ezee 3-in-1 bassinets for twins can be a bedside sleeper, a free-standing bassinet, or a play yard for when your twins are able to sit on their own. It includes a wide baby area that can fit your twins. However, it does not separate the spaces for them so you’ll have to assemble your twins’ pillows so they can sleep side by side without rolling into the other.

This bassinet is only good for babies up to 5 months or until they can crawl on their hands and knees. It only has a 4-inch height for the sleeping area so it’s unsafe for bigger babies. However, it can be turned into a play yard by taking off the sleeping nest where they can be placed on the lower area. Meanwhile, that can be used as a storage place.

Speaking of storage, it does have pockets on the side for your babies’ clothes and diapers so they are within reach. There are also straps in place so the sleeping nest is stable and safe. If there’s one disadvantage, it’s not a bassinet for traveling as it’s not compact.

Graco Pack ‘n Play Playard with Twins Bassinet

“Cozy and safe resting area for twins”

  • Includes separate bassinets for each twin
  • Bassinet for babies up to 15 pounds
  • Quilted mattress for babies
  • Overhead cover
  • Can turn into a play yard
  • Includes a pair of wheels

The Graco bassinets for twins have two separate bassinets for each twin, which makes it easier to just lay them there with an area made for them. It can help your babies sleep more soundly. Each bassinet also has a cover so they won’t awaken up to a bright room or sunny area. Plus it keeps the areas more private.

The bassinets can also be removed when they are older and can be turned into a play area. It has mesh sidewalls for better ventilation which keeps your twins safe and comfortable. And speaking of comfort, both bassinets have quilted mattress for a soft yet stable cushion.

The whole bassinet has a pair of wheels for easier mobility, but it also has stabilizers to keep it from moving and to add another layer of support. This product also comes with a carry bag in case you’re planning on travelling so it’s easier to bring with you, which makes it a portable bassinet perfect for travelling families.

Baby Trend Twin Nursery Center

“Removable rock-a-bye bassinets”

  • Includes separate bassinets for each twin
  • Removable bassinets for portability/mobility
  • Rocking bassinets for sound sleeping
  • Converts into a standalone rocker
  • Can turn into a changing table
  • Includes storage for diapers and clothes
  • Includes sounds, nightlight, and vibration.

This Baby Trend bassinets for twins have two separate bassinets for each twin that can be detached and turned into hand carry baskets which makes it easier to transport your babies when needed. When removed, it has another attached cradle where you can put your babies for gentle rocking. You can also remove that when the babies are older and it can turn into a playpen.

The bassinets can take up to 12 pounds or 22 inches, whichever comes first. The cradle/changing table can only take up to 15 pounds or 25 inches. Lastly, the playpen can take up to 30 pounds or 35 inches. The side walls have mesh for comfortable ventilation no matter what you use it for.

This bassinet has amazing features such as a control button for the nightlight, sound and volume control as well as for the vibrations. It also comes with a storage area where you can stack the diapers and clothes which can be propped next to the changing table.

Choosing the best bassinets for twins will require a lot of considering and changing of mind until you find the perfect choice. And that’s okay. You have to be meticulous with everything you buy for your twins, especially when they are still young babies to guarantee they are always safe and comfortable.

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