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Best Diaper Backpack For Twins: 4 Cute Backpacks That Can Carry Everything Your Twins Need

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Two babies mean double the amount of stuff you need to carry around. But that doesn’t mean that you also need to buy two diaper bags for your twins. The best diaper backpack for twins is spacious enough to carry everything your two bundles of joy need without looking bulky or frumpy.

Best Diaper Backpack For Twins Comparison

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Ruvalino Large Capacity Multifunction Waterproof Travel Diaper Backpack




Mancro Water-Resistant Diaper Backpack




Hap Tim Multifunction Large Diaper Backpack




Bag Nation Diaper Backpack




If you’re expecting twins, you’ve probably already heard that you shouldn’t “buy two of everything.” And it’s true!

The diaper bag is a perfect example of this. You don’t really want to be carrying around two heavy diaper backpacks along with your two babies, do you? One diaper bag should be enough.

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Now, you won’t find a whole lot of diaper bags marketed for twins. But there are plenty of diaper bags that are large enough to carry everything your babies need for a day out or even for an overnighter with the grandparents.

Choosing a diaper backpack for twins

First, why a backpack?

Diaper bags come in various forms, including totes, messenger bags, satchels, convertibles, and more. Personally, I would go for a diaper backpack.

Over the years, I’ve found that backpacks make the perfect diaper bag. They’re roomy and have multiple compartments for all your and your babies’ things. They keep your hands free to carry your babies or wrangle your toddlers.

Backpacks also make excellent diaper bags because they come in so many styles and materials that will suit both you and your partner.

Before you shop for a diaper backpack for twins, check out this list of the most important factors to consider:

Lots of pockets

This is the biggest reason you need to buy a dedicated diaper bag instead of just repurposing any old bag you find in the back of your closet, like your old backpack from college. Babies require a lot of stuff. A lot.

Ask any parent of a singleton and he or she will tell you that the things you need for a day out with just one baby can fill up an entire backpack. Now imagine how much stuff twins will need. A diaper backpack for twins shouldn’t just be spacious — it should also have a good number of pockets so you can stay organized.

 You don’t want to spend long minutes digging into the black hole of your diaper bag for wipes when one of your babies has a poop blowout.

With dedicated pockets for all your things, you’ll immediately know if something is missing instead of trying to look through the chaos of stuff inside the backpack.

A place for everything and everything in its place, as they say. Ideally, a diaper backpack should have specific pockets for baby bottles, wipes, a changing pad, diapers, your keys, and your phone. Look for insulated pockets for bottles and pockets on the shoulder straps where you can tuck wipes and small items.

Baby-friendly features

Most diaper bags come with a changing pad that fits right into the bag. This is important because you never know when you’ll need to change your babies’ diapers when you’re out and about.

You should also look for other features like stroller straps, pacifier pockets, wipe dispensers, and other useful baby-friendly features. I recommend getting a diaper backpack for twins that have these where you can easily reach them instead of having to dig through the bag. Look for a diaper backpack that has a wide opening, zippered pockets, and a light-colored interior lining that allows you to quickly find what you’re looking for.

Other nifty features to look for are a key ring or an extendable keychain, a theft-proof pocket for your wallet and other valuables, and elasticized side pockets so you can quickly pull out wipes or tissues during emergencies.

Spacious, but not too spacious

Aside from having enough room for all the things your two little darlings need, a good diaper backpack should also have sufficient space for your things. You don’t want to be carrying two bags when you can make do with one. Look for a diaper bag that has a special “mommy” pocket where you can keep your wallet, phone, cosmetics kit, keys, and other essentials.

And while you certainly need a bigger diaper backpack for twins, you also need to avoid getting a bag that is too big. What do I mean by this? Simply that you have to find the balance and not end up with either a diaper backpack that is too small or one that is so big it tempts you into carrying stuff that you and your babies don’t really need.


You’ll want a diaper backpack that will not easily rip or tear with daily use. This is a major requirement given that your poor diaper bag will definitely be taking a beating in the first few months of your twins’ lives.

In my opinion, spending a little bit more for a diaper backpack that has good quality fabric and sturdy straps and zippers is worth it. The alternative, of course, is going for something cheaper and possibly finding that you have to buy a new one when a strap breaks or the material starts to fall apart.


When you shop for a diaper backpack for twins, think about where and how you will be using the bag. If you travel frequently, the diaper backpack should be small enough to stow under the seat. It should also have stroller straps and be waterproof. If you like to spend time outdoors or live somewhere warm, get a diaper backpack that is made of breathable material. If you will be carting the babies to work with you, get a diaper bag that’s stylish enough for the office.

Comfortable straps

A diaper backpack should have padded shoulder straps so that the straps don’t dig into and chafe your skin when it’s loaded with your babies’ things. You should also check for shoulder straps that are wide enough so that the weight is evenly distributed.


This is really up to you and your partner, but here’s a tip: Babies, as you know, get really messy. Diaper backpacks in lighter colors will easily show stains and be a pain to clean. If you don’t want to worry about keeping your bag clean, get a diaper backpack in a dark color like black, navy, or slate gray.

Top Diaper backpacks for twins

Ruvalino Large Capacity Multifunction Waterproof Travel Diaper Backpack

“Fashionable and functional diaper backpack”

  • ​16 pockets and 2 large compartments​
  • ​Comes with a changing pad​
  • ​With insulated bottle pockets​
  • ​Laptop pocket and “Mommy” pocket​
  • ​Extra-wide opening for quick access

This smartly built diaper backpack has two large zippered main compartments and a whopping 16 pockets, which means you can stuff everything your babies need in here and keep them organized. There are a couple of insulated pockets for bottles outside of the bag for easy access. Inside, there are mesh pocket organizers, a laptop pocket, and a “mommy” pocket for all of your essentials. Elasticized side pockets and a backside pocket are perfect for tucking small items for easy access.

The gender-neutral design makes the bag suitable for both mom and dad, while the gray waterproof fabric resists stains and is easy to clean. The backpack is also incredibly versatile. You can use it as a backpack or a handbag or just hang it on the stroller with the stroller straps.

Mancro Water-Resistant Diaper Backpack

“Durable and roomy unisex bag”

  • ​14 compartments​
  • ​With changing pad and stroller straps​
  • ​With insulated side pockets for bottles​
  • ​Dedicated side pocket for wipes​
  • ​Anti-theft main compartment

If you’re looking for something on the budget end, you’ll love this Mancro diaper backpack. While it’s not as pricey as the others on this list, it has just as many compartments for organizing your things and features that help make days out with your babies much less stressful.

The nylon fabric of this diaper backpack is waterproof. The straps are wide and padded for comfortable carrying. The bag itself is ergonomically designed so you can carry it for longer periods without hurting your back.

The 14 organizer compartments include a wipes dispenser on the side of the bag and two insulated side pockets for bottles. There’s also a laptop pocket, mesh pockets for diapers and towels, and zippered pockets for your phone and wallet. With extra features like a changing mat, anti-theft zippers, and stroller straps, this diaper backpack really gives plenty of bang for your buck.

Hap Tim Multifunction Large Diaper Backpack

“Stylish large-capacity diaper bag”​

  • 17 compartments​
  • ​With changing pad and stroller straps​
  • ​With insulated pockets for bottles​
  • ​Dedicated easy-access side wipes pocket​
  • Non-fraying fabric and strong zippers

This fashionable diaper backpack is roomy enough to be used as a weekender bag. It’s a reasonably priced option that delivers with an impressive 17 different compartments, a changing mat, stroller straps, and an anti-theft pocket.

This bag is really spacious and will comfortably hold all your babies’ essentials during overnighters and trips. The high-quality nylon fabric has a polyurethane coating that makes it waterproof. The shoulder straps are sufficiently padded for comfort and the sturdy zippers are guaranteed to last years.

Like the other diaper backpacks reviewed here, this one doesn’t disappoint with insulated bottle pockets and a wipes pocket.

Bag Nation Diaper Backpack

“Heavy-duty, multifunctional, and stylish”

  • 14 compartments​
  • ​Changing pad, stroller straps, sundry bag​
  • ​Water-resistant twill polyester​
  • ​Insulated bottle pocket and wipes pocket​
  • ​Non-fraying fabric and strong zippers

This diaper backpack is a popular choice not just because it’s stylish and multifunctional but because of its heavy-duty construction. This bag will not fray, rip, or tear easily. The fact that it comes with a lifetime warranty tells you just how durable this is.

With 14 pockets, including insulated bottle pockets and a dedicated pocket for wipes, this diaper backpack can hold all the essential items for your twins. It comes with strollers straps, a sundry bag, and a large changing pad. The bag is made from water-resistant twill polyester, a material stronger than cloth, and is held together by non-fraying stitching.

As you try to find the best diaper backpack for twins, remember to choose not just based on style alone. Pay attention to the durability and functionality of the bag. If you can, invest in a diaper backpack that will serve you for years instead of going for what’s inexpensive.

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