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Best Overnight Diapers for Babies and Toddlers

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If your baby keeps waking up at night crying with a wet diaper, then you need to invest in the best overnight diapers for babies.

Made with thicker materials for more absorbency, and a closer fit and stronger seal for less leaks, overnight diapers are a very different beast than standard day diapers. But how do you know what to buy when you’re looking for diapers for nighttime? And what should you be looking for?

Well read on, and we’ll learn exactly what makes a night time diaper different, and what to focus on when you’re buying them. Here’s a quick comparison to get things started:

Best Overnight Diapers for Babies Comparison

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Our Rating

HUGGIES OverNites Diapers




Pampers Swaddlers Overnights Disposable Diapers




Seventh Generation Baby Overnight Diapers




Allnites Overnight Baby Diapers




What’s in a Diaper?

A diaper is made up of three main layers, which all do specific and important things.

The Top Sheet

This is the part of the diaper that’s in contact with your baby’s skin, so this is an incredibly important section because if it isn’t comfortable, then it can cause rashes and skin irritation.

Because it’s in contact with your baby’s skin, and they’re going to be wearing a nappy for most of, if not all of the day, it should be hypoallergenic, soft, comfortable and breathable. It’s also important that it fits right, so that it moves with your baby. We’ll explain why in a little bit.

The Core

This is the part that actually soaks up everything that you want soaked up.

Obviously, the more absorbent this is, the better, right? But bear in mind the more layers you have here, and the more absorbent it is, the bulkier and less comfortable the diaper is likely to be. It’s always swings and roundabouts.

The Waterproof Shell

This is incredibly important, but only in the worst case scenario. After all, if anything major happens, this is the part of the diaper that keeps spills in.

They’re normally made from plastic or petrochemical waterproofing, which normally doesn’t cause a problem with babies. If this is an issue for you, you can also buy nature friendly, ‘green’ nappies instead.

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What Should You Look for When You’re Buying Overnight Diapers?


This is one of the major things you should focus on, because no matter how good the diaper is, a bad fit means that it won’t do anything at all.

Not only will you find yourself coming back to a dirty crib and a baby covered in their own poop, but your baby will probably be in extreme discomfort. It’s really just bad all round.

First, you want to follow the size chart printed by most major diaper brands. They’re easy to use, just check your baby based on their age and weight, and grab the recommended size.

Then, when you’re putting the diaper on, make sure it’s on symmetrically, sits straight across the waist, and it close around the legs without pinching anything.

If it fits wrong, you should be able to tell. If it’s well off, there will be gaps around where it sits, probably the legs, because of the amount they move. You could also notice red marks or rashes, especially around the edges of the diaper, caused by it rubbing against the skin.


Absorbency is the other major thing. After all, there’s no point in buying a diaper if it can’t absorb anything.

Look for two things. How much it can absorb, and how long it can last. Overnight diapers for babies last a whole lot longer than standard ones, with the best lasting anywhere up to 12 hours at a time.

Now, I wouldn’t recommend leaving a diaper on any baby for that long, especially if it’s been used at all, but it’s great to know that you’ve got the option to go all night on just one diaper.


Diapers sometimes aren’t the most comfortable things in the world, but overnight diapers can be deceptively comfy to sleep in.

A lot of the better brands have some really nice touches, including stretchy waistbands, adjustable grips and tabs, and double sealed leg guards.

More comfort increases the chance of a full night’s sleep, so it’s something I’d always go for, if I had the chance.


You know what diapers are for, right? You know what’s going to be in them? So anything that can help with that is good.

Saying this, our top choice is actually unscented, but has another method of dealing with the problem. Either way, it’s worth checking whether your diapers are scented or unscented, and how they deal with the problem of smell.


Whether it’s an all natural, chemical free diaper, or just free from perfumes, there’s a lot of variation in what goes in to a diaper. Like we said earlier, some diapers use petroleum based products, and others use even stranger chemicals that can cause allergic reactions in young children.

I’d recommend looking over what goes into your diapers, and make sure that you’re happy with what you’re putting against the skin of your child.

Overnight Diaper Reviews

HUGGIES OverNites Diapers

best overnight diaper


  • Double leak guard gives 12 hour protection
  • No perfume, no rashes
  • Really comfortable, no matter how wriggly your baby is
  • Money back guarantee, for extra security


  • When it’s full, it can smell a little chemically

Trusted all over the world, these Huggies diapers are the top selling overnight brand.

There’s a reason, though. It’s not just the name. For starters, the absorbency of these is beyond par, with a double leak guard that can absorb more liquid than ever, and keeps baby dry for up to 12 hours!

They’re comfy too. No matter how much your baby moves around at night, the Snugfit waistband and Double Grip strips keep it the diaper in place, so don’t expect any redness, irritation or rashes.

They’re unscented, too, which makes them even better for baby. With no perfumes in the material, it means there’s even less chance for irritation.

Lastly, there’s a range of sizes, so no matter how old your baby is, you’re sure to find what you need.

Overall, there’s a reason these are the best overnight diapers for babies. They’re just that good. And if somehow you don’t like them, you can always get your money back with the Huggies guarantee!

Pampers Swaddlers Overnights Diapers

best overnight diapers for babies


  • Absorb away pulls wetness away from delicate skin
  • 12 hour protection
  • Wetness indicator shows you when things are happening
  • 50% more absorbent layers than normal brands


  • Tears in the lining cause absorbency pearls to drop out

The other top brand, and Pampers are pretty much just as good as Huggies, if a little different. Whilst Huggies are the most comfortable, Pampers are better at staying dry, and letting you know when your little ones need changing.

That’s not to say that these aren’t comfy. They are. They’re Pampers softest diaper yet, with a cotton like feeling that’s like a blanket wrapped around baby all night long.

But what really sets them apart is how good they are at sealing everything away. Pampers’ Absorb Away lining pulls fluid away and spreads it out, so your baby doesn’t end up lying in a wet spot or having one wet area causing irritation all night long. Then you’ve got to factor in the three layers of absorbency, which is one more than you’d normally see.

Finally, there’s the really smart wetness indicator. The diaper turns blue when it comes into contact with fluid, so you know when it’s time for a change.

They last up to 12 hours, too, so you know that no matter how long your baby needs to sleep, they’ll be fine.

There’s a reason both Pampers and Huggies are trusted by moms. If it’s not one, I’d always recommend trying the other, because they’re both really great options.

Seventh Generation Baby Free & Clear Overnight Diapers

best overnight diapers for toddlers


  • 10 hours of protection
  • Stretchy, comfortable fit
  • Fragrance, chlorine and petroleum product free
  • Made with renewable materials


  • Leaks if they aren’t put on right

If you’re looking for a more natural diaper, then Seventh Generation have what you need.

They’re free of almost everything that could cause problems, from the obvious like perfumes and latex, to the less obvious, like chlorine and petroleum! This means they’re perfect if you’re worried about what’s touching your babies skin, especially if they’re a sensitive little one.

They’re comfy, too, with a stretchy back gather section and re-adjustable side tabs so you can refit the diaper even if your little wriggler gets into awkward positions. It’s worth double checking once you’ve put them on, though, because sometimes they can be a little hard to sit in place.

But apart from that, these are great diapers, with a super absorbent core that lasts for around 10 hours, and really soft material that your baby will love. If you want a natural choice, these are great.

Allnites Overnight Diapers

best diapers for nighttime


  • Well cut, with a stretchy waist
  • 12 hours of protection
  • Hypoallergenic and free of harmful chemicals



  • Not the best absorbency
  • Quite thin

If your baby doesn’t get on with Huggies or Pampers and you’re looking for another overnight brand that’s recognisable, then Allnites are definitely an option.

On paper, they sound good, with stretchy waist and side panels that help it sit right on baby, and an absorbent core with liquid resistant leg cuffs that give you twelve hours of dryness.

It’s also good for your child’s skin, too, with a hypoallergenic inner liner that’s coated with vitamin E, aloe and other botanicals.

The problem is the execution. Most of the time, these are good diapers. But occasionally, they don’t fit right, especially when your baby moves about a lot, which leads to leaks. They’re also pretty thin, not much thicker than a regular diaper.

It’s such a shame, because there’s a lot to like about these. They just fall short in the wrong places. Still, a lot of people get on with them, and they’re not bad. Just not great.

GoodNites Bedtime Bedwetting Underwear for Boys and Girls

best overnight diapers for boysbest overnight diapers for girlsPros

  • 20% more absorbent than training pants
  • 5 layers of protection
  • Really great fit
  • Cool design


  • Make sure you get the right fit

What about when they start to get a little older, and normal nappies stop fitting so well? Well, in that case, you should pick up some GoodNites.

They’re designed for older children, from toddlers up, hence the different design, far more like normal underwear, and with cool graphics on them too, so even older kids won’t hate wearing them.

They’re real comfy, with stretchy sides that allow them to stretch, and the doubled up leg barriers and five layer wetness protection make sure that any accidents are contained. In fact, these are actually 20% more absorbent than training pants.

Just remember, around one in six children wet the bed. It’s completely normal. So don’t worry if your little one does. Just grab a few of these and wait for the problem to sort itself out.

What Are Your Favorite Nighttime Diapers?

You’ve come to the end of our reviews. I hope you’ve found the right diapers to keep your baby dry and comfortable all night long.

Did you use these diapers with your children? Any tips or recommendations on how to make the nights pass with minimum fuss? Do you disagree with our selection of best overnight diapers for babies, and prefer another product? Let us know in our comments, and share the love with all the other moms here!

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