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How Twins Have Changed Our Lives

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Apart from stating the obvious, twins have changed our family dynamics to be beyond crazy, messy, and amazing!

We were starting to believe that a pregnancy would never happen for us, let alone to expect twins! Having twins has pushed us to our breaking limits and has made us stronger as a whole family.

Crazy Chaos

When we were just a couple, we were known to be a tad bit late to things. (Okay, very late.) I was strict when it came to punctuality, and my husband was always more laid back. Factor kids into the equation and my patience was tested plenty of times.

When we packed up to go anywhere with our newborns, we looked like we were moving in for weeks on end. Multiple bottles, since I was unable to breastfeed, formula, waters, diapers, wipes, and practically the entire baby aisle of a grocery store. One simple diaper bag was not enough unless it was to run a short errand. Even then, it was stretching our time limit until we ran out of supplies.

On occasion, we would spend the night at my in-law’s house. We would make countless trips to and from, to bring in the bags upon bags of supplies just for one overnight stay. It felt like it took us the same amount of time to unload our vehicle, as it did to drive and see them.

As the girls grew older, things tapered off a bit, and we no longer looked like we were tacky tourists. That is, until the potty-training stage. Just when we thought it was safe to discard the bags, we had to pull them back out and fill them with multiple outfits.

newborn twins

A regular outing at the grocery store would turn into a whole day fiasco during the potty-training era. (Word of advice: either go alone or bring a partner for this stage.) We would be walking up and down the aisle when suddenly one would do the infamous potty dance. Either my husband or I would take the one to the restroom, while the other would continue to do the grocery shopping. Within moments, the twin that stayed behind was now doing the potty dance. Twins have taught us that you just have to roll with the punches.

Miles of Messes

We enjoy keeping things nice, neat and organized. I, foolishly, took pictures of the toys and taped them to the bins of where the toys were to go. I was so proud of myself, for organizing everything. I had the girls sit down with me, on the living room floor, as we went over the pictures matched the toys for the bins they belonged to. Instead, the girls laughed and ripped the pictures off of the bins. So, we worked on a compromise. We no longer cared which bin the toys were placed in, so long as they were in a bin and cleaned up after playtime. This has helped, to an extent, as they have grown older. At seven-years-old, one likes to keep her side of the room nice and neat. While the other claims to know where everything is in a pile of stuffed animals.

The girls are kids and went through some very oddball and gross phases. That is why, for the first seven or eight years of twinhood, hold off on the dream of having pristine furniture. You will drive yourself, and those around you, crazy as you chase them around with a magic eraser and a vacuum. Kids are kids, and messes will happen. The more that you try to go against the mess, the more likely they are to appear. Have supplies on standby and be ready for marks, stains and leftover food particles.

Beyond Busy

Whatever did we do, before having our twins? That is something that my husband and I have jokingly asked time and time again. Since having twins, we feel like we actually utilize our time. We are now jam-packed with constant schedules and enjoy the time that we have together. A prime example of our twin life was during a gymnastics class for the girls.

Both were almost two years old and were climbing a small wall during the mom-and-me portion. Of course, one climbed one way and the other climbed another way. My husband was at work and I stood behind the girls. One of the parents looked at me and asked what I was going to do. I kindly explained that I am there to do my best and will catch them if they ever fall.

You are setting the rules on how everything will play out. Twins need you to love and support them. Appreciate every chance that you have with them. Focus on those times and enjoy the craziness of it all.

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