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Who is Who? Telling Identical Twin Babies Apart

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Expectant twin moms may experience some waves of feeling overwhelmed with excitement. One thought that may cause a sense of unrest is wondering if you may be pregnant with identical twin babies. If you are pregnant with identical twins, how will you be able to tell them apart? What are some of the ways to understand the difference between the types of twins that are possible? TwinStuff helps by providing insight on the kinds of twins that are possible with every multiple pregnancy. From the chances of having twins through ivf, expecting femara twins, along with the types of twins you may deliver and how to tell them apart from one another.

Types of Twins Pregnancy: IVF and Twins

Parents who are having a difficult time conceiving may consider looking into in vitro fertilization (IVF) treatments to get pregnant. Some women wonder how can u get pregnant with twins by using IVF. There is a high probability of becoming pregnant with twins, especially as IVF twins chances of boy and girl are much higher.

IVF is also available to help individuals who were assigned female at birth (AFAB) but identify as male to become pregnant. Thus, answering the age-old question of, “can boys get pregnant?” Advances in technology and medications are making it possible for those who identify as male or non-binary to become pregnant with twins.

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When using IVF treatments, the ovaries of a woman are stimulated through medication. Her eggs are, then, removed from the woman’s ovaries. The eggs that were collected are later combined with the sperm provided by the male donor within a laboratory. Women who are looking to utilize the full treatment at one time, are more likely to result in a multiple pregnancy. The likelihood of having fraternal twins, scientifically known as dizygotic twins, is high as each egg is individually fertilized by a separate sperm.

Femara and Twins and Identical Twin Babies

Medications taken orally, such as Femara, can result in twins. Typically, Femara is used as a treatment for breast cancer. At times, it can be prescribed by a physician to assist in fertility. Using Femara does not have as high of a chance in resulting in a twin pregnancy, when compared to clomiphene. The reason for the likelihood of twins is due to the woman likely releasing more than one egg at a time. 

Types of Twins Pregnancy

Monochorionic Diamniotic Twins

Monochorionic, diamniotic (MCDA) twins are identical. They are a result of one egg being fertilized by one sperm and the egg splits to form two babies. MCDA twins have their own amniotic sacs but share one placenta.

A major concern of the physician will be the need to monitor the placenta intake of each baby. Doctors want to ensure that each baby is receiving an even amount of nutrients, in order to help each twin grow. Upon delivery, MCDA twins have a greater chance for complications during birth compared to fraternal twins.

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Monozygotic Twins

Identical twins, scientifically known as monozygotic twins, are made of the same genetic material. When an egg is fertilized by one sperm, it forms a zygote. This is a singular cell called an embryo, which is necessary to form a human being. When it splits into two, identical twins are formed.

Twins Running in the Family Genes

Twin pregnancies have the probability of lineage that can run in families. If there were no medications or medical treatments used to get pregnant, fraternal twins typically run on the women’s side of the family. Identical twins that were naturally conceived tend to be inherited from the man’s side.

Conjoined Twins

When the zygote splits into two separate embryos, sometimes the split does not happen all of the way. When this is the case, they are known as being conjoined twins. The siblings will be joined together at time of their delivery, and result in delivering as a cesarean section (C-section). Most of the time, the live births of conjoined twins are females. If possible, the twins will be divided after they are born.

Mirror Image Twins

When the zygote divides, the babies form and may be mirror images of each other. Their organs, physical features and dominant hands will be opposite of each other. When mirror image twins look at one another, it is as if they are looking at their own reflection.

How to Tell Identical Twins Babies Apart

People who have twins that come from genetics may have received advice from family members on how to tell twins apart. Other people may not have ideas on how to identify one baby from the sibling. When twins are identical, parents may assign a certain color to dress each baby in. For example, if having identical twin girls, one girl may be dressed in pink while the other girl is dressed in purple. Boys may be dressed in red and blue. When it comes to health issues, it is crucial that each baby is properly seen as their individualized selves. Between proper medication and feedings, some pairs of twins may need additional TLC.

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When not depending on clothing color schemes, some parents use non-toxic nail polish on one of the five tiny toes on their babies. Another option is to have an ID bracelet on each baby. ID bracelets can be personalized by having them engraved. Others use handmade bracelets that are created in specific colors for each of the newborn twin babies.

Multiple Pregnancy Group For Expecting Parents

Fraternal twins and identical twins are an amazing surprise. When it comes to identical twin babies, telling them apart can be a challenge at times. That is where we at TwinStuff and our online TwinStuff Facebook Group can be of some assistance to expectant parents of twin babies.  We highlight trends for ways to help identify twin babies, along with keeping them in matching 100% organic cotton twin bibs and cotton onesies. Clever and cute sayings will surely bring smiles to those who adore pictures of the twins on social media sites and over computer visits with friends and family.

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